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    Re: Fuji 300mm W w/Inside Lettering?

    Regarding this Fuji FUJINON-SW 300mm f9 lens and the subclub webpage: if you look at the comments in the last column on the right side it says that reportedly only 3 of these lenses were made:

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    Re: Wide angle lenses for 8x10

    Hi Roberto,

    I have a Goerz DAGOR 7" (180mm, okay, technically 178mm) f6.8 Lens. I shot it on my 8x10 camera at both f45 and f64, and the lens vignetted. The Goerz literature on this lens from...
  3. Re: Brief special order period for non-standard sizes of Ilford Ortho Plus

    Fred Newman at the VIEW CAMERA STORE is taking orders for this ORTHO+ ULF Order. I already placed my order with him.

    Daniel Maddux
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    Re: Budget wide angle lens for 8x10


    I would also look at the Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 190mm (7 1/2") f6.3 lens. I had the Fuji FUJINON-W 180mm f5.6 lens and found it vignetted in either the upper 2 or lower 2 corners every time. ...
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    Re: Need advice on ULF bellows

    I have a Richard Ritter 16x20 camera and could barely focus a Nikon NIKKOR-W 360mm f6.5 lens at roughly 8 feet (I was photographing a Sycamore tree in tight quarters). The bellows barely compressed...
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    Re: 2019 Ilford Special Order period now open

    I picked up my 16x20 DELTA 100 order from Fred Newman at the VIEW CAMERA STORE this Monday.

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    Re: 4x5 for road trip

    Hi Steve,

    You might look at the Toyo Metal Field Camera:

    reviewed by QT Luong @

    recently offered for sale on this forum by BS Kumar @...
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    Re: Ilfochrome chemicals

    Hi Michael,

    You might try talking with Frank Green at the LAB CIBA in Burbank, California:

    He still prints CibaChromes|IlfoChromes and may have some ideas.
  9. Re: Fujifilm Fujinon 180mm W (marked on the lens barrel)


    I have a 180mm f6.8 DAGOR, and all of the 8x10 sheets of film that I exposed with it vignetted in at least 2 corners (I might have used a little rise/fall). That includes focussing on a...
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    Re: Rector Ridge Spruce

    Thanks for your suggestion; I will give that a shot.

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    Rector Ridge Spruce

    Hi all,

    I will be in Portland, Oregon, visiting my sister and her husband and kids in a couple of weeks and thought that I would take a day trip down to photograph the Rector Ridge Spruce. I read...
  12. Re: Goerz Dagor 355mm f/7.7 --VS-- NIkkor-M 450mmm F/9 For 16x20 - Which Would You G

    Hi Kevin,

    I have the Nikon 450mm f9 lens, and it does cover 16x20 at f32 and smaller apertures. I cannot recall if I tried exposing any film at f22 or larger apertures (depth of field with 16x20...
  13. Re: What are the options for the ultra large format color photography?


    Talk to Keith Canham about starting or joining a group purchase of Kodak PORTRA 160|400 or EKTAR 100 film in 11x14 or what ever size that you want to use:
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    Re: Ilford ULF program is on for 2018

    I order locally (well, in my state of Arizona) from Fred Newman at the VIEW CAMERA STORE:

  15. Re: scanning speed of V700 vs V850 using epson scan

    Hi Chester,

    I have an Epson V750 and in the past year or so I noticed that I have to move the mouse after selecting preview or scan in EpsonScan before the scanner will start the scan. This...
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    Re: ULF Tipping Point

    Another aspect of ULF is that, except for 11x14, no ANSI standard exists for the film holders. So you need to buy your film holders 1st and then have the camera made according to the specifications...
  17. Re: any LFF members in flagstaff, arizona area.

    Hi Kenneth,

    Try talking to Stephen or Matt at HIDDEN LIGHT, LLC:

    They develop and print my LF film (I live in Sedona) and work with several other LF...
  18. Re: 4x4 UV Lens Filters for older Goerz lenses

    Thanks Mark,

    I will see about getting the 4x4 lens filter.

  19. 4x4 UV Lens Filters for older Goerz lenses

    I live in the Sedona area, so altitude (4500 feet and higher) and haze are sometimes a problem. As a result, I prefer to use UV filters with most of my lenses.

