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    Re: New Security Measures at B&H

    I've had a problem with B&H requiring a signature for lenses they ship. I live in a condo and the delivery person is supposed to use our intercom system to let me know he is here, but he doesn't...
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    Re: DOF question 35mm vs. 4x5

    Jeff Conrad's discussion does a good job of explaining what is going on, and anyone who really want to understand the subject should read his article.

    But I'm firmly of the belief that there is no...
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    Re: Flowers Anyone?

    I find it frustrating using my view camera to photograph individual flowers. The problem is that if you get close enough, you have very little depth of field at feasible apertures. (If you stop...
  4. Thread: Loupes

    by Leonard Evens

    Re: Loupes

    I agree. If the loupe magnifies too strongly, you will end up focusing on surface features of your ground glass instead of on your image.

    I use the near point-far point method, and my images...
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    Re: Sinar F DOF question

    I stand by my orginal statemnt. It is not something about which there is any serious controversy, but perhaps I should explain what I mean since there are some underlying assumptions.

    The basic...
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    Re: Sinar F DOF question

    Depth of field is a bit more complicated than that. You should go elsewhere on the large format website and study the material there.

    Let me give yo a very brief summary. Depth of field is...
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    Re: is this a light leak?

    I'm not sure what you are talking about. There seems to be a small sharply defined lighter area in three of your pictures and perhaps a blurred section in the lower left in the other one. Were...
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    Re: Spot meter recommendations

    I recommend either the Pentax Digital or the Pentax V. If you can find either used at a good price, grab it.

    For years I used the original Pentax spotmeter, but when I couldn't replace the...
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    Re: Optical Rangefinder

    My laser rangefinder is certainly very accurate from 5 to 25 feet. The laser beam is not visible but you do see a dot where ti hits the object you are pointing it at. It would be foolhardy to...
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    Re: Optical Rangefinder

    At one point I was looking for an optical rangefinder to help me use DOF tables, but I found that I could buy a laser rangefinder for a not unreasonable price, so I did so. It meets my needs very...
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    Re: prefered spot meter type???

    I also agree. I used the original Pentax spotmeter for many years, but I had to switch to the Pentax digital spotmeter because of a problem getting batteries for the older meter. Th digital model...
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    Re: Digital back for 4x5"

    When I asked a similar question, I found that getting a 4 x 5 digital back for my view camera was impractical. The only such thing available is a scanning back, which involves relatively long...
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    Re: Lens question(s)

    The resolution of a lens, i.e., its capability to resolve fine detail, is related to the format it is expected to be used with. It should be high enough to yield an acceptable print of a given size...
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    Re: 4X5 dgitital backs

    How does he manage to get such detail of trees and other plants with a scanning back? If I understand how those work, you need exposures of many seconds. I often have trouble with wind moving...
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    Re: 4X5 dgitital backs

    If you want to do digital with a view camera, you should consider 6 x 9, not 4 x 5. There don't seem to be any full frame 4 x 5 digital backs.

    I recently posted a similar question and after...
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    Re: Photographing old architecture

    For external architecture, I've found that looking at what other people have done didn't help me much. You do have to understand the basics of how to use a larger format view camera. Often the most...
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    Re: Anyone ever made a focusing hood?

    I've always used a dark t-sirt. The neck goes over the rear standard and I stick my head in through the other end. If necessary I can stick my arms through the armholes to reach controls.
  18. Re: Wide angle lens recommendation for Toyo 45CF?

    I have a Rodenstock 90 mm Grandagon-N f/6.8 which has been a real work hose for me. I recommend it strongly.
  19. Re: Back tilt vs tilting the camera back on the head?

    The two are completely the same provided the final positions of the rear standard and front standard end up being the same. However, if you tilt the camera on the tripod and then tilt the front...
  20. Re: what 4x5 daylight developing tank (or similar) options are available now, March 2

    The tubes look like a really neat system, and they certainly give you the maximum flexibility. They seem well worth the cost.

    I do my developing in a small condo bathroom, and I find that I can...
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    Re: drying 4x5 negs...

