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  1. Poll: Re: Landscapers, please share wisdom about scouting

    I don't scout; I explore.

    I do find scenes that I return to time and again till I can get the image I want. When I was photographing in my erstwhile "home town" of Vienna, Austria, I'd make notes...
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    Re: New to LF - First shot - Focusing

    Yep, if those things are the ones you want to place at the extremes of your depth of field. Being exact, however, helps. I've got millimeter scales on all my cameras so I can not the exact...
  3. Re: landscape infintity focus: what aperture do you prefer or use?

    Good points all, Bernice.

    However, I'm still alive and kicking and making photographs with everything in them as sharp as I can possibly get them. I really believe that the eye needs to be able...
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    Re: Light leak

    It really looks like a light leak from the back to me. Check everything you can there; look for cracks, missing seals, and anything that would keep the holder from seating properly. And, do make...
  5. Re: A starting-point guide to Marshall's spotting dyes and Ilford Warmtone Fiber

    I have a bit different approach. Since I use different papers and tone to varying extents, one color recipe just wont work.

    I keep wells of the separate colors in a dimpled palette (looks kind of...
  6. Re: new member intro, and, lens purchase dilemna...

    I'm going to offer a contrary opinion here. I can't imagine having to lug around the larger f/4.5 - f/5.6 90mm lenses from any manufacturer. They are just to heavy and bulky for carrying into the...
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    Re: Editioning

    I don't do limited editions, but I do number my prints. I reserve the first few for "artist's proofs" and start my numbering after that. Each print of a size run gets numbered in sequence. In the...
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    Re: New to LF - First shot - Focusing

    I, too, have a hard time seeing why the meter should not also be acceptably sharp if you focused on the numbers and shot at f/32. Depth of field should have been enough.

    So, I suspect there's...
  9. Re: Mystery Film Back for 5x4 Field Camera. Any ideas what it fits?

    Looks like the back from one of the Japanese wooden folding field cameras. It's similar to the Wista DX backs I have, but not the same. Maybe Tachihara or....?
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    Re: orthochromatic film?


    You'll be needing to approximate a blue-sensitive emulsion. Try a Wratten #47 to start. You may have to use a gel filter; glass may be harder to find. Possibly Tiffen still offers them in...
  11. Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    No need to get testy... Let's try to keep these discussions civil in both tone and content. I certainly am. And, I'm looking back at your posts and trying to see what I'm failing to grasp. So,...
  12. Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Well, no again.

    Magnification functions independently of format as well. Getting 1:1 on 4x5 requires 2x the extension needed for focusing at infinity and the amount of light hitting the film is...
  13. Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Exactly Vaughn. I guess I was being a little vague. Composing the same scene on a smaller format automatically requires a shorter focal-length lens, hence more depth of field.

    The same thing...
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    Re: orthochromatic film?

    Let's be a bit more specific here.

    Ortho film almost certainly has different characteristics than filtered panchromatic film, which make it unique. (I'm sure different ortho films have...
  15. Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Wrong. Sorry, but the only difference in exposure for LF film is usually due to the smaller apertures used. If your meter calls for f/16 at 1/30th sec. for the whatever film you are using, it...
  16. Re: Focal Lengths with movements for Tachihara 4x5

    If you are interested in doing architectural work with a field camera and need to keep your lenses lightweight, allow me to recommend the Nikkor SW 90mm f/8. It has the largest image circle for...
  17. Re: landscape infintity focus: what aperture do you prefer or use?

    First, most LF lenses are optimized for f/22 or f/16, which means that using a larger aperture than that introduces aberrations. So, if you're interested in best lens performance, you'll use your...
  18. Re: Focal Lengths with movements for Tachihara 4x5


    You can see how different we all are in approach and preferences when it comes to lenses.