    I have a 19" Goerz DAGOR (Serial #...
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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

    IGOR'S CAMERA EXCHANGE currently has a Schneider ANGULON 210mm f6.8 lens for $595 (I have no connection with IGOR'S other than occasionally buying lenses and film holders from them):
  21. Re: Anyone try developing Rollei RPX25 with RPX-D?

    Just to follow up on this subject. I e-mailed Freestyle about developing Rollei RPX25 with RPX-D, and here is what they had to say:

    That is actually a mistake on our website. Thank you...
  22. Re: Anyone try developing Rollei RPX25 with RPX-D?

    Thanks Steve.

  23. Anyone try developing Rollei RPX25 with RPX-D?

    Hi all,

    I just shot a box of Rollei RPX25 (along with some Ilford DELTA 100 to see how the 2 films compare). Rollei, or maybe it is just FreeStyle, recommends RPX-D for developing this film:
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    Re: Whole Plate Film

    Hi Chris,

    I did see a box for sale on the auction site:

    You might try Fred Newman at the VIEW CAMERA...
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    Re: Another lab bites the dust

    Hi Jim,

    They stopped processing E6 film in December or January. That is when I switched to North Coast Photographic Services over in San Diego or Carlsbad. Ken Rockwell recommends them. Good...
  26. Re: Lens caps for Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 Lens

    Thanks everyone and just to follow up.

    The 135mm WFE lens was compact enough for me, even with the adapter ring and lens filter.

    I did locate a Series VIII - 57mm adapter ring on *that auction...
  27. Re: Lens caps for Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 Lens

    Thanks everybody for your suggestions, especially about the Series VII lens adapter.

    If the WFE does not work out, then I will look at the Fuji NW/W lenses. I do like Fuji lenses, but I am...
  28. Re: Lens caps for Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 Lens

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    Doremus: I already have a Fuji CM-W 135mm f5.6 lens. I was hoping that the WFE would be smaller or at least a little more expendable if I dropped it on a...
  29. Lens caps for Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 Lens

    Hi all,

    I bought another older lens, this time the Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 lens, and again the lens is coming without lens caps (I am putting together a light weight 4x5 kit for rock...
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    Re: New article: Large format lenses for portraits

    Hi Ariel,

    Sinar published a book on people photography with Sinar LF cameras back in the 90s. The book is kind of pricey and short, but here is a link to the book on
  31. Re: Lens caps for Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8?

    Thanks Bryan,

    The lens I ordered is serial # 7,xxx,xxx. According to Schneider, that serial # corresponds to a manufacturing date of around 1962 when I checked their lens info. I noticed that...
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    Re: Paper for color prints

    Hi Chris,

    Not sure on papers, but actually Frank Green at THE LAB CIBA still does CibaChromes:

    I am having him print some CibaChromes of my 4x5 and 8x10 slides...
  33. Re: Lens caps for Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8?

    Thanks Oren and Alan.

    Greg, I mean the older Angulon from the 1930s through the 1970s that you use with a Crown Graphic, a very tiny lens that is great for hiking or in my case air travel. Ken...
  34. Lens caps for Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8?


    I just ordered a Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8 lens. It came without lens caps. I did a search online, and all I found was a discussion from PHOTO.NET a couple of years ago about the rear lens...
  35. Re: Favorite wide angle lens for 8x10 field camera landscape photography?

    +1 on the Nikon NIKKOR-SW 120mm f8 lens, although I have only shot it at f32.

    I also use a Schneider SUPER-SYMMAR XL 150mm f5.6 lens. Very sweet but pricey compared to the Nikon.

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    Re: Prescott Area?

    If you can make it in the afternoon, the following places have nice sunset views:

    1. Jerome: the Grand Hotel

    Coming from Prescott on highway 89 (might be 89A) going north, you will turn left on...
  37. Re: Relationship between Contrast Ratio and Dynamic Range

    Thanks Nodda.

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    Re: Best tutorial for color negative scanning

    Thanks Rich.

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    Re: Best tutorial for color negative scanning

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for a very informative post on scanning color negatives. 1 question (well maybe 2):

    What 9x12 LED Light Table are you using? And which light table would you recommend...
  40. Re: Relationship between Contrast Ratio and Dynamic Range

    Hi Maris,

    I don't know either. Hopefully wiser souls can explain...

    What puzzles me now is Fuji claims that VELVIA and PROVIA get 160 and 140 lines/mm resolution @ 1,000:1 contrast ratio,...
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