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    Re: BR/A or X-ray reciprocity?

    I scour useful bits of information from the internet and keep them as notes but mostly without the original reference. I think this came from Tim Layton or someone else relating to B/RA. It's a...
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    Re: Stearman Press leaking like crazy

    Mine started leaking a bit after two years but check out the site, they have great tips on using the system. I was going to order a new O ring but one of the tips is to take it off and rotate it a...
  3. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?

    Oh dear. That is exactly the issue I had with the last two rolls of Fomapan 200 in 120 size. I love this film and so far have had no problems with sheets but I haven't had a good roll in 120 from the...
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    Re: UK LF photographers?

    Hi Miriam

    I've already got a some large format gear but may be interested in any scanning and printing equipment or anything else; I'm London based. You could private message me. One thing to...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    I had a sorry saga last year with my sample, not to go into here, but had the same as you describe plus similar poor fit and light leaks from the rear standard so double check that too. The tape they...
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    Re: Light leak - driving me mad for weeks

    Good perseverance and detective work and chimes with an experience I had but had forgotten about. Last year I was working abroad on a project using a number of different formats. Once, I put an...
  7. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Re: EB/RA, I can't find any reference to this film on the Carestream site and it is also no longer listed by two European suppliers. The only single sided film I can see by is Agfa HDR-C in 18x24 cm...
  8. Re: Polaroid Instant - Retain B&W (Prevent Sepia)


    Impossible used to have that technique documented and a video on their site. I don't know it that has disappeared with becoming Polaroid Originals. I might have link somewhere or a copy of...
  9. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I had a helluva time when first trying Kodak Ektascan and Pyrocat HD. I was using a Paterson Orbital processor and got streaky marks of differing density following the pattern of agitation....
  10. Re: What is the difference between Type 54 and Type 55 Polaroid?

    This link lists PDF files of the original spec sheets of many Polaroid films and some other instruction and maintenance documents.

    I have found that most...
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    Re: Harman Direct Positive Images

    Wow, TooMany, those are fantastic especially the Ilfosol ones I love the effect. The colours remind me of the weird tones you can get on lumen prints.

    I was recently working with DPP on a project...
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    Re: Stenopeika Hyper Advanced

    Thanks Karl for your review. I had a look at these but noticed that there does not appear to be any front shift movement. I also heard of some problems with the bellows sealing. I have looked at the...
  13. Re: Experiences on ADOX CHS ii speeds (4x5)?

    I have exposed a few sheets a little while ago and looking back at my notes see that I developed in D76 and HC110 and found a lack of shadow detail at box speed in both instances. I have been...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    Hi Peter, thanks for your video. I made a comment on the 5x4 Intrepid thread regarding the front standard which you replied to . Have you taken any photos with your camera yet? I took a few test...
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    Re: intrepid 4x5 mk3 - lens board problem

    Interesting that you have the same problem I have just noticed on my new 8x10 MK II. The Intrepid board that fitted fine on previous model is sloppy in all directions. I tried packing out with tape...
  16. Re: Tetenal E6 processing time with Fuji films

    I am mobile at the moment so don't have the Tetenal instructions to hand but they require an enigma machine to decipher anyway and there is some conflicting information. I do recall that the...
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    Re: Ancient 4x5 film has odd dimensions

    I suspect it is 9x12 film someone stored in 4x5 box?

    My first thoughts but the orginal box tapes were intact and the dimensions are larger then 9x12. Anyway, I do have a Graphic 1234 holder that I...
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    Ancient 4x5 film has odd dimensions

    I just got a pack of ancient Ilford Ortho film G8.30, though it would be interesting to play around with.The dimensions on the box are listed as 4" x 5" , 10.2 x 12.7cm. Had a bit of trouble sliding...
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    Re: 4X5 Tri-X film pack questions

    This is what got having just acquired two packs expired 1981. I developed in HC110 dil:B for 8m according the enclosed data sheet.
    Shot with flowers rated at 160 and used flash.
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    Re: Some observations on old Kodak 4x5 pack film

    I've just acquired two packs Tri-X. I have some holders with adapters to take plates or sheets so when I found some packs of Tri-X I thought I would try it out. The film is well expired, '81 but I...
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    Re: 8x10 processing options

    I've just been through the same process. I started with a Paterson Orbital which seemed to work OK except for Ektascan X-ray film where I was getting small dots and swirl marks. I tried all sorts of...
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    Re: My Polaroid Adventure!

