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    Re: Enlarger Base Height - Beseler 45V-XL

    I have a Besler 45V-XL. My enlarger sits on a kitchen cabinet that I have repurposed to my darkroom. The height is 35" and my darkroom ceiling is probably less than 8' and I have no problem making...
  2. Thread: Pyro

    by Michael Wellman

    Re: Pyro

    You have been given a lot of great information here. I've been a pyro user for 20 years for many of the above reasons cited. However, as pointed out by Pere Casals it's all about the photographer...
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    Re: Hello from San Antonio

    Welcome. I'm in Austin. I shoot on 4x5, 8x18,, and 8x20. I mainly photograph landscape but occasionally do portraits and cityscapes. Give me a shout if you have questions. Ther are a few other...
  4. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    For me it would be any state in the southwest. I'm in Texas which is a good place to live and has many different venues for landscape. Mountains to oceans, desert to green forest and swamp areas...
  5. How much bellow draw needed for 30" lens for 14xx17

    I would like to do some portraits with my 14x17 which has a max draw of 42". I am thinking about getting a 30" lens but conscerned that I may not have enough bellows draw. Is there a way to...
  6. Re: 24" Artar Red Dot Real Coverage For 14x17

    Like you Bruce this process has intrigued me for sometime. It's especially nice since you aren't at the mercy of the film industry. What camera did you end up getting? Are you finding the process...
  7. Re: 24" Artar Red Dot Real Coverage For 14x17

    Sorry Bruce, I just noticed that my link didn't get posted. Check it out.

    It's a great post on lenses for 14x17...
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    Re: Wet / dry plate photography


    I don't think that's the right link you posted there. Doesn't look like the wet plate process and the guy is not boring or dry.
  9. Re: 24" Artar Red Dot Real Coverage For 14x17


    The short answer to your question is yes it should cover. Here's a link to a blog where the guy talks about best lenses for 14x17. He list quite a few lenses and their coverage. I wold...
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    Re: vacuum frame

    Thank you all for the information.
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    vacuum frame

    Does anyone know of anyone who is making vacuum frames? Or where I might find plans on how to build one? Search on this forum brought post about people who have built their own but no...
  12. Re: SP-445 and Cinestill DF96 monobath - beginner experience

    Have you been using the DF96 before is this your first time? I tried it out on some 35mm film a few weeks ago. Quick and simple and good results but maybe a little grainy but it's been a long time...
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    Re: Ilford ULF annual film order

    Does anyone know what the minimum order is for Ilford? I know Kodak has an obscene number and the Keith Canaham graciously organizes people looking for the same film and size to make it happen.
  14. Re: 25th Anniversary of the Large Format Photography Forum

    Not a lot of LF & ULF places left on the internet. Thankful that LFPF has managed to be a resource of all us thanks to QT and all of the moderators. Hopefully it will continue for at least another...
  15. Re: 8x10 Enlarger Chassis for Heiland LED Recs

    One of the better enlargers out there is the DeVere. You can still find them fairly cheap and sometimes for free. I was fortunate enough to get an 8x10 free from a lab that was getting rid of all...
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    Re: Ilford ULF annual film order

    I thought that the COVID maybe causing the delay but when you go to their web page all they say is that there may be a delay in you getting shipment. Kind of nebulous statement. I have emailed them...
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    Ilford ULF annual film order

    Usually around this time of year we get word that we can put in our order for ULF with Ilford. However, I haven't heard anything about that this year. Did I miss the announcement? If not, has...
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    Re: The beginnings of the COVID darkroom.

    So jealous. That looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product. I agree smaller is better if it's just going to be you in there.
  19. Re: Beseler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Thanks Neal
  20. Re: Need help with Gravity Works print washer

    I had something similar happen when I got my washer. You should be able to take the fixture off the washer where the hose connects. Take it to Home Depot and you can find the right hose and...
  21. Re: Beseler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Thanks. I did that on Friday. In the past they have taken a little while to get back with me. I came here because there are a lot of knowledgeable people. I've got some time today. I'm going to...
  22. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    IC-racer: I can see why the may have designed that offset for that purpose (lens turret) but I don't have one of those. Even if I did the vignetting would still be there?

    For those of you who...
  23. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    I don't have the turret but you're correct that is where it would be
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    Re: 8x10 on a Bicycle?

    That's great. I've thought about buying a trailer for my back to haul my 8x10 around for photo. Certainly allows you to get some place a lot easier
  25. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    If you look at the schematic it's a little easier to see. The lens stage (part 22) is the metal plate at the bottom that the bellows attaches to and has a large off center hole. Below this...
  26. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    I've got a Heiland 4x5 cold light head that sits on top like you described. With 4x5 I noticed it occasionally but usually not a problem.

    Paul, I agree with you that it can't be right...
  27. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Here is the exploded view of the enlarger. The metal plate that is causing the vignetting is the lens stage, #22. The lens board holder is part #133. It has three holes that screw into the lens...
  28. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Thanks Richard. I have given that a thought and I would like to use that as a last resort. It seems to be that there should be a better fix for this after all this is a popular and well built...
  29. Re: Besler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Here is the view from the bottom. The second photo shows there is no vignetting when I turn the lens board holder 180 degrees
  30. Beseler 45 V-XL vignetting; what's going on?

    Last summer I moved up from a Besler 45MX to 45XL. The enlarger had all of the manuals and one owner. I thought it would be the closet I would come to having a new enlarger. Unfortunately I...
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    Re: 14X17 Fire Studio

    I suspected as much. You get what you pay for. I contacted the seller on eBay and asked about a web site. He said they don't have one up and running yet. I find that really bizarre. Shortly...
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    14X17 Fire Studio

    Iíve been lusting for a 14x17 camera and looking around at my options. Tonight I discovered a new one for sale on eBay for $2K made by Fire Studio out of Blaine, Washington. Has anyone heard of this...
  33. Re: Besler 45 V-XL non functioning elevation lock

    Mine has no motorL. I am using a Heiland cold light source so no need for counter weight. I didn't include a picture because there really isn't anything to to take a picture of. It's a knob you...
  34. Besler 45 V-XL non functioning elevation lock

    I recently purchased a Besler 45VXL and noticed that the elevation lock in not working. Anyone run into this problem? Any suggestions on repairing it?
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    6" Goerz Red Dot Artar coverage

    Where do you go to find info on coverage for Goerz Red Dot Artars? I haven't had much luