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    Re: Jan Pietrzak’s passing.

    Meant Jan at a open house he had arranged, a very giving and friendly host, wonderful gathering of ideas and images, had a great time.
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    Re: Graflex PH47 with AE 178

    Tri, is the rangefinder in sink with the lens?
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    Re: Pin registration system preferences

    Pere Casals if you ever able to make the nega 138 work for mask registration let us know how you did it !!!
  4. Re: Removing a 21" Kodak Ektanon from a Prism

    Look around for any set screws.
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    Re: How was a Kodak Colorama made?

    Do not know the maker of the camera.
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    Re: How was a Kodak Colorama made?

    I attended a Ozzie Sweet class at a photo convention some time ago (40 years) in Los Angles. Ozzie had done a few of these for Kodak using a large banquet camera 8"x20". Kodak enlarged them to mural...
  7. Re: Neil Montanus, a Kodak Colorama Photographer, Dies at 92Rip

    The man behind the camera, nice to hear about those photographers who did work like this. I meant Ozzie Sweet, who also made a few of those large murals for Kodak many years ago at a photo convention...
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    Nice ,very subdued swirly and dark background the bike is lighter an more contrast.
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    Re: Advice re tmax film developer for 45

    TMAXRS developer can be used on sheet film.
  10. Re: Setting up an Omega D-2XL -- missing pieces, etc.

    I have a D2V also, it a fine enlarger. I use glass neg carriers for 120 and 4x5. You will need a cone for the 135 and 150mm lens, I don't think the 3 lens torrent will fit , but changing lens is...
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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    He made great looking Photographs, RIP.
  12. Re: Schneideritis

    When a lens is made the circumference of the outer edge of the glass lens is coated with paint to help cut down on flare, sometimes the paint will flake off making those silver air bubbles around the...
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    Re: 5x7 cameras with folding focusing hoods

    My 5x7 Technika 5 has the folding hood.The back was made for film holders only and has the handy bail.
  14. Re: 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

    Thomas Riley Park is a great place to meet up and use large format camera,s. Had a real good time there thanks Jim and Tri and Hugo and anyone else for setting this up.
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    Re: Ilford 4x5 film packaging

    All of the sheet film I have from Ilford has always had the light proof bag.
  16. Re: any of you do your own darkroom color printing?

    Their are a lot that do color printing over at Apug .
  17. Re: 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

    For those interested in Alt large format processes this is an excellent opportunity to discuss the processes with the Artists first hand, and receive free advice.
  18. Re: 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

    Sorry, was going to post, but yes I will be there, if that makes a difference, I'm sure their are others. If not I will buy the first round.
  19. Re: 3rd Annual Southern California Large and Ultra-Large Format Photographers’ “Meet

    Me three, or four or five???
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    Re: Portable Dark Room

    The folks I know have been using a tent made for fishing on a frozen lake, like in Minnesota. They seem to be dark enough for preparing the plates and even had red windows.They have a lot of room for...
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    Re: Joshua Tree Accomodations

    There are plenty of hotels/motels alone Hwy 62 from the city of Joshua Trees to Twenty nine Palms which the two north entrances are located.
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    Re: Jim Fitzgerald-Revealed In Carbon

    I have seen Jim's prints in a show in Riverside Ca. a few years back and at the last Greet and Meet they had, and I must say some of the finest Carbo,s I have ever seen.


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    Re: Working in a warm (very warm) darkroom

    I,am in southern California where the summers are hot but not to humid, I have a zone VI temperature compensating timer for printing which helps, but after the water temp rises above 80 deg. F I just...
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    Re: lensboards with offset holes?

    Thanks Jac.
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    Re: lensboards with offset holes?

    The Wista used the same design as the Tech board you have, a very popular design. You can still use, it just have to use a little rise with it to center the lens.There is after market Tech boards...
  26. Re: Where to start? Is it too late to start? Beginner seeking advice.

    Toyo- Omega made some fine 4x5 view cameras that go cheap, $150 and there's a lot around .
  27. Re: filter factors: measuring them using a lightmeter?

    Kind of, I do it once in a while, but its best to use the filter factor that came with the filter, the reason being is the meter color sensitivity may not match the color spectrum the film does.
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    Re: lensboards with offset holes?

    There are some camera's made that have very little fall (drop) of the front standard, with the hole lower on the board would give just that much more fall. Linhof Techna is one of them, and Technica...
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    Re: Post Navy Retirement Trip

    Dave congratulations, on retirement and your new baby to be, and thanks for the your service in the Armed forces. If you have a schedule where you will be I'd like to join you depending on how my...
  30. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    This is a unique stone steps and wall, did a fine job photographing it .
  31. Re: LF Gathering: Joshua Tree National Park, CA March 24-27

    Right now I can not set a date or place, my wife will be going to be taking some test next week that hopefully will determine what going on, soon as we find out I will be able to participate in...
  32. Re: Where are the great shots? Am I a cynicist or a realist?

    Jim, so you are saying that your "Lets get going, got up and left" try selling the old Model T's and start fix' en up old Tayota's and get a Holga or even a light weight Rolliecord .Keep that amazing...
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    Re: Unsharp masking

    From my understanding the mask is very thin in density and has many use's, correct contrast, dodging or burning in and also for improving focus (it does not make the neg sharper but kind of tricks...
  34. Re: LF Gathering: Joshua Tree National Park, CA March 24-27

    Hey, maybe meet in Joshua Trees one week, then Lone Pine another week, I in for that, I would probably use motels if to cold for me. If you have forty years experience Peter I'm, sure me as well as...
  35. Re: LF Gathering: Joshua Tree National Park, CA March 24-27

    Hello Dave, in memory of Per Volduartz, there might be some activity about the first part of Feb.

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    Re: 150G/159Wolly/165Dagor (etc.)?

    The 159 wolly I have works really nice for 5x7, but has poor flair protection, using a lens shade helps a lot.
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    Re: Reactivating my darkroom

    I had one of those heads, mounted it on my D2-V, had beautiful light. Got rid of it after the cellophane filters faded and could not find any replacements. Later ones had diacrhotic glass filters but...
  38. Re: Does anyone know what is causing this...

    I was thinking air bubbles in the film development step.
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    Re: Fomopan 100/R09 disaster

    Try a clip test with the remaining old R09 and see if anything happens.
  40. Re: Where to put filters in my new Beseler 45M

    The metal mesh screen was an diffusion add on, for softer prints.
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