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  1. Re: How to take apart a film pack to use as single sheets

    To use single sheets make the exposures, then in the darkroom open the pack by sliding the small (about 1"wide) piece of metal off. Separate the front and back just enough to remove the used films...
  2. Thread: Sturdy 4x5?

    by Jim Noel

    Re: Sturdy 4x5?

    If the Korona is in good condition and all movements lock down tight, it will do the job. My wife used to use one with my 12 " Velostigmat, and a projection Petzval.
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    Re: F stop markings on lens board

    Isn't it amazing how many wonderfully helpful gadgets USED TO BE available?
    I have dozens in my closet which are still working and useful. When I Take Them to camera shows, no one even looks at...
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    Re: Anybody recognize this camera?

    I think of all the cameras I have owned, or sold, it is more likely to be a JEwel than any other. Mine had a triple convertible lens mounted on a quick release plate.The length of her bellows...
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    Re: Anybody recognize this camera?

    It definitely is not a Speed Graphic.
  6. Re: CatLABS X film, from Freestyle - any user information?

    Nor do I.
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    Re: Coating Carleton Watkins

    SInce I have had the same thing happen to a couple of my albumen prints, I believe the "edge effect" is caused by it being at some time over-matted under acidic mat board.
  8. Thread: 4x5 Camera

    by Jim Noel

    Re: 4x5 Camera

    The Speed GRaphic is excellent at images for which it is designed, fast ones for news or sports. it is not a general use field camera. it is slow, heavy with very limited movements and far less...
  9. Re: Some naive questions about helicoid focusing for large-format

    The lens on your camera is most likely a longer focal length than the one on your smaller camera. Therefore the depth of field at any given aperture is less.
  10. Re: Please suggest a good in stamp for collector FB prints.

    It is not the stamp that is important - it is the ink
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    Welcome to the world of gainfully unemployed.
    I hope you are as comfortable and happy here as I have been for the past 30 years.
  12. Re: Contrast control with Delta 100 and Rodinal

  13. Re: Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs for alternative printing.

    I'm with VAughn - BL bulbs seem to work best for the various alt processes I utilize.
  14. Re: Contrast control with Delta 100 and Rodinal

    ONe change at a time. I would begin with a1:100 dilution. Ionly use 1:25 or 1:50 when I want to add contrast to a very flat situation.
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    Re: DIY darkroom sink

    West System epoxies are sold in marine stores, or those selling to the boating trade. It is a 2 part system which flows like water when mixed but dries hard. It is guaranteed not to leak for 10...
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    Re: Where did all the Caltars go?

    Caltars are not cheap,because they are excellent glass which many have learned since the demise of Calumet.
  17. Re: I'm looking for a "thing", something to hold my lenses with Technica boards

    I make boxes from very thin and lightweight hobby plywood with separators to hold the lensboards at distances appropriate for each lens. Each box hold from 3-6 lenses depending on the lenses involved.
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    Re: Pinhole 8x10 using Xray film.

    A very interesting image. It looks like you have a very good method for processing the film.
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    Re: of Ground Glass, Goethe and Grandagons

    I have a 6.8 and have no problems because of the aperture. It doe save weight in my pack.
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    Re: Problem with Pyrocat HD from PF

    Problems such as those mentioned here do not go away until changes are made by the supplier. My suggestion is to follow Sandy's example, it works well for him.
  21. Re: First 4x5 sheets and first failures :-( Need Help on one sheet

    This is the best suggestion you have had so far.
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    Re: Starting 4x5 - Which film?

    Start with the films with which you are familiar, but be aware the emulsions may be slightly different. Begin by using the same EI and development with which you are familiar.If the negatives are...
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    Re: 8x10 tray processing

    Thanks, at least it works for me.
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    Re: 8x10 tray processing

    Most workers use intermittent agitation of one kind or another. I prefer so seconds continuous agitation at the start, then 5 seconds each 30 seconds for the rest of the time. Another common timing...
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    Re: 8x10 tray processing

    If you process 2 or more sheets at a time, you need to increase the amount of developer concentrate likewise.
    I would advise you to begin with single sheets, then when comfortable, go to 2 sheets,...
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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    I agree. I have a Jumbo to use with8x10 and 7x17. Plenty of rom. It s stored hanging loosely by a corner. if any outgassing happens, it causes no problems
  27. Re: kodak ortho film, know anything?

    Tri-X Ortho was the last Kodak film I liked. It had a typical ortho response to colors. A beautiful film. Sadly I used up the remainder of my large stash a couple of years ago and now use X-ray film...
  28. Re: Best B&W Film/Developer combo - for big enlargements via DSLR scanning

    There is a major problem with your question. There is no single combination which is better for all users, or even a single user. I learned 70+ years ago to keep several developers available....
  29. Re: Lens Advice / Opinion: Consistent Look (or thatís not real)

    During my life I have had the privilege of knowing several well known fie art photographers including Ansel, Al Weber, Brett and Cole Weston, Richard Garrod,Phillip Hyde and others. Although each...
  30. Re: Thinking hard about taking the LF plunge.....

    If you have no interest in processing, I think you will be wasting time and money even to rent a camera for a period of time.
  31. Re: Keeping paper (exposure sheets, notes) with negatives - bad for archiving?

    I had to stop using Printfiles as well as Unicolor pages for my negatives when they began to turn to dust and fall apart. I now have good quality sleeves for both sheet and roll film which I bought...
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    Re: Are all Goerz Double Anastigmats Dagors?

    After having to turn down a chance to buy one on an 8x10 Kodak years ago I have wished that someone would make this lens once again. The view through that one was magnificent. The price was little...
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    Re: Darkroom setup: your thoughts

    This space is a lot like what I had available when the 4 girls were still at home only mine was in the garage. In it I had a 4x5 enlarger, and a 5x7 enlarger. The 11x14 trays were in a Tray Stacker...
  34. Re: What All Lensboards Can Be Used on Agfa Ansco 8x10?

    Deardorff switched to square corners in later years.
  35. Re: Retrobrom 151 / 152 - Newly released paper from FOMA

    The emphasis on "green" bothers me. A primary reason for selenium toning is not just permanence.but also elimination of the green tone inherent in bromide papers.
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    Re: Heiland densitometer for ULF negatives

    Mine was the original plan. perhaps they altered it later.
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    Re: Heiland densitometer for ULF negatives

    Before I got my current densitometers, I built the one in BTZS and found it very accurate,but unable concentrate on very small areas. Also,it will not reach to the center of your 14x17 negatives.
  38. Re: Kodak Master View 8x10 GG problem and replacement

    Yes,hard to focus. The Canham isn't a bad choice if you don't wish to make your own.
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    Re: New Ilford darkroom survey, December 2019

  40. Re: Kodak Master View 8x10 GG problem and replacement

    I have tried both Bright Screens and Maxwells. I gave up on both and wentback to makngmy own GG.
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