    I use primarily Wista DXs with just the standard bellows. I use lenses from 75mm to 300mm on it. ...
  19. Re: Heather Oelklaus and her 1977 Chevy Pinhole Camera

    So much for Google street view!
  20. Re: Focal Lengths with movements for Tachihara 4x5


    "Focal lengths with movements" is a bit ambiguous. Are you looking for lenses with a large enough image circle and a long enough focal length to take full advantage of all the movements...
  21. Re: Advice needed - Cleaning smudged groundglass

    +1 for John's post. Plastic Fresnel screens are very easy to scratch (don't ask me how I know :mad: )

  22. Re: Higher fog in rotary development of fiber-based paper?

    No one has mentioned developer oxidation and subsequent emulsion staining yet. I've had some issues with this with a couple of different developers (especially when the developer has had a few...
  23. Re: Technique for focusing "into your scene"

    I'm not so sure I agree with the "20%-rule." As I mentioned, I'd have certainly used some movements in the image I discussed. Besides, not all "foreground" objects are equal. If your foreground is...
  24. Re: Technique for focusing "into your scene"


    Some thoughts :) :

    First, just because you choose near and far focus points and then set the focus halfway between them doesn't mean that you have enough depth of field for the extremes;...
  25. Re: Technique for focusing "into your scene"

    Couple that with: and you're good to go.

    A few observations:

    The "1/3-in" rule doesn't really work. The amount of depth of field in front of...
  26. Re: Any Suggestions/Recommendations For A Lighter Field 4X5 Camera?

    Since you have the Technikardan for studio and tougher architectural work, I'd suggest a lightweight, no-frills wooden folding field camera.

    Take care to choose on that is actually lightweight; a...
  27. Re: Front Axis tilt with back base tilt

    Tilting or swinging the camera back changes the image. It changes the relative sizes of objects in relation to each other, with objects on the part of the ground glass/film farther from the lens...
  28. Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    Principles and guidelines for organizing elements of an image have been around for centuries (millennia?). In contrast to Vaughn, I think they are useful for beginning students; why re-invent the...
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    Re: Black debris in developer tray

    It looks like small pieces of the emulsion along the edge of the film have chipped off and remained in your tray. Rather unusual with FP-4 I would think unless your wearing gloves made you somehow...
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    For many years I printed with a metronome. Just a regular battery-operated compact musicians metronome set permanently on 60 beats per minute. I started the metronome, held a card under the...
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    Re: A journey that never ends


    This forum is one of your best resources. Feel free to search for and ask about anything LF related here.

    Greetings from Eugene!

  32. Re: Light tripod and head for lightweight 4x5 and short lenses

    I've been using the Manfrotto 056 3D "Junior" head (formerly #3025) for years now with my field cameras. Weighs 1.2 lbs, can be used with all three knobs loosened like a ball head or you can loosen...
  33. Re: Adhesive for gluing together PVC Garage Flooring tiles/mats?

    I wouldn't bother with glue. Tape your sections together (duct tape or whatever). Use double-stick tape for securing them when needed.

  34. Re: The mysterious “Hutchings” filter factor for b/w landscapes

    The filter of choice for orthochromatic rendering with panchromatic film is the Wratten #44 or #44a (minus red filter). It may end up passing more green than older ortho film/plates were sensitive...
  35. Re: A few recent selenium toning notes with WTF


    A couple of things: first, in my experience, toning longer at a weaker dilution and toning for a shorter time in stronger toner delivered the same results. Your "more chocolatey" results...
  36. Re: The mysterious “Hutchings” filter factor for b/w landscapes

    Leaving aside the discussion on personal choices and observations...

    The point about using filters other than the more common yellow-orange-red family is a good one.

    AA liked and used a Wratten...
  37. Re: The mysterious “Hutchings” filter factor for b/w landscapes


    I think you're making things too complicated. If you find that using a certain filter with your in-camera meter consistently results in under- (or over-) exposure, just make a note of...
  38. Re: Focusing aids for Chamonix 4x5 cameras

    I'll add my two-cents worth of advice here too.

    Do try and use the camera as-is, i.e., without any focusing aids at all except a loupe and maybe some reading glasses if you need them and try to...
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    Re: Why is aperture backwards??

    Just to add a point of interest for the OP maybe:

    The "f" in the f/8, etc. is the focal length of whatever lens your using. Replace that with the actual focal length of a particular lens and you...
  40. Re: Lens storage and carry - stupid but practical question


    I spent years photographing my home city of Vienna on my bike. Every chance I got, I'd shoulder the camera bag, strap the tripod on the bike's luggage rack and head out. I always carried...
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