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  1. Re: Interesting Alternative to a Tripod, Especially for Rough Ground

    I have been interested in 10" 2K spot/Fresnel lights, De Sisti and Strand Quartz Color Castors. Some of these I have converted to electronic flash and also adapted some to use 2 contact bayonet...
  2. Re: Will a Fujinon 150mm f/5.6 fold into a Crown Graphic?

    No problem with either of those Fujis. When coupled to a carefully-cut cam, that lens could deliver astounding hand-held results.
  3. Re: Stumped on cause of evident light "leak"

    You have to discover light leaks before they find your film. Unless you are very sure of the condition of your bellows, it should be checked frequently for leaks in the corners, especially the...
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    Re: View camera as extinction light meter

    I like the Minolta Flash IV s available at very reasonable prices. You a
    can have spot/reflective, flash, incident and enlarging all for a fraction of new instruments.
  5. Re: Definitive LED / Incandescent enlarger light bulb replacement thread

    This light and associated technology could mean big changes in the industry if it works as claimed. Public demonstration on Nov. 25th. It may go open source.
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    If you have an X86 machine, the type that usually runs Windows, try downloading the new Linux distro Ubuntu Studio. You can burn a boot CD or create a boot flash drive. Boot from it without...
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    Re: Lens board adapters thread

    In the years before I divested of all things Linhof, I made my own adapter board for my Deardorff 8X10 to take Technika lens boards. Some other photographers and dealers thought this was insane ...
  8. Re: Determine developing time for any film

    Many people new to exposure and development testing don't have a good idea of what an excellent negative looks like. One way to approach this is to use Diafine for one's first development trials. ...
  9. Re: Chamonix 810V Back Orientation Mistake?

    You might well have a light leak on those holders. However, it's good to have a back that can be oriented to load from below in situations where the sun is directly overhead and light can get in...
  10. Re: How difficult is it to drill holes in a Carbon Fiber lens board?

    I have suggested for some time that the Crown Graphic lensboard is the best choice for most LF lenses. I always have a TRF Crown Graphic so it make extra good sense for me. All my lenses, except...
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    Re: Consistent black lines on negatives

    Are you sure the line is on the negative and not an artifact from scanning? Who did the scan, you or the lab?
  12. Re: Will I Get Vignetting: Toyo 810G - 1200mm Bellows - Xenar 480mm f/4.5

    I have an 810M with a Western Bellows made to the same dimensions as the original Toyo. I use the 450M Nikkor with no probems. The same bellows fits 810G, which I have also used with the same...
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Years ago I learned an excellent method to find the correct developing time and EI for any film. The source was an article by William Mortensen. Mortensen wrote some excellent books and articles...
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    Re: Toyo 810M Resource/Fan Page

    Bellows and front frames for 8X10M and 8X10MII are not identical. When the Robos and the G2 cameras appeared the front frames of the bellows were changed (enlarged slightly). The front standards of...
  15. Re: What is the current trend on using dark cloth?

    I stopped using a darkcloth early on in my view camera practice. I started using the Linhof monocular focusing bag bellows and now I use a monocular viewer on Toyo 4X5s, and for the 810M, I made a...
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    Re: Dodging & Burning 8x10 Contact Prints

    "Morley Baer made 1:1 enlargements with 8x10 rather than contact print. This made dodge and burn easier."

    Once I had an 8X10 enlarger capable of making a 1:1 print, I seldom made contacts again. ...
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    Re: Linhof Technika Rangfinder Cams

    Lenses of the same marked focal length can differ in actuality, even those of the same brand. It's possible to match up a mismatched cam for a new lens. Areas that are too high on the cam can be...
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    Re: Shutter repair

    CRC Electronic circuit cleaner, available at Most auto parts stores does a good job of cleaning. Spray it liberally into the mechanisms and drain it out. I replace grease with Mobil 1 synthetic...
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    Re: Darkroom timers, and then there was FADU

    One of the challenges in making a good print is determining the correct exposure. The accuracy of the timer is important, as are a visible way to monitor the timing cycle and certainly an audible...
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    Re: Speed Graphic Bellows

