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    Re: Gitzo 1570M repair

    Thanks guys. I’ll see about pulling it apart sometime in the coming week.
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    Gitzo 1570M repair

    Hey all,

    I purchased a used 1570M head this past year, knowing it had some “issues”.
    I’d like to either repair it myself, or send it out to get done by a Gitzo facility.
    The tilt functions both...
  3. Thread: Abstracts

    by Daniel Stone

    Re: Abstracts

    Now Merg, I have a somewhat abstract question for ya: “Do you still have those stainless hangers in your darkroom, to this day?” :)
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    Re: Jobo CPP2 not heating

    Not to sound like a siren harping the same tune, but take a look at immersion/sous-vide cooking units. They can handle what you're trying to do just fine, and can be sourced for under $100 readily...
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    Re: Jobo CPP2 not heating

    If you can’t seem to get it to work, pop a sous vide immersion cooker in one of the bottle slots. Cheap, easily found/sourced, and can be dedicated solely to keeping your processor at temperature :)
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    Re: Update on my office layout

    Will this area be used solely photo editing/scanning/computer work, or also for printing?
    One thing I've realized is that if printing, you want an area solely for print inspection, whether for color...
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    Re: Decent Video Camera for Website Posting?

    I have zero skin in the video or audio game, but will you be recording sound during the videos, or will you be dubbing over video with audio/narration in post?

    One thing that I have noticed with...
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    Re: Screen DT-S1015AI drum scanner

    Try posting it on eBay, or in the For Sale section
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    Re: Is Steve Hopf still active?

    I emailed Steve Hopf a week back and no reply as of yet :(
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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    Harrison tent. Once you use one you'll never want to use a changing bag again. Ever, even for roll film
    When not in use at home, store it in a closet that gets opened regularly. Leave it unzipped so...
  11. Re: Do you know anyone in Los Angeles who can fix issues with large Epson printers?

    Contact Aztek in Irvine. They are an Epson dealer, and might be able to assist your friend in solving the issue. They also carry ink, paper and other sundries for scanning/printing. Fantastic people...
  12. Would you be interested in a large scale QR platform

    Hey all,

    I have been playing around with an idea for a couple weeks now, but I wanted to get your opinions, as I know they can be quite varied, as to get a general consensus in terms of...
  13. Re: I take back every bad word I have said about Kodak...

    I don't get much chance to shoot these days(spending most of my free time at the sewing machines), but when I get a chance to make a photograph, $10 is well spent on a sheet of TMY. It gives me what...
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    Re: Straight Edges

    Friend of mine uses one of these to trim large(40"+) prints(mostly inkjets) and he has been entirely happy.
    I am considering one myself, after giving his a try this past month while visiting him at...
  15. Re: Allowing Lens Availability to Dictate Format Choice

    Shoot what you can afford to, and don't go into debt to afford toys.
  16. Re: The Camera and Technique of Andreas Gursky (Then And Now)

    Just like with any medium, the tools don't mean sh** if the end result is, well, sh**... Gursky doesn't deal in quantity, but quality(and even that is subjective depending on whom you talk with)....
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 Base Plate Modification

    If you want the best "hold", you need to have a (minimum) thread LENGTH contact area equal to the width of the thread itself, ex : 1/4" = 1/4" depth, 3/8" = 3/8" depth, etc. Remember, these are...
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    Re: Working with Carbon Fiber

    Why not aluminum?
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    Re: Do you use 100% of a LF negative?

    I crop as needed. Even with young eyes, the ground glass sometimes doesnt show things a finished print (or digital scan) will post-exposure.

    Lately, my exposures have been much less frequent, but...
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    Re: Lee filter systems

    Get the lee screw in rings, wide angle variety(especially for the 150 on 8x10).

    The 150 might require the larger size filters, bigger than the 4x6 ones.

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    Re: Loupes Again, What Works for You

    I use a linen tester. Square corners so I can poke it all the way up into the corner of the frame. However with making 8x10 contact prints, shooting in bright daylight conditions I find myself not...
  22. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Hey Randy,

    That's a nice looking building, and a pretty nice price too!
    (My) inclination for using a shipping container is simply for something different, something easily transported. I have...
  23. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Indeed it is. Consider it being akin to choosing how you frame your home(metal frame, cinder block, wood frame, brick, etc) versus the interior dressage.

    My darkroom will be centered around being...
  24. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Hey all,

    Reading through the comments recently, I can still see using a shipping container as a darkroom, however, placing it under a source of shade(such as in a stand of trees) or alongside the...
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    Re: Tripod - Check Luggage?

    I have made a number of ABS or PVC tripod "tube" cases, with a section of closed cell foam inside, to help mitigate bumps.

    If you are not the DIY type, you can always go with an adjustable...
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    Re: Plumbing for jobo cpp3

    Freeze a few gallon jugs of water, and pop them in a holding bucket to cool the water down if it is too warm. Most households have a chest freezer in the garage or elsewhere, keep them in there....
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    Re: Anyone else here on Instagram?


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    Poll: Re: Do you buy photographic prints / art?

    I only invest in what I enjoy looking at. This means I sell, but it's rare.
    I do not speculate on any sort of art. Well, unless I could get an original Moonrise for pocket change, haha.
    In my...
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    Re: Sticky Fabric om Harrison Tents

    When I first started up with building gear in August 2016, I purchased some material from a small cut & sew contractor up in the San Fernando Valley. They were the contractor that sewed many of the...
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    Re: Sticky Fabric om Harrison Tents

    Same theory goes with tents. Sadly, we usually see how quickly people go through tents and other goods made with PU coated materials.

    I have a tent that is easily 10-15 years old(I am the second...
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    Re: Sticky Fabric om Harrison Tents

    Will post it here, but I do want to observe the "no business posting" sorta thing, as I know the mods can be quite picky about such postings.

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    Re: Sticky Fabric om Harrison Tents


    Just an FYI on camera essentials items: DEET(or any mild solvent, airborne or liquid) will break down the silver coating on their items.
    Even the care card that is included with new tents...
  33. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Other option would be a wide-span style barn, sub divided into differing areas, one for sew shop, one for wood shop. Darkroom wouldn't be too hard to finagle in there I guess.

    House would be a...
  34. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Hi Caleb,

    Yes, I know there might be(seemingly to most people) "better" options, but to be quite frank, (I) find less limitations when I purposefully limit myself. This means contact printing LF...
  35. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Good thoughts, thanks for your reply :)

    Any darkroom setup as spoken about here would be built once a place to stay has been found. This thread is all somewhat hypothetical at this point and time....
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    Re: Best enlarging lenses

    What size prints are you looking to make, and will you be printing black and white or color as well?
    Just like taking lenses, enlarging lenses can get people into heated arguments rather quickly :p...
  37. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    I know Randy :) , I was just reposting it because I find that build quite amazing. Yes, not cheap indeed. However, as stated in the video, THAT property will equate to 6000+ sq ft. under roof when...
  38. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    When I was speaking about berming up around where the container would be, I was thinking something that would have a roof atop it, spanning the entire "hole" between the berm walls(either rammed...
  39. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    Well I'm not hoarding food, but ammo, water filters, and azo paper :p

    True, but I would like to separate the darkroom from the house.
  40. Re: Setting up a darkroom inside a shipping container

    THIS ^^^

    I know most people desire "this and that", but to be completely frank, I DO NOT. I desire less, and with less, to in turn be able to do more. Simple methodology, simple equipment. Focus...
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