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  1. Simple DIY eye cup for Linhof V rangefinder

    Needed are a rocket dust blower (any cheap Chineese website), a sharp knife and a linhof camera.
    Its as easy as one two three



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    Image circle Leitz Elmarit-P 150 2.8

    I'm thinking if it would be possible to adapt a Leitz Elmarit-P 150mm 2.8 projector lens to a Copal 3(S) shutter and use it for 4x5.
    I have already worked this out using the Rollei Heidosmat 150mm...
  3. Re: Computer hardware when editing large format files (100MP+)

    Its more like lens alteration. I linked to the thead, you can see my Heidosmat for Linhof....
  4. Heidosmat 150mm 2.8, Copal S3 on my Linhof V

    I have built myself a Heidosmat 150mm 2.8 to use on my Linhof V.
    Somehow I can't upload any photo's so I'm going to add some links:...
  5. Re: Computer hardware when editing large format files (100MP+)

    After my last post a patch came out for Luminar 3 (version 3.2)
    So far I have not had a crash. (Have not been editing a lot of heavy files)
    It works for me. So that saves a lot on the budget.
  6. Re: Computer hardware when editing large format files (100MP+)

    I'm going to try out the 30 day trial. (The cheapest option). Also becouse it's a hobby and I finance it by fabricating lenses. So it's not an endless money pit.
    After that 30 days there are two...
  7. Computer hardware when editing large format files (100MP+)

    The computer I use is home built from a time that games where more a priority than photo editing.
    Back then I did some photo editing, but my camera was an Olympus 16MP micro four thirds camera.
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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Hallo MacSimski

    Nice to know there are more people in the Netherlands creating LF films.

    Welkom vanuit Zwijndrecht (NL)
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    Hello from Holland


    I am relatively briefly involved with photography and especially love cameras, lenses and technics that go with it.

    Almost 4 years ago I started photographing with an Olymus OM-D 10 Mark 2....
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