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  1. Re: Test exposure steps in half stop increments.

    I find it easy to think in terms of "exposure units," where an exposure unit is an arbitrary value that equals the initial exposure. Then you can work with the units arithmetically to arrive at your...
  2. Re: The Wratten Mystery, or, What's My Factor?


    If you think I'm going to see any sun here in Eugene for a few weeks, you're an optimist. Much less a nice clear patch of blue sky opposite the sun. And then there are those pesky mountains...
  3. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Sure. Let's say I'm photographing in the city, working rather close (think 90mm lens on 4x5), I've got a nice storefront that I'm photographing at an oblique angle. I really like the angles made by...
  4. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    I manage to move the horizon line around in my images just fine with front rise/fall. Really, it's the same thing for the most part as rear rise/fall would be unless you're working really close and...
  5. Re: The Wratten Mystery, or, What's My Factor?

    But it's blue...

    Using the blue sky instead of a neutral source will almost certainly result in lower factors for blue filters (I know, not used that much) and higher factors for any filters...
  6. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    I'd love to know more about these field cameras with rear rise and fall... I don't know of any myself.

    I do, however, understand the desire for lots of movements on folding field cameras. I...
  7. Re: How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?

    Gaffers' tape; endlessly adjustable, cheap, small, low-tech.
  8. Re: The Wratten Mystery, or, What's My Factor?

    Actually, the test should be done with a grey card illuminated by nice, neutral 5600K daylight. Note that the color of the object you read with and without the filter will skew the results. Read...
  9. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    [Cues up the old song from Gigi] Ah, yes, I remember it well! All about definitions even though there was basic agreement on everything else.

    With a folding field camera with no...
  10. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Last I heard, painters didn't use lenses (unless you count the paint-from-photo crowd and still, they don't always use the entire photo for their work, but do, of necessity, use the photographer's...
  11. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Oh boy, does that ring true for me!

    I remember working in the Steens Mt. area in Oregon once when a group of photography students from the University of Oregon came by with their Holgas and...
  12. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    You mean to say that content is more important than the medium??? How dare you!! :)
  13. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Heck, I just use scissors to cut my 4x5 neg down to panorama to get a 12cm x whatever (depends on how thin I cut it...). Or, sometimes, I just crop when enlarging.

  14. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Ha! No apologies necessary. Still, I don't think I'd want a large-format camera without movements.

    But really, I have to carry four or five lenses minimum! Really (although sometimes I only use...
  15. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Well, mine doesn't have a slit, but fills all the other requirements. Home made, white GoreTex on the outside (waterproof, reflectant and cool in the sun), black and non-slip on the inside with...
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    Re: My Show in Klamath Falls, Oregon


    Congrats on the show!

    Great work on your website too! I felt a kinship with so many of those images.


  17. Re: formats, focal length and perspective

    ... and lens focal length (relative to format) determines field of view.

    So, even if you don't know what the film format originally was, you can roughly assess whether the image was made with a...
  18. Re: What are these streaks on my neg - never seen before.

    I've never used hangers for developing. However, when I first saw the negative, physical damage leaped to mind, e.g., bending or kinking the sheet...

    If this is a familiar artifact for those who...
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    Re: Which diameter filter

    Bob seems to be upset that you bothered Lee for information while buying from and/or recommending Filter Dude's cheaper alternatives.

    He doesn't seem to realize that it's not the consumers duty to...
  20. Re: Exposure compensation for small apertures

    The bigger problem with faster shutter speeds and clockwork shutters is that those speeds are commonly significantly slower than marked. If one does use these faster speeds and needs to avoid even...
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    Re: Shopping cart camera carrier

    Just be careful of hauling your LF equipment in wheeled carts on rough surfaces. I had a nice wheeled carry-on with my LF gear in it which I rolled just a couple hundred yards on kind of rough...
  22. Re: Exposure compensation for small apertures

    This gets a bit complicated. I think JohnF may have it backward... FWIW, my copy of Stroebel's View Camera Technique doesn't have the table of corrections JohnF refers to, on p. 80 or anywhere else...
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    Re: What was Feininger using?

