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  1. Re: Is the rail on a Arca Swiss camera, the same as RRS parts? Are they interchangea

    The AS camera rails have a geared track for focusing. The bottom of the rail fits into an AS clamp. None of the AS “clone” rails have the geared track for focusing.
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    Canham MQC57 (or Canham traditional wood): 24" bellows but can be used easily with a 90mm SA XL or not as easily with a 72mm SA XL. At about 6 lbs. its weight is quite reasonable.

    Collapse the...
  3. Re: What kind of lens bends an image without distortion?

    porro prism ... from binoculars

    But maybe you wouldn't care about left to right reversal(?)
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    Re: Which quick release for Arca C1 Cube?

    The locking knob on my Arca Swiss D4 has about 7/16" between the top of the knob and the bottom of my camera. My finger will fit in-between with no extra space... so I can turn the knob but there is...
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    Re: Which quick release for Arca C1 Cube?

    With a flat bed camera, your room to turn a knob is limited. The lever lock clamps are very nice. As mentioned, some clamps are sensitive to the shape and dimensions of the plate they are clamping...
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    Re: Help understanding Telephoto lenses
    The Nikkor T lenses are heavier, a little harder to use with tilts, have more restrictions on shift, but are a good way to get a long focal length on...
  7. Re: how do I use the same lenses for different cameras?

    If you think you will be doing large format photography for a long time, mounting all of your lenses on Technika sized lens boards and then getting an adapter to match up to whichever camera(s) you...
  8. Re: Arca swiss quick release solution for master technika

    Get a rail that is long enough to go across the bed and put a stop at each end (

    I don't know how long the bed is but rails are available in almost...
  9. Re: Any RRS Tripod Owners with a Series 4?

    The apex of the series 4 is significantly bigger than that of the series 3. If you don't need a tripod head with a lot of movement the RRS leveling heads keep the camera right down near the apex...
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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    For carry-on luggage in the U.S. you could probably get a slightly longer when folded tripod. The international specs seem to be shorter, making the GT4553S one of the few that would fit.

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    Re: Advice on 4x5 compatible 5x7 field camera

    Putting a 4x5 adapter on the back of a 5x7 may impact your use of super wide angle lenses (the focal plane is moved back). Some 5x7 cameras basically replace the 5x7 back with a 4x5 back and have...
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    Re: Light weight 810 system

    RRS came out with a replacement for their universal leveling base, lowering the height, and label it as a 2 series: TA-2U-LB. Although I've used my older universal leveling base with SLR's I like...
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    Re: Linhof vs Berlebach for Sinar Norma

    I haven't used either but I've been searching reviews about wood tripods... I saw one fairly critical review of the Berlebach, most of which seemed like personal preferences, but the reviewer said...
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    Re: Gear inventory

    If you have a gmail account, use Google Docs or Google Sheets

    You'll have the record accessible as long as you have...
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    Linhof Tripod Parts - ?

    I'm trying to find the crank handle for the gear drive on a Linhof heavy duty tripod. The column is shown on the B&H website...
  16. Re: Is it worth it to use the Speed Graphic handheld from time to time?

    With the same amount of camera movement LF will be sharper than 35mm because there is less enlargement to get to the final image. 35mm has faster lenses for low light but with plenty of light LF can...
  17. Re: Fujinon A 180 f9 image circle way too small!

    Not certain which Fujinon W 180mm 5.6 the table refers to but many similar lenses in the table seem to be the older ones with inside lettering. It lists an image circle of 305mm.
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    Re: Deep recessed board for Toyo 45A

    There is a ~30mm recessed board which is slightly smaller than the Toyo 45A/Canham boards. I don't know what camera it was intended for. The square recessed area looks like it would just clear the...
  19. Re: Sinar Norma Shutter: backwards compatibility with P/F/X camera systems?

    My Norma shutter won't fit into my Sinar P. All of my Sinar gear was bought used so although it looks like it is "the right stuff" I can't say with certainty.
  20. Re: Which ball head? Really right BH40 or BH30

    I couldn't help but smile seeing the comments that a ball head is too fiddly. I recently saw a YouTube video of the Chamonix N2 where the reviewer mounted the camera on an Arca Swiss ball head and...
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    Re: Sinar Norma 5x7 vs 4x5 dimensions?

