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  1. Re: What's considered "high altitude" when it comes to UV filters?

    How much UV makes it through to the ground is a function of how much UV gets absorbed by the atmosphere by water vapor and dust. So, even in comparatively low altitudes where the air is dry and...
  2. Re: A Peak Inside Intrepid's Large Format Camera Factory

    How'd they get that mountain in there?? :)
  3. Re: Lee Neutral Density Filter color cast

    ND filters with color casts are a pain. You can use them for black-and-white though...

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    Re: New to me printing issue

    Later Beseler 45M... models don't have the tilting lens stage. Still, the lens is difficult to align. I have a modified lensboard that consists of two plates. One goes in the regular lens mount on...
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    Re: Develop -N2

    This is very important.

    Since you have access to the scene anytime you like, you can use this as your test for N-2.

    Here's how I'd go about it. Meter your shadow value and place that where you...
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    Re: New to me printing issue

    Check the detail with your grain magnifier; it's a lot better than a loupe if you have a quality one since the magnification is much higher. If you have the Peak/Omega that tilts to see in the...
  7. Re: Eco-Pro paper developer -- some observations

    Developers will affect the way prints tone in selenium (that figures into my choice of developers). You may have to tone longer with prints from one developer to get toning to your desired amount...
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    Re: Grey, Green, and Black & White


    A filter will lighten its own color in relation to grey, and darken its complementary colors. A red filter will darken the green and the grey will stay the same (theoretically, and given...
  9. Re: Reciprocity Test with ND1000 Filter

    Filter factors don't change with long exposures; you just have to figure them in before making the adjustments for reciprocity failure.

    B+W lists the number 90 red filter as having a factor...
  10. Re: Film, scanning or development issues?

    Is the defect on the negative? Maybe take a look with a good loupe...
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    Re: how to work out shims

    Are you referring to spacing rings used in mounting lenses to a barrel or shutter? If so, they are used to precisely position the lens elements at the right distance from each other and the aperture...
  12. Re: Reciprocity Test with ND1000 Filter

    A couple of things may be throwing wrenches into the works here and giving you results you don't expect.

    First, reciprocity-failure-correction tables in the data sheets packed with the film are...
  13. Re: how to calculate exact bellows compensation

    Certainly, being able to meter at the film plane would be ideal, but not everyone has the resources to acquire the necessary equipment...

    Figuring the bellows-extension factors by measuring the...
  14. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?


    Take a look at the tech sheet for Ilford Rapid Fixer here:

    The general information applies to all fixers of this...
  15. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?

    You likely have particulates from the bad fixer adhered to the film. If you have a scrap negative with the defect, you can try scraping at the spots and see if you can dislodge the particles (just...
  16. Re: question about stacking square filters


    Pardon my oversimplification (and resulting inaccuracy) for the purposes of simplicity and clarity; I didn't want to go into color theory in any depth since the OP needs to walk before he...
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    Re: Contact Dermatitis

    Silver nitrate is an irritant. Your reaction is possibly (likely?) less of an allergic one than a reaction to an irritant.

    If you're splashing or spattering or whatever you want to call it, you...
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    Re: Website structure views?


    And you can have pages for personal info, technique, etc. if you like.

  19. Re: Help with developing results good and bad

    Maybe you could describe the problem you think you have? And post an unmanipulated image of the negatives in question which include the rebate? That would help us a lot in trying to diagnose your...
  20. Re: Many paper developers back-ordered or special order with long delivery lead


    Mixing you own print developers is not nearly as demanding as many make it seem. The initial expense for the raw chemicals is the up-front investment, but after that, you can mix what and...
  21. Re: question about stacking square filters

    When you stack colored filters, you just get the effect of the strongest filter. E.g., when you stack red and yellow, the yellow filter passes red orange and green; the red filter cuts out the...
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    Re: Light Streak

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    Re: Light Leak: what went wrong?

    Yep, learn to pinch the spring back to the camera body with your free hand when pulling/inserting the darkslide. Also, after inserting the holder but before pulling the slide, check to see that the...
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    Re: Fiber based paper thoughts

    I've been using Bainbridge Alpharag Artcare board in a couple of colors of white for some years now. It's buffered and has impurity-absorbing particles (activated charcoal?) embedded in it, so not...
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    Re: Dektol Issue

    Check your Dektol stock and see if there is anything floating around in it first. If so, the problem could be crud in the bottle (as Philip mentions) or it could be impurities in the Dektol itself....
  26. Re: Seeking Ideas For Replacing Film Holder Labels?

    Fingernail polish remover (acetone) and a cotton swab works for me most of the time. If the marks are pencil, try a white eraser first.

    If the ink is so stubborn that the acetone won't do the...
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    Re: Fiber based paper thoughts

    I'd love access to a 500T or similar. I have absolutely not enough room to have something so big in my workroom. As it is, I have to wrestle the 210 in and out of the storage area and set it up for...
  28. Re: Nikkor 500mm Tele - any problems with tilt/swing?

    Rear movements are just the same with tele lenses and with "normal" ones. It's the front tilt and swing (not rise) that are trickier because the lens nodal point is actually out in front of the...
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    Re: PMK and open sky blotchiness

    Ha,... The 160 was film speed/E.I., not developer temperature. The "" was unnecessary and maybe misleading; likely confusing the DIN designation in degrees with the ISO-style.

    Anyway, to the...
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    Re: Storage box for my Toyo 45D


    Kind of like the old cases for the Graphic View cameras. You may want to cover the holes with something for long-term storage to keep dust/bugs, etc. out though.


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    Re: How To Use Stouffer Step Tablet?

    The notion of a Proper Proof didn't originate with Fred Picker, although he did promote it; I learned it from the Minor White books.

    Anyway, the idea of making the proper proof is to find the...
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    Re: How To Use Stouffer Step Tablet?

    FWIW, my tests with different papers and developing times have all shown that extra development basically increases paper speed, but not contrast. I imagine different papers react differently.

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    Re: Hypo clear?

    A wash aid like Hypo Clearing Agent (Kodak) or Wash Aid (Ilford) is used after fixing and before the final wash. Using it for film helps reduce wash time, but is not really necessary. With staining...
  34. Re: Custom Sink - How to get the drain "in sump"?

    PM sent.
  35. Re: Custom Sink - How to get the drain "in sump"?

    I built my own 33" x 10' sink out of marine plywood. I opted for a center drain. The sink bed is two equal-sized pieces of marine plywood set on a 2x2 framework. I simply designed the frame to that...
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    Re: slot canyon support

    I was in Page, AZ about a year ago after a hiatus of some nine years. I didn't recognize the place and was really dismayed by the crowds and the commercialization. I didn't even bother to try to...
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    Re: Missing exposure equation


    The calculation you want is how to find "stops to open the aperture" from the exposure factor, which is log2 of the exposure factor.

    However, I don't know how to write the formula for...
  38. Re: How do you remove silver nitrate stains?

    As mentioned, you should use fixer to remove the now-invisible stain after bleaching or it will come back.


  39. Re: How do you remove silver nitrate stains?

    Assuming the stain is mostly metallic silver, you can rehalogenate and then use fixer to make it soluble in water.

    A solution of chlorine bleach should turn silver into silver chloride. After the...
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    Re: How do you set up your tripod?

    Some thoughts:

    First, you can get more effective front rise by pointing the camera up and then tilting back and front standard to perpendicular again, assuming, of course, that you have enough...
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