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  1. Re: Technical question on posting FS thread

  2. Technical question on posting FS thread

    I'm sure this has been asked multiple times before, but I can't seem to find where. Whenever I've posted a FS thread, I can never get the thread title to appear in boldface, unlike almost every other...
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    Re: Camera shops must be hurting

    My impression is that a lot of eBay sellers have an inflated sense of what their stuff is worth. Case in point: Someone on eBay is currently listing a used 4x5 Ebony camera for a buy-it-now price...
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    Re: Who adds Benzotriazole to developer?

    Benzotriazole was always sold as a liquid concentrate by Edwal as Orthazite. It's main purpose is to help salvage outdated papers, but it certainly can cool the tones in a paper with a slight...
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    Edwal FG7 discontinued?

    My local photo-supply store says Edwal FG7 is discontinued--at least that's what they were told by their supplier. Has anyone heard anything about this?
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    Re: Adox Papers

    That's truly disappointing. No question the paper's defective. I hope you've both contacted Freestyle and told them you want to return it. Hard to believe they wouldn't stand behind a product for...
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    Re: 4X5 Development

    Combi tanks are great. Their biggest drawback is the tiny funnels, which make pouring in chemicals a very lengthy process. Everyone I know who's used those tanks successfully sets up a line of 3 or...
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    Re: Adox Papers

    Are you giving the prints enough development? Freestyle says 2-3 minutes minimum.

    And you're using only red safelights?
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    Re: Adox Papers

    It's true that Bergger and Adox are making their papers in England, at the Ilford facility, although there are small differences between what seem to be the big three of the warm-tone fiber world: ...
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    Re: Adox Papers

    I haven't used the Fine Print (it requires a red filter instead of OC, a deal-breaker for me), but I've used the MCC110 and the Variotone; they're both terrific.

    The MCC110 is supposedly the...
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    Re: Lenses for Horseman 45FA

    The 135mm Apo Sironar-N (or Caltar II-N) is a great little lens, and the only 135 I know of that will fold into that camera. Used ones are very reasonable priced--usually in the $275-325 range. ...
  12. Re: Warmtone v. Neutral FB papers--why the price difference?

    I E-mailed ilford Tech Support with the same question. Here's their answer:

    There are actually several reasons for this cost difference, which I will attempt to explain:

    The volume that...
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    Re: HP Combi & 12 Negatives in one tank

    Filling and draining these tanks quickly is impossible with the small funnels and openings on these tanks. I have four Combi Tanks, which I set up beforehand, one with water for a pre-soak, one with...
  14. Re: Warmtone v. Neutral FB papers--why the price difference?

    I'm leaning toward cost difference between chloride (or chloro-bromide) emulsions v. bromide emulsions. Or possibly a slower emulsion-coating process. Or both.

    Last year I did some extensive...
  15. Warmtone v. Neutral FB papers--why the price difference?

    I've always wondered why warm-tone FB papers cost 20-40% more than neutral or cold-tone papers. It's the same with every manufacturer--Ilford, Bergger, Adox, etc. I'm assuming they're more expensive...
  16. Re: Ball head for view cameras--any leveling shortcuts?

    Lots of good suggestions--thanks. And it's valuable to know how others deal with it.

    Here's the plan for now:

    . . . . After talking with the people at Really Right Stuff, I'm trading in...
  17. Re: Ball head for view cameras--any leveling shortcuts?

    I'll keep trying a bit longer with my ball head, adjusting the tension, holding the camera from the top, etc. The Manfrotto 410 looks interesting, but it's heavier than I want for my tripod and it's...
  18. Re: Ball head for view cameras--any leveling shortcuts?

    Is that true? The B2 can do only one plane at a time?

  19. Re: Ball head for view cameras--any leveling shortcuts?

    Yes, I agree--a good ball head should be able to level a camera as well as a pan-tilt head, and I like the compactness of a ball head. And the Profi II can easily handle the weight of my cameras. ...
  20. Ball head for view cameras--any leveling shortcuts?

    For years I've used medium format and 4X5 cameras, always on a tripod. I use a ball head for a Mamiya 7 or Fuji rangefinder, and a pan-tilt head for my Ebony RSW45 or Wista 45. (My ball head's a...
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    Re: T-Max RS Dilution question

    Thanks to you both--that's how I would have guessed, but it's nice to know for sure.

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    T-Max RS Dilution question

    I'm planning to try T-Max RS developer at 1:9 for T-Max 100 4X5. My question is about how to accurately dilute it, and I've seen two very different versions:

    I have the smaller bottle, the one...
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    Re: Custom Wood Frames from the Internet

    These folks are very good to work with--good quality, reasonably priced, lots of options (assembled, unassembled, etc.).
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    Re: favorite paper

    Best paper I've ever used:

    Bergger VCCB (variable-contrast, warm-tone, fiber, glossy)--selenium-toned and optically brightened in Sprint End Run Print Brightening Converter.

    Close second: ...
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    Roll film holders

    I'd hold off on the graflex for something better. The graflex will fit, but they're old, touch to get parts for, and not as well made as some current holders. What's most important is the degree...
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    Parallelism of film and subject planes

    Try contacting the people at Zig Align. They make alignment products for enlargers, view cameras, copystands, etc. I use their enlarger system--it's improved the sharpness of my prints so much I...
  27. Is There a Converter For Using Toyo (Field camera) Lens Boards on a Speed/Crown Graphic?

    Graphic boards (the type used for later Crown/Speed models and the Super Graphics) are 95mm, i.e., smaller than your Toyo Field boards. It seems, then, that you'd need a reducing adapter, which...
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    Will Toyo 45 field camera fold w/lens?

    Does anyone know if the Toyo field cameras (45A, AII, AX) will fold without havi ng to remove the lens? My lens is small--135mm Sironar with a 40.5mm filter siz e. Thanks.
  29. Can I use the new Readyload packets with old R.L. holder?

    In response to a request, here's how to ask Kodak for a free conversion of an older Readyload holder (the type with a silver pressure plate) to the type that's approved for the new single packets....
  30. Can I use the new Readyload packets with old R.L. holder?

    I just talked with someone at Kodak. They're willing to convert my older-style Readyload holder to the newer type at no cost. (Apparently, it involves changing the silver pressure plate to a ...
  31. Can I use the new Readyload packets with old R.L. holder?

    Sorry if this has already been asked before, but--

    Can I use the new Kodak Readyload single-sheet packets with the RL holder design ed for the twin-sheet packs? Thanks.
  32. Where can I find a part for a Wista technical camera?

    I own a Wista 45D technical field camera. It's an older, simplified version of the Wista SP or VX. It needs a knob for loosening/locking the front tilt mechan ism. Any ideas where I can find one? ...
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