    There are two sizes of bellows for 4X5 Toyo G and slightly larger with different frames for the G2 and Robos Dynatect has made the G2 type for me in regular lenght so they have the CAD file under my...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    You could make an adapter plate up to Toyo 57G back. Out of wood, plastic or metal.
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    There are many on the large auction site coming out of Japan now, where they were very popular with professionals. Search "Toyo Field" 4 3/4 X 6 1/2. Some have one or the other or both the 4X5 and...
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    Re: Speed Graphic Bellows

    I wouldn't use anything but Dynatect all synthetic (water proof) bellows since I first installed one four years ago. I know they have made many replacement Graphic bellows for US police departments....
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Here is my 4X5 field camera, a 4 3/4 X 6 1/2 Toyo Field fitted with a 4X5 back. When I purchased the camera in excellent condition a few years ago it came with an original 4X5 revolving back. All my...
  25. Re: Schneider Symmar XL 150mm f5.6 VS Nikor SW 150 f8

    I recently sold my Nikkor to another member, but what did with filters (never felt the need for a center filter) was to add them over the Series E B+W. I never saw any vignetting, but I didn't...
  26. Re: Schneider Symmar XL 150mm f5.6 VS Nikor SW 150 f8

    Most 95mm filters (even Nikon brand) will contact the front element of the 150mm Nikkor SW and mar the coating. The only filter series I have found that are safe are the now discontinued B+W Series...
  27. Re: Weird Coverage with Wollensak 159mm Velostigmat ?

    I have a 12.5 in Rapax, dated to 1948. Seems to have good coverage when stopped down. Haven't had much of a chance to use it, but I will because it is so small that I can always have it with me.
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    Re: Dead Rest Gear

    The first professionals I assisted were Damien Waring and his lovely wife, Lurline. Damien got his start assisting London Bond St. photographers after WWII and told me about those head rests that...
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    Re: Ilex Caltar 14 3/4 - filter options?


    The 14 3/4" Caltar was my first 8X10 lens, but I don't think I ever used filters with it and soon replaced it with a 355mm G Claron. One approach I have used successfully on several lenses...
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    Re: Hello from a beginner

    Good choice. Large format photography helps to train and improve our "executive function" balancing the two counterproductive urges we all have to one degree or another, to act without thinking or...
  31. Mounting a 14" f6 Veritar on Toyo 810M

    I recently obtained a nice-looking Wollensak 14" f6 Veritar after reading such favorable reviews of it on this forum. It looked like it was unused and probably was. I had to CLA the shutter because...
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    Re: The art of printmaking

    Excellent advice. If you learn Mortensen's "Ring Around Method" of "reading a negative" you have a real understanding of exposure and development and how they affect print quality and...
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    Re: getting glass CLEAN, how do you do it?

    An expert technician showed me years ago how an Ivory Soap solution cleaned the stubborn film off lenses that "lens cleaner" solutions couldn't get off. I have found recently, trying it on my own...
  34. Re: Thoughts About Nikkor SW 75mm F4.5 on Linhof Master Technika?

    Where are you guys getting your information about 4X5 Linhof Super and Master Technikas? Both can be easily cam-coupled to most 75s and used on the movable tracks? I first had a Super Technika IV...
  35. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    Apparently you are not aware that the slide can retract as well as extend. You need to thoroughly qualify yourself on the camera, its capabilities and its limitations. If you retract the slide,...
  36. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    The 4X5 Super Technika cameras can cam couple to 75mm lenses and no wide angle focusing device is needed. Linhof stated that the shortest lens that could cam couple and focus on the tracks was 75mm....
  37. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    Pull the lens standard out on the track and then retract the slide. Drop the bed and tilt back the lens to be parallel with the the film back. Then open the lens and move it back on the track and...
  38. Re: Banding problems with digital copy camera and fluorescent light source

    I'll be back at work on the banding problem next week. Meanwhile, I am making a better mount for the camera to shoot up into the enlarger. I'll be looking at several approaches lighting for...
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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    I was amazed upon entering a Weston exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts Boston at how the 4X5 Graflex SLR work he did of Carris Wilson seemed to pop off the wall more than fifty feet away.
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    Re: Graphic bed drop / front tilt ?

    Tilting the front places considerable demand on lens covering power, something the stock lenses found on press cameras are not generally known for. Use front tilt sparingly or you will soon exceed...
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