    I've had problems with some packs with failure of the white tab. I lost a pack of type 55 but learned how they are assembled. If you loose one tab you can carefully just open the holder and manually...
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    Re: Polaroid Backs and Film

    If you have the opportunity to get free packs of Fuji 3000B then you will need a Polaroid 405 film pack holder and it should be worth it. The pack film is slightly smaller than 4x5 but I used it...
  24. Re: Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings, opens at the Getty November 15th.

    I came across the book in London a few months ago and it is one of the most enlightening books on photography I have a ever read. I learned so much about her work, the background to her life, her...
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    Re: Beseler rotary drum and base

    Quick question. Will a Beseler 8x10 drum work on a twin set of Jobo rollers for hand rolling?
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    Re: When Good Pyrocat goes Bad

    I had exactly the same happen to me testing for the first time with FP4 4x5. I had been using it for 8x10 sheets of X-ray film and FP4/HP5 all coming out fine but though I noted that last X-ray...
  27. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    OK, what I have learned is that this film is extremely sensitive to agitation in development. I have been using a Paterson orbital and noticed that there was a circular area in the middle of the...
  28. Re: Designed a 3D Printed Plate Adapter for Graflex 1234 Pack Film Holder

    Click on 'Colorado CJ' in one of the posts made by him and you will see the option to send a private message which will come through to him via regular email.

  29. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    The marks are are not from scanning, I placed a negative on a light table and you can these pin holes with a loupe.

    I took a piece of unexposed film and inspected that on the light table and that...
  30. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    I was wondering if it was from the development. I am using a Paterson Orbital unit but Agfa double-sided processed the same, which I thought would be more problematical came out fine and so too...
  31. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    Finally got my Intrepid 8x10 and have been testing some films. I was going to post some taken on Carestream EB/RA where I was quite pleased with the tonality and range at first try, but when I...
  32. Re: Designed a 3D Printed Plate Adapter for Graflex 1234 Pack Film Holder

    Hi Colorado
    Just to say thank you for posting the stl files. I got two printed and they work perfectly, no light leaks. Nice design too, no hacking of the orginal holder required, and the orginal...
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    Re: Super Graphic Solenoid Replacement?

    My Super worked with batteries I got on ebay from China but I had to take the casing off to get them to fit in, then my super shutter failed. So, what I did was run a shutter release cable to left...
  34. Re: Rollei IR 400: my sheets are slightly larger than 4" x 5"?

    Two or three years ago or so I found that the long side was slightly longer, about 2mm, and had to trim to fit scanner holders but fitted film holders OK, though I use mostly Grafmatics. The last two...
  35. Re: New Mexico, help with a location of ‘red sand-hills’

    Hi Kirk, thanks for your information. That White Mesa is the area I have come across and I think the wilderness area is called Ojito but I got Cabezon Road and Cabezon the place mixed up so maybe...
  36. Re: New Mexico, help with a location of ‘red sand-hills’

    Yes, I did a quick reoad trip around four corners area 2 years ago and the only the place that I saw fitting the description was the Painted Desert in Arizona. I have come across a Jeep tour company...
  37. New Mexico, help with a location of ‘red sand-hills’

    I’m going to New Mexico at the end of April and I wonder if any local could suggest where I might find such a location described in a novel;

    “ ..somewhere in the middle of New Mexico… As far as...
  38. Re: Designed a 3D Printed Plate Adapter for Graflex 1234 Pack Film Holder

    Hi Colorado

    I'm interested in obtaining some of these. I found some plans for modifying said adapter by having some pieces machined and found a cutting place but they never got back to me. As I am...
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    Re: Polaroid 405 holder image frame position

    I've got one of those templates, came with a back I purchased like new. I'll try and dig it out over the weekend and post the critical dimensions. I just marked the ground glass.
  40. Re: Longest expired transparency film you have used successfully?

    I have always shot transparencies and when I started getting into large format 18 months ago was always on the lookout for out of date film for economy. Last year I bought a few boxes frozen from...
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