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  1. Re: Any information on Camille Desmoulins lenses?

    Thanks! Very helpful and interesting.
  2. Re: Any information on Camille Desmoulins lenses?

    Steven, can you show us where these booklets are available? My googling goes terribly wrong when I try either Camille Desmoulins or A to Z booklets by Le Reve.
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    Re: polyptych photos

    Yes, SK Grimes etched it for me. I described what I wanted, and he did it.
  4. Re: Options for 190mm- 210mm wide lenses that cover 8x10 WIDE OPEN

    Thanks for the reference John, but nothing I looked at would cover 8x10. I was looking for much smaller coverage.

    I heard said that among lenses there are three characteristics--fast, wide,...
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    Re: polyptych photos

    Rob, I am not sure, it was a few years back, but I probably composed from left to right.

    I think rear movements are probably the way to go with these. Moving the vantage point of the lens would...
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    Re: polyptych photos

    That is right, I shifted the width of the image, which is a tad bit under 5". I suppose for distant images you might be able to get away with front shift or rise, but the advantage for rear shift is...
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    Re: polyptych photos

    I have done this a few times with three 5x7 negatives making a 7x15" final contact print. My approach was to use rear shift rather than move the camera. This won't work with most cameras, but my 5x7...
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    Re: Ken Hansen

    I bought my first new-in-the-box camera from Ken, a Leica M6, in 1991 or 1992. It was a major purchase for me, and Ken was very patient and understanding with me as my credit cards were declined, and...
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    Re: Wash Aid?

    Wash aid is just sodium sulfite and sodium (meta)bisulfate. If you have those in house you can mix them yourself, otherwise you can buy a mix (like the formulary's) or just wash longer.
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    Re: Lane Dry Plates

    Thanks for the suggestion, I am using Linhof plate holders. I have used these for years in 6x9, 4x5, and 13x18 with plates that are far more sensitive to scratching than dry-plates, so am pretty sure...
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    Re: Lane Dry Plates

    I have been playing with them a bit. Findings so far:

    I found 2 ISO to be accurate, so long as I take into account the color sensitivity of the plate by paying attention to and compensating for...
  12. Re: J. Lane Dry Plates and Flash

    I am not convinced that the uv coating makes any significant difference. I have both coated and uncoated strobes, and have never been able to detect a difference with other color-blind or...
  13. Re: J. Lane Dry Plates and Flash

    I just tried my first plate using strobe, and it worked fine. I had two Speedotron heads (2400ws not uv-coated with a 22" dish & 1200ws uv-coated with a 16" reflector and diffuser) about four feet...
  14. Re: 5x7 cameras with folding focusing hoods

    Yes, Home Portrait Graflex, you are right
  15. Re: 5x7 cameras with folding focusing hoods

    The 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex came equipped with focusing hoods on both the top and back.
  16. Re: Sinar Norma spirit level holders

    A few years back I made a few sets of Norma levels using a 3D printer (for the base) and buying the vials from here: ...
  17. Re: Schneider Xenotar 150mm f/2.8 redesigns/versions/variations?

    At some point in the 1950s Schneider used some sort of glass in the rear element which had a distinctive yellow color.
    Perhaps thorium glass?
    I have no idea what the impact was, other than being...
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    Re: Fast Triplets

    I don't have a scanned image, but I have a 16" f3.5 Varium, and it is softer at f3.5 than the image you posted. Although they look a bit different, a Varium at f3.5 has the halation (diffuse...
  19. Re: Calling on all owners of Hypergon lenses...or those with knowledge/experience of

    Corran, as a last case scenario I have used patent application drawings to calculate lens spacing. It takes a bit of doing, as well as (perhaps foolish) hope that the patent illustrations reflect the...
  20. Re: English instruction manual for Haka Autoknips II ?

