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    Re: Linhof has a new analogue lens price list

    At the bottom of the list is "CENTERFILTER / CENTER FILTER auf Anfrage / upon request". Does this refer to central ND filters for these lenses? I've never heard of anybody using central ND filters...
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    Re: Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    In the 1980s, for a project that never did materialize, I needed to fire a Sinar Copal shutter remotely. With the help of a friend who was a serious remote control model airplane builder and flyer...
  3. Re: Diy tripod, plans, advice and links to plans please

    Over the years I have acquired 2 tripods with broken leg(s). Finding them hard since owners of tripods with broken leg(s) value them as unusable and worth next to nothing. I have never come across a...
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    Re: Recognizing dagor type G-Clarons

    I believe that I have used both over the years. Am 90% sure that my first 355mm was a Dagor formula. About 15? years later acquired a 355mm Plasmat. Never used both at the same time to compare, but...
  5. Re: Korona 11x14 back is wiggly. Has anybody repaired this and how did you do it?

    Over the years have owned and used several LF and ULF vintage view cameras. Non-rigidness in many of them was a real problem. Redesigning and remaking the brass fittings usually solved the problems....
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    16 inch f/3 Hugo Meyer Speed lens

    Anybody out there have any information on this lens?
    Especially its coverage when focused at infinity.
    I assume that it covers 8x10 for portraits but I have nothing to base this on.
    VM lists a 16"...
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    Re: Good light lens for 8x10

    for me:
    330mm f/6.8 IA Raptar in an Alphax. Convertible to 508mm and 647mm, but I rarely use these focal lengths. Replaced my 305mm G-Claron. Just preferred the Bokeh of the Raptar. It was very ...
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    Re: Omega Pro Lab Timer

    Similar thing happened to me with an LEKTRA timer that was in storage for 15+ years. Plugged it in and nothing. A friend who is an electrician told me to remove the cover. Then remove, clean with...
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    Re: nuarc xeon printer, front shield?

    Years ago was friends with a printer who used PC fans to cool his printer. He went through them on a regular basis till he reversed them to blow cool air into the printer instead of having the heated...
  10. Re: Tips and Tricks for cleaning and storing old brass lenses

    For myself, I carefully take the lens apart (if I can) and very carefully clean the glass with Kodak Lens Cleaner and Kodak lens cleaning paper. If this doesn't work, I then clean the lens with Kodak...
  11. Re: Removing sheet film from rotary tubes question

    I keep 2 pieces of thin plastic, about the thickness of sheet film, measuring about 4" at one end narrowing down to a rounded end of about 1/4". Use it to make it easy to start to remove sheet film...
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    Re: Sinaron 5.6 / 210 mm Smallest Aperture

    Many of my lenses stop down to unmarked f/90, f/128, and even f/180 apertures. I have found these unmarked aperture settings OK to use for contact prints, but definitely not for negatives that will...
  13. Re: 12x20 / 14x17 conversion back for Phillips 11x14 Explorer

    Thank you... Up to now have only heard rumors here and there that there were some 12x20 Phillips actually out there. Thanks for the pixs and should you ever want to part with it, please PM me.......
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    Re: Are There New Shutters for Old Lenses

    Over the years I've had really good luck at finding "trashed" optics in excellent COPAL 3 and ILEX No. 5 shutters for just a few hundred dollars each on auction sites. People seem to overlook the...
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    Re: Getting started in 11x14"

    Hugo, for 2 reasons..

    1. Costs. Have been able to get final prints on the first try many times. I use Dan Burkholder's system from his book The New Inkjet Negative Companion. Always printing a...
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    Re: Getting started in 11x14"

    While back started a thread
    8 pages of good info to read
  17. Re: The elusive Linhof Technika electronic rangefinder?

    Actually had the chance to use one once by a serious Linhof enthusiast. I have to compare it to a Yugo. Looks great at first but in practice is a complete dud.
  18. Thread: Going Long on 5x7

    by Greg

    Re: Going Long on 5x7

    Suggest a 600mm f/12 Fujinon T. Barely covers whole plate at infinity, so you would have some movements with 5x7. Very sharp lens and can be found for little money.
  19. Re: Advice needed for stuck lens retaining ring, please

    WD-40 worked for me one time on a beater SLR lens. Make sure that the lens is face down when you apply the WD-40, Through capillary action it will seep up into the threads. Since the lens was a...
  20. Re: Advice needed for stuck lens retaining ring, please

    Have mixed views on using Harbor Freight tools. You get what you pay for... Screwdrivers, sockets, bits, and alike wouldn't touch them with a ten foot poll, they can do more harm than good. Using a...
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    Re: Dilution problem of sodium sulphite in water

    Years ago acquired dozens of white plastic 1 and 5 pound cans of Kodak Sodium Sulfite from our state's surplus store for pennies on the dollar. I'm guessing they were from circa the late 1980s....
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    Re: Home Made 14x17 Developing Tanks

    When I was a student at RIT in the middle 1970s, we had access to 11x14 SS film holders and large tanks to use them in. It was possible to use multiple hangers, but they had to be more than an inch...
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    Re: Tripods in lightning storms?