    I don't know about you, but I see full exposure and lots of shadow detail, despite the rather contrasty conditions. Maybe those of you that don't live or work in the SW find the quality of the...
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    Re: Darkroom Sink Slope & Drain?

    Some random thoughts:

    I built a 10-foot sink some years back. I used the 1/4-inch-per-foot rule and it works well. I placed my drain in the center rear of the sink so as not to have too much...
  25. Re: 8 x 10 Field Camera with the largest amount of front "fall"?

    I'm not clear on what you need lots of front fall for. Could you enlighten us?

    In any case, it pretty easy to simulate front fall by pointing the camera down and then simply tilting the standards...
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    Re: Image Circle How Big do I need?

    If you are only concerned with making sure the lens(es) you get will cover 4x5, then look for a minimum of about 170mm of image circle. Some Plasmat lenses (the common f/5.6 design) in shorter focal...
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    Re: Issue with film holder


    Make sure you aren't pulling the spring back away from the camera body when pulling/replacing the darkslide. Pulling the back open just a smidge causes exactly this kind of exposure mark,...
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    Re: Ilford vs Kodak enlarger gels ???

    If you have a step wedge, it's a pretty quick test. Just expose the wedge under both filtrations and count stripes. The exposure only has to be close enough to get the entire range of stripes from...
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    Re: Ilford vs Kodak enlarger gels ???

    Focus shift is really only an issue with an enlarging lens that isn't well color-corrected. Most newer (relatively speaking) enlarger lenses won't have an issue. The problem arises when we focus...
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    Re: Ilford vs Kodak enlarger gels ???

    ...that said, you can certainly use an Ilford #5 filter to get more contrast than you're getting from the Kodak #4 filter.

    If you want to check if you're getting maximum contrast from your set of...
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    Re: Keeping or tossing prints?

    If it's a "keeper," I keep it. If it's not, it gets torn to itty-bitty pieces and tossed in the trash. When in doubt, throw it out. I'll go back through prints months or even years later and throw...
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    Re: Close focussing distance

    Dan is right that "minimum" focusing distance is simply a function of the focal length of the lens as long as you have unlimited bellows extension. I think his first sentence, however, really needs...
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    Re: 203mm Ektar Shutter Help Needed

    The Ektar 203mm is a great little lens. It may be worth sending the shutter out for repair. Yes, you'd have a bit more invested in the lens, but then you'd also have a great lens in a...
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    Re: Deformed Wood Frame

    The way you describe it, you won't be changing the position of the ground glass relative to the film plane when if you use a light seal between camera back and body. So, a nice, soft, light-tight...
  35. Re: LED enlarger head for B&W -- question in passing


    A couple of things:

    First, Michael brings up a good point; all bets on grade spacing are likely off when you switch to LEDs. Still, I think it's a good idea to find a "middle value"...
  36. Re: ‘Pure’ Landscape Photography Versus Including the Human Element

    There is not a single person in any of the photographs I make. I strive to keep them out, waiting hours at times to get a human-free view of a city street or interior. I make landscapes without any...
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    Re: Fixer: What does the dissolving?

    Actually, the thiosulfates in the fixer react with the silver halides left in the emulsion and, through a number of reactions (which become less effective with dissolved silver building up in the...
  38. Re: Pentax digital spotmeter zone stick

    Heck, years ago before there were so many downloadable stickers for just about anything you want to label out there, I just made my own with a self-adhesive label, a pair of scissors and a permanent...
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    Re: Processing and Printing

    Hard tap water is fine for the processing steps (diluting developer stop and fixer concentrates and washing). As noted above, if your water is fairly hard, you may have a slight change in...
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    Re: Nikkor 90mm; f/8 vs f/4.5

    The Nikkor 90mm f/8 has the largest image circle for a lens in that aperture range and focal length. That's why it's in demand. I get significantly more coverage and can use more movements with my...
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