    5x7 back is about 11"x11.5" (WxH - height from top of rail)
    4x5 back is about 9.5" x 9.5"

    They both use the same front standard

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    Re: Gitzo Overhaul

    I just went through Manfrotto in the U.S. to order some parts for a GT5533LS. The website says to order through KIBO but doesn't give a website address. Telephoning the number given first led to a...
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    Re: Gitzo Overhaul

    I came across this a few days ago. I haven't tried ordering anything yet.

  24. Re: Any such thing as an Arca Swiss riser plate?

    You could also consider using a panning clamp if the panning function will add any value ...
  25. Re: Any such thing as an Arca Swiss riser plate?

    Acratech makes a spacer
    I have an old Linhof 1/4 to 3/8 adapter which is similar. It came with a camera and had been used to keep the...
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    Re: Will my tripod work?

    Keep the center column down and clamped tightly and I would bet your legs will be fine.

    I used Manfrotto heads in the past which had quick releases. I switched over to Arca Swiss style because of...
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    Re: Fujinon T Lenses for my 4x5

    I've used a Fujinon-T 600mm f12 and been happy with the results.

    The 300mm is pretty close to your 10" so you might get more use from a Fujinon-T 400mm, Nikkor-T 360/500/720mm, or perhaps the...
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    Re: Technika lens board light leak rant

    It looks like the current technika boards sold by Luland have a taller step.

    Luland ebay

  29. Re: Arca Swiss B and I'm not sure what's going wrong

    Bellows sagging down?

  30. Re: How do I open lens to focus, Fujinon W 150mm 5.6?

    mdarnton is almost right on. Cock the shutter then pull the "lever" with the black dot out.

  31. Re: New to Large format - need help about telephoto lenses!

    Welcome to the club Lorien,

    Take a look at the Fujinon Tele lenses

    Fujinon 300mm T - flange to focal plane 195mm
    Fujinon 400mm T - flange to focal plane 259mm
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    Re: Canham Bag Bellows Experience

    I purchased a used 4x5 "Canham" bag bellows on ebay. The construction was no where near the quality of the cameras. I telephoned Mr. Canham and talked with him. I was quite convinced it wasn't made...
  33. Re: Gitzo Series 5 legs, Gitzo 1370 head. How to connect them?

    The screw sticking out of the head looks a lot like a 1/4 20 to 3/8 16 adapter. I agree with Rick's suggestion: you should be able to get the screw/post out of the head leaving a 3/8 16 threaded hole...
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    Re: Tripod recommendations?
  35. Re: Arrangement of equipment inside of a Sinar case?

    One version ...

    I bought a used P which came with a case, but I don't normally use the case so I can't recall what goes where. Good luck.
  36. Re: 121mm f8 Super Angulon in Synchro Compur lens board size

    The older version has the 10 blade aperture.

    The Nikkor 120 f8 has a larger image circle.

    There are quite a few choices. Pick whatever makes you happy,

  37. Re: 121mm f8 Super Angulon in Synchro Compur lens board size

    The shutter appears to be mounted in a housing which has a larger diameter mounting thread than the shutter itself. The rear lens group screws into the housing rather than the shutter. (As best I can...
  38. Re: Ideas for my problem ( cold shoe/accessory mount)

    I used a plastic cell phone holder clipped onto the tripod leg (it was intended to be mounted on bicycle handlebars). Cost about $12 on ebay.

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    Re: Field or View Camera?

    If "architecture" includes a lot of photographs inside of a building, you will probably want a very wide field of view and not extreme movements. Outside You will probably want extreme movements and...
  40. Re: gitzo series 3 GT3530s , i am looking for ling center column, would the one work

    I use one of these telescopic center columns on a series 5 Gitzo tripod. I have a remote controlled motorized head on it which lets me point my Canon dslr when it is too high to reach (don't carry a...
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