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    Re: 8x10 processing options

    Don’t use PVC for tubes, it lets light through the walls. I made some 4x5 tubes from ABS and they worked quite well.
    I would just get a Jobo tube and manually spin it in the sink full of water like...
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    Re: Polaroids (and Fujiroids)

    iPhone snap of Fuji fp3000b negative, inverted and levels tweaked in Photoshop
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    Re: Polaroids (and Fujiroids)

    Contact print from fp100c negative
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    Re: 3-D printed lens boards

    I downloaded a file from Thingaverse and printed a lens board for a Crown Graphic and it worked out very well. I was taking an adult ed class and only had to pay less than $1 for material.
  5. Re: Ideas for Auto Focus Enlargers not historical crap

    I’ve wondered about mounting my iPhone to a grain focused with a phoneskope
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    Re: Jobo 2840 for 5x7 film developing?

    I had heard this, but before I got the Jobo I made some BTZS type tubes from ABS pipe. They worked fine and the film is literally sealed to the inside wall of the pipe, If the film has a annihilation...
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    Re: Jobo 2840 for 5x7 film developing?

    It has worked well for me with black and white. I haven’t tried color
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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    My daughter took this a few years back when we were hiking St. Mary's Peak in the Bitterroot Mountains with a point and shoot Kodak digital camera
  9. Re: Spy Gear Goggles for handling panchromatic films?

    I have the Spy Gear ones from amazon. Looks almost like the ones linked in the OP, mine have a different color red instead of blue. I think mine were $20 a year ago.
  10. Re: Spy Gear Goggles for handling panchromatic films?

    I think mine were even cheaper! Mine is a toy for kids. The eyecup sealed to my face pretty well. I held a film holder with unexposed hp5 a couple of inches iin front of it for 5 minuets. After...
  11. Re: Help: How to convert a negative to positive to print as a "negative print"

    I've made lots of contact prints from paper negatives so I see no reason that a "contact negative" from a print wouldn't work out. As long as the print doesn't have something on the back, Kodak paper...
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    Re: Another DIY Rotary Controller

    I got an Anova http:// that holds water temp to within...
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    Re: New 2 forum, new to LF. Lil' help...

    Looking at the photo I believe the front standard is the one to change. If you reverse the back one I don't think you can get a film holder in or out in landscape orientation. I'll look at mine...
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    Re: Easter Break in Moab

    Can’t agree more! For Easter I’d stay in Kanab and try for permits to the wave. Lots of other places if you don’t get drawn.
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    Re: Replacement 8x10 darkslides

    I saw a couple of days ago eBay had a couple of wood holders in need of repair with three darkslides
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    Re: Replacement 8x10 darkslides

    I would think that a 3d printed one would be strong enough, but I'm not sure. I checked and found the file to print a 4x5 film holder and darkslide...
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    Re: Post Your Photos Made At Close Distance

    13 (?) locks?

    Equal 13 landowners, each with their own key to get in the gate.
    I like it, it reflects well the changed West I live in. When I was a kid nobody locked gates. We were pretty much...
  18. Has anyone used a Phototherm Sidekick for 4x5?

    I have a SK-4G that I would like to use for some e-6 with 4x5 film. But if my understanding is correct it uses about 500ml of solution and then dumps it. If my math is correct that means i would only...
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    Re: Old Polaroid 52

    Thanks for the idea. I tried a couple of sheets outside the camera to see if that was the case. No such luck, the sleeves pulled out revealing the film. I only pulled them out about a third of the...
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    Old Polaroid 52

    I found several boxes of Polaroid 52. April 85 vintage. The pods are still gooey and I get what I consider really good coverage of the film and the receiver. Quite surprised at that actually. Alas,...
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    Re: Jobo CPA2 drain faucet/tap valve refitting

    An o-ring works fine. As for the valve itself, just take it apart and clean it up, then a light coating of silicone faucet lube. Do not use any petroleum based products on plastic parts! Mine works...
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    Re: Ilford 500 Bulb Blowing Blues

    If they are Quartz halogen bulbs make sure you don't touch them with bare fingers. The oils from from your skin make bad things happen.
  23. Re: Help with Pavelle 401 and Durst Laborator 1000

    The Pavelle sits directly on the negative carrier. There are two legs with rubber feet that lift the head off the base (red arrows pointing to). the slots in the carrier fit around the feet. This...
  24. Help with Pavelle 401 and Durst Laborator 1000

    So I set up the Durst, I put on the Pavelle head because it came with some negative carriers that would fit. I have the original condenser head and condensers, but haven't found a negative mask for...
  25. Re: Anyone have any experience with replicating view camera parts with a 3D printer?

    I recently took a class on 3D printing and printed a lens board for a crown graphic. Put on a lens, put it in camera and took a Fuji fp3000b photo of the class members.
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    Durst L1000 vs Beseler 45MLX

    Right after I bought my 1st 4x5 camera there was a large format enlarger on craigslist. It was a Durst L1000, knowing nothing, I asked a few questions on this forum, I wound up buying it. It was...
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    Re: Cambo 4x5 replacement parts

    Also on the bay there are alway cambo front and rear standards for sale. They are usually $25 to $45. You can buy them as parts donors. Once I bought a camera for parts and it was in better shape...
  28. Re: Practicality of using LF and especially ULF in the field

    I've packed a lot of dead weight out of some nasty country by lots of means. Mostly in packs but with some game carts. The ones withe wheels side by side are ok if your on an old closed logging road,...
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    Re: Going to look at a Beseler 57MB

    Thanks for all the info. I went out and looked, it actually has two heads, a cold light head and a condenser head.

    The heads mount and swap very easily. They were in a...
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    Going to look at a Beseler 57MB

    Next week i'm going to go look at a Beseler 57MB with a cold light head. I don't know if there is a negative carrier with it or if any of it even works.

    What should I be looking for, testing,...
  31. Re: Mamiya RB or RZ-camera to 4x5-back adapter?

    You can make your own. How diffficult depends on the LF camera. I tore apart an old Nikon lense and epoxied the mount to a metal Cambo lens board (which fits on the rear standard instead of the 4x5...
  32. Re: Devices for developing 4x5 with little chemistry???

    I do one or two sheets at a time in Jobo 2521 and 2820 drums. As far as I can see they are physically identical. I use HC110B one shot with 45ml water/1.5ml HC110.
    With the film holder you do up to...
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    Re: How to Build a Stereo LF Camera

    This thread got me thinking so......
    I set up a Cambo 4x5 with both standards shifted as far right as possible, took a shot. I then shifted both standards 67mm to the left, took second shot.
    Then I...
  34. Re: Compact, lightweight 4x5 camera with precise coupled rangefinder and excellent le

    I have two handhelds with rangefinders, a Crown Graphic with top mount rangefinder and a Polaroid 900 Alpenhaus conversion. Both have Xenar 135mm lenses so photos are pretty much the same from both....
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    What to do in Ireland?

    I'm going to Ireland the second week of June with my wife and two daughters age 22 and 21. I am supposed to come up with activities for one of the days. We are staying in Galway and will have a...
  36. Re: Cambo SC camera with Fuji 145 film holder?

    I don't have the Fuji, but the Polaroid 405 holders slide under the ground glass the same as a double sided film holder. There is more tension on the springs. The only problem I've ever had is the...
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    Re: Paper negatives

    Ha,I put a some in backwards. I told my friends it was a soft focus experiment! They thought that was cool, never did fess up till now.
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    Re: 4x5 developing tanks?

    I started with a combiplan, made my own btzs type tubes from ABS pipe, tried trays, and now use a Jobo with lift. I just got a PhotoTherm processor but haven't set it up yet.

    Of the first three I...
  39. Anyone use dental x-Ray processor for film?

    I just got a dental x-Ray machine, Air Techniques A/T2000 plus. With people shooting x-ray film I was wondering if anyone here has any experience using one. The instructions list 10" & 12" films. I...
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    Re: Photo-Therm Sidekick info

    thanks Richard and Ed

    I got the unit yesterday. I called Phototherm and they were very helpful.

    I was surprised though that it uses 450ml of chemicals to process up to 4 sheets of 4x5. I have...
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