    Too many close calls with lightning on this end. When I was about 8, a friend and I were walking up our road to get home. Bolt struck the road in front of us. Never heard a rumble of thunder, only...
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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    Ditto... once had my iPhone in my T-shirt pocket light up with an incoming call while I was hand processing some 11x14 film in a tray. Unfortunately the phone was facing away from me and its...
  25. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    In the 1970s: Was a student at RIT and with another student was in the city of Rochester shooting street scenes in the evening before dark. Police car pulled up to us and the Policeman asked us what...
  26. Re: How hard is it to replace the bellows of Kodak Master View 810

    Over the years have replaced bellows on a few view cameras, both metal and wood. In my experience:
    1. First thing is to acquire a quality replacement bellows. Cheap bellows are usually quite stiff...
  27. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    Have and use the following (all on Technika boards)
    300mm f/6.3 Komura
    400mm f/8 FUJINON-T
    500mm f/7 KOMURA
    600mm f/12 Fujinon T
    For B&W photography and printing 11x14's, all work out just fine.
  28. Thread: Going Wide on 5x7

    by Greg

    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    Schneider Super-Angulon XL 90mm f/5.6 MC... A physically large lens but covers my whole plate so would provide you with ample movements on your 5x7. Expensive one would think, but after looking...
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    Re: Chamonix Whole Plate Camera!

    Welcome to the format. I think that it's been almost 5 years since I acquired my whole plate Chamonix. It is by far my preferred format to shoot for making Platinum/Palladium prints. Last year I had...
  30. Re: Should I get a center filter for my 65mm Nikon-SW f/4 & 90mm Sinaron-W f/6.8?

    If you shoot a gray card with the lens focused at close to infinity (on axis with the GG) with whatever film you are using, you can create a mask in Photoshop to even off the illumination over the...
  31. Re: Is there a free site that will host your images in their original full resolution

    Only exception that I have ever come across over all these years was having make metal satin finish prints from my images. For some reason JPEG files print better than TIFF files by the...
  32. Re: Has anyone made a purchase through the Chamonix View Camera Instagram account

    Second that. I've bought 3 cameras from him in the past and each time a most pleasant buying experience. FYI: the packing of the international shipments were excellent plus in my opinion.
  33. Re: Has anyone made a purchase through the Chamonix View Camera Instagram account

    Email hugo zhang at Have bought several Chamonix cameras from/through him and can recommend dealing with/through him 200%. He's a member of the FORUM and a really nice and...
  34. Re: Goerz Doppel Anastigmat Serie III No 7 360mm f6 COVERAGE or lens catalogue

    image of my lens

  35. Re: Goerz Doppel Anastigmat Serie III No 7 360mm f6 COVERAGE or lens catalogue

    On my 11x14 Chamonix I have and use a 14” f/7.7 GOERTZ DOUBLE-ANASTIGMAT Series III No. 7. Its coverage seems to exceed the movements of the camera, in that I've never run out of needed movements...
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    Re: Zone VI Alignment Tips!

    Absolute the first thing to do is make sure that the shelf or cabinet top that the enlarger's base lies on is perfectly level. I had previously fabricated a "U" shaped unit with runners on each side...
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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Am in the process of shooting and documenting an old dilapidated factory building in our town with my 12" Series II Velostigmat. Started the project using my 12" Fujinon W. Just for the heck of it...
  38. Re: Can anyone tell me about the King Concepts Enterprise Automatic Still Film Proces

    One of my employees ran the machine multiple times on a daily basis. I only ran the processor only a few times, but from my memory the proprietary OEM reels did fit snugly inside the drums, but not...
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    Re: Chamonix 57N + Technika Lens Board

    I had 2 Technika lens boards for my Chamonix. One was a perfect fit and the other actually a little on the loose side requiring pieces of tape to make it snug fit. Both had the Linhof emblem on them....
  40. Thread: Fresnel

    by Greg

    Re: Fresnel

    Sorry, it was before 2018 and my eBay history only goes back that far. Unfortunately I have yet to see a fresnel lens with any makers name on it. The original fresnel off my Norma probably dated back...
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