  21. Re: Liquid electrical tape for bellows repair

    I have used the Liquid Electrical Tape for a similar project (an ancient and valueless Korona 5x7 camera) and it worked as expected, which is to say it sealed the light leak and remained flexible. I...
  22. Re: Can anyone tell me about the King Concepts Enterprise Automatic Still Film Proces

    I had one in the 1990s. It was a automated rotary processor, with different sized drums that took stainless steel reels. Mine did 4x5 and 8x10 too, but I can't recall what the reels looked like. It...
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    Re: Light Meter for collodion

    I use a flash meter regularly with another color-blind process and find it works well as a starting point with one big caveat: Don't assume your process's ISO is what other people tell you it will...
  24. Re: A $99.95 Jobo alternative or CineSTill spends too much time in the kitchen?

    Looks like a modified Sous Vide heater...
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    Re: hugo meyer petzval

    In my experience, yes, the Hugo Meyer Atelier Schnellarbeiter is actually about f3.5. This is based on measurements and exposure tests which I made with one 36cm version.
  26. Re: question about mid-1850s lenses

    In the mid-1850s there wasn't much choice. He almost certainly used an achromatic landscape lens. The sample of images I see via Google do not appear to be made with a Petzval or a meniscus, which...
  27. Re: Wanted: Update on smart phone light meter apps

    I would be interested in hearing for anyone who has used the Lumu extensively ( It is a incident dome with flash meter and color meter that plugs into the audio jack (older version)...
  28. Re: Wanted: Update on smart phone light meter apps

    Cine Meter II (

    It has zoomable reflected, incident (need to buy the Luxi sphere, about $22), and color metering. It isn't cheap ($25), is iPhone only, and...
  29. Re: 4x5 sheets of unexposed film stuck together

    maybe put them in a zip-lock type plastic bag with a bag of desiccant?
  30. Re: Graflex People Help please

    A glass or acrylic insert under the film has worked for me with other plate holders. Alternatively you can shim the ground glass up.

    The insert is better (if you can find the right thickness)...
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    Re: Abu Dhabi

    I have not been to Abu Dhabi, but have lived elsewhere in the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East. Very very few, if any, mosques will allow you to use a tripod inside without permit, and without being...
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    Re: Graflex Series B 5x7

    I had one of the Chinese ebay sellers custom cut a fresnel for my Home Portrait Graflex. It wasn't cheap but it is very bright and works very well, with no focus changes. Another thing I did to...
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    Re: Waxing Alternative Prints?

    About 10 years ago I ran a few comparisons, and found that kallitypes with beeswax and lavender oil produced a more attractive surface and more dmax than Renaissance wax. Certain papers worked better...
  34. Re: Good starter lens for whole plate

    A Fujinon-W 250/6.7 on whole plate is pretty close to "normal" with a big image circle, number 1 shutter, and not too dim.
  35. Re: Help identifying a camera in another state

    My vote also.
  36. Re: Hugo meyer Atelier-Schnellarbeiter 360mm f3 petzval

    I had one of those a few years back, but I haven't seen one since so they must be pretty uncommon. How is the resolution? The one I had was a bit soft.

  37. Re: Aero Ektar 12 inches f/2.5 with shutter on 8x10

    Is that the 13.5" f/3.5 Aero-Ektar or the 12" f/2.5? The barrel is from the f3.5 version, but I think they are the same size barrel (fits the 24" f6 version too)... just curious.
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    Re: Schneider xenar 105mm 3.5

    Schneider claimed that the 10.5cm f3.5 Xenar had a 4 5/16" (~110mm) "circle of sharp definition at small stop," barely enough for 2x3, let alone 4x5.


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    Re: Schneider xenar 105mm 3.5

    No, that lens will not cover 4x5
  40. Re: Schneider Xenotar 2.8/150mm rebuilding

    No, you need a Compur II shutter or Copal/Compur III with adapters.

    The 150/2.8 Xenotar lenses were originally mounted in a Compur II shutter variant (II 5/2+3). Not all Compur II shutters will...
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