    I dry Ilford films by hanging each by a single plastic clothespin on its corner with the pin held to a hanger by another clothespin. I use a spnge to remove the bead of water which appears on the...
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    Re: New review of Induro PHQ1 tripod head

    I have this head on a Calumet Carbon fiber tripod. I got the combination as an upgrade for my old Tiltall Pro.

    It took me a little while to get used to its idiosyncrasies, but now that I...
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    Re: 4x5 processing method: practical?

    The MOD45 processor looks pretty neat.

    But it does take 1 litre of solution.

    I can do up to four 4 x 5 sheets in my 8 x 10 Beseler drum on a roller base. One can find these or the similar...
  24. Re: Want separation of principal points for Rodenstock, Fuji, and Nikon lenses

    I tried what you suggest, but all I got was the usual stuff. No information about separation of principal planes.
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    Re: Loupe question

    Some googling suggests that the formula for magnification is either
    250/f or 250/f + 1
    depending on how the loupe is used. Here f is the focal length measured in mm. (250 mm is the...
  26. Re: Stupid question, what side of neg to scan?

    I don't think it much matters, but if the emulsion side is up, you will reverse left and right. Of course you can correct for that in the scanner settings.
  27. Re: Want separation of principal points for Rodenstock, Fuji, and Nikon lenses

    Except for closeups, the error made in measuring subject distance from the front of the lensboard would be too small too notice. Even for closeups, unless the lens is of telephoto or inverse...
  28. Re: Want separation of principal points for Rodenstock, Fuji, and Nikon lenses

    The rear flange focal length is the distance from the front of the lensboard to the film plane when the lens if focused at infinity. If it is less than the focal length, the difference between...
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    Re: For correcting converging lines...

    As other have said, if you want verticals to be parallel, make sure the back is not tilted. Tilting the front has no effect on whether or not verticals are parallel, but it can effect what is in...
  30. Want separation of principal points for Rodenstock, Fuji, and Nikon lenses

    At one point I had sources for information about lens specifications for lenses of various manufacturers. But I can't now find anything which tells me the separation of the principal points for...
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    Re: processing drum question

    I've been processing b/w films using a Beseler drum on a roller base. I can fit four 4 x 5 sheets in the drum. I put the film in so the emulsion side faces inward. I also found that I sometimes...
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    Re: resolution and dpi

    What the others said explains the matter. There is one other confusing point. Printer specifications will often give dpi ratings such as 1440 or 2880 dpi. That tells you the number of dots of ink...
  33. Re: What lens or technique would work best in this situation?

    Maybe I am doing the calculation incorrectly, but I get between 3 and 4 mm DOF for a 210 mm lens at f/5.6 on a 4x5 camera focused at 2 feet (610 mm). It wouldn't be much different for an 8 x 10...
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    Re: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    I've been using the v700 with Vuescan and 4 x 5 negatives. I used the Betterscanning holder as the instructions specify without any problems of the type you mention. I used it to determine the...
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    Poll: Re: 3. Would you yourself pose nude?

    I've taken nude pictures of myself to show bruises from an accident. The results exhibited what I wanted, but they had no redeeming qualities whatsoever ;-(
  36. Re: Advice on focal length and lens for 4x5 environmental portraits

    Large format may not be the best format for typical head and shoulders portraits because the depth of field is limited at apertures you might end up using. If you stop down enough to get more depth...
  37. Re: What should I consider for a view camera with a digital back?

    It is not the weight that would bother me now, with my new lower back. It is the bulk. Also, bending is still a bit of a problem as is standing for extended periods of time. Using a d800 would...
  38. Re: What should I consider for a view camera with a digital back?

    i asked in a searate thread about trying to get a digital back for my Horseman 980 Technical Camera. It turns out that if I had a 985, then that would be feasible, but not with the 980.

    Right now...
  39. Re: How about digital backs for a Horseman 980 Technical camera?

    Let me add that although I enjoy solving the technical problems posed in view camera photography, to which I've devoted lots of thought, my main interest is being able to do certain types of...
  40. How about digital backs for a Horseman 980 Technical camera?

    I'm afraid I already know the answer to this question, but let me ask it anyway.

    I have a Horseman 980 Technical camera. I haven't used it very much since I got my Toho FC-45X, which is a 4 x 5...
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