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    Re: New and need help

    True. At near 70 years young, I still backpack my Arca-Swiss F-Line and a complement of lenses over pretty fair distances. Add my BetterLight scanning system and the weight gets more "fun." Not...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

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    Re: New and need help

    Monorails are great, but they can be problematic to carry into the field. Since you're interested in doing landscapes, movement capability isn't as important as some other subjects. Have you thought...
  4. Re: Anyone tried Epson P906 (P900) printer for digital negatives?

    I can't imagine any reason why the P900 (or P906) couldn't be used to craft digital negatives. If you want to go the software route, I believe Richard Boutwell's QCDN app supports the P900 (see...
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    Re: 20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

    The 20th Century 8x10 reel didn't work out for me so I returned it; gouges in the emulsion and uneven development. For the record, I was doing inversion agitation. I tried the "twirly stick", but...
  6. Re: Will a Fujinon 150mm f/5.6 fold into a Crown Graphic?

    The Fuji 150W will easily fit into a Crown Graphic when closed. That was my main lens for this camera back when I owned one.

    Probably the biggest difference between the W series and the later NW...
  7. Re: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

    Already sounds like you're well on your way down that slippery slope! ;) Welcome to LF and these forums.
  8. Poll: Re: Seeking 4x5 Lens Advice - Which Lens To Keep - Fujinon Or Nikkor 150mm 5.6

    Personally, I'd keep 'em both as you never know what application might arise someday whereby you'd want a 150. Prices for used analog photo equipment continue to rise as the years pass so, if you...
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    Re: A large-format laugh from Matt Marrash

    I think I've made ALL of these mistakes over my 40+ years of LF photography! :D
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    Re: 8x10 Intrepid Soft Sided Camera Case

    I have one of Daniel's 8x10 Intrepid cases and its wonderful!
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    Re: Kodak D-76 8x10 in Expert drum

    FWIW, an 8x10 Expert Drum can hold up to 1.5L solution. If running this on one of the Jobo manual processors, you just need to make sure you have a more recent unit with the stronger motor.
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    Re: Ground Glass--repair, replacement-----

    Why don't you make one yourself? It's not difficult.
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    Re: margins for alt process prints?

    Like Jim, I, too, always leave ample margin around the actual image for the reasons he states. Since I print pt/pd, I, also, like having the extra room for brush marks.
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    Re: JOBO ATL 3 or a CPP

    First, agree with everything Joshua said. I guess part of the decision will come down the max size film you plan to process. The ATL 1000 can handle everything up to 4x5 which, for me, wouldn't work...
  15. Re: Looking for advice on a used lens for an Intrepid camera

    My money would be on the 210mm Symmar-S in a reliable, working Copal shutter. The Ektar's are fine lenses, but I'd bet that anything you'd buy will require a CLA on the shutter. No experience with...
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    Re: Post yer 35mm shots!

    Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Adox CHS 100 II:

  17. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    I can only speak to the latest versions of PS and SilverEfex on Windows 10, but click on Help>About... and you'll see the version number. On Mac, I assume the same is under the SilverEfex menu.
  18. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    iOS or Android? IMO, the most popular ones are probably Lightroom, Darkroom, Pixelmator Pro, and Snapseed. Other than LR, I don't know if all these are available for both platforms. If Android, a...
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    Re: Tripod for Wista metal field camera

    Tripod choice, IMO, boils down to weight, stability, and cost. Carbon fiber cost more than aluminum, heavier tripods are more stable than lighter ones, etc. How much do you want to carry? What's your...
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    Re: Paper cutting preferences

    Rototrim here, too. I've had it for 40+ years and never an issue.
  21. Re: Looking for my first 8x10 field camera, what are my best options in 2021?

    The MK2 is much improved over the prior model. The front standard has no detent to help you center the lens to the film and no "zero catch" for the tilt. I just eyeball it. I drew lines across the...
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    Re: shutter choice for a newbie

    I own lenses with Copal, Seiko, and Ilex shutters. Most of the Copal shuttered lenses I've had for 40+ years and never had one serviced. The Ilex shutter is the only one I've ever had serviced and I...
  23. Re: Looking for my first 8x10 field camera, what are my best options in 2021?

    Here's another vote for the Intrepid. I own the Kickstarter Mk1 version and the latest Mk2 and, though they're not particularly precise cameras, they're great for backpacking over longer distances....
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    Re: Color of Ansco/PF 130

    I keep my glycin in the original black plastic bag (from Photo Formulary) with as much air as possible pushed out, then held closed with a rubber band. This "package" then goes into a freezer Zip...
  25. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

    I've never personally shot Velvia 100, but I've read many mixed reviews about it. If you really want juicy colors, then you want Velvia 50. Just make sure you're sitting when you price it! ;) And, I...
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    Re: Darkroom print and data filing system

    I do something similar, but my info recording is done in two separate places; a small notebook, carried in the field, to record holder number, exposure info, etc, and a larger sheet in the darkroom...
  27. Re: Is this emulsion 'damage' due to a light leak or chemicals ?

    Looks like a development issue to me. The negative probably moved above the level of developer solution during the shake routine or during the rolling agitation; I've had both happen with BTZS tubes....
  28. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

    You won't be able to move an 8x10 around much, but you could generate directional blur via slow shutter speed and panning the tripod head. Personally, I'd recommend a 3-way head for this as it would...
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    Re: Boston Deardorff?

    A Google search doesn't reveal much other than it's available for pre-order through Catlabs of JP. Perhaps it's something he commissioned to be built? I'd really want to know who's doing the actual...
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    Re: New starter from Australia

    Welcome to the forums, John. Please post some images, once you feel comfortable with your new camera.
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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Superb just as it is!
  32. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    You might look at a 210mm Schneider G-Claron or a 210mm Calumet (or Rodenstock equivalent) Caltar-II E. If you're not set on a 210 focal length, look at the 200mm Nikkor-M; a truly diminutive lens.
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    Re: Film in freezer

    I don't.
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    Re: Film in freezer

    I've done the same as Peter for 40 years without issue.
  35. Poll: Re: Gauging interest in scanning service based on DT Cultural Heritage Phase One syst

    Your anticipated pricing per scan is certainly reasonable compared to any drum scanning service, but I'd have to see some results before I committed to the process.
  36. Re: COMPARISON: Fujinon W 250mm f6.7 & Fujinon A 240 f9

    I own both of those lenses and use them regularly on both 4x5 and 8x10. In terms of overall performance, sharpness, etc, IMO it would be tough to see any difference between these two optics in any...
  37. Re: Fujichrome Velvia 50, 4x5 sheet film

    Check with Kumar (search for him on these boards) and see if he's still handling it. Or, you might be able to buy it directly from Amazon Japan. I've done both in the past, but it has been a long...
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    Re: Monorail vs. Folding Camera Weight

    Monorails are not necessarily heavier than folding 4x5's. For example, my Arca-Swiss F line weighs in at about the same weight as a Zone VI 4x5; it's actually lighter than a Wisner Technical 4x5....
  39. Re: landscape infintity focus: what aperture do you prefer or use?

    If DOF isn't a consideration, I use all my lenses at what I feel is their optimum aperture; typically, a couple of stops down from wide open. For 4x5, I will generally use F/16 or F/22 when deep DOF...
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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Check out PhotoLine; plays well with the ColorPerfect plug-in. It is a bit of a learning curve until you understand their terminology for similar PS things, but in many ways it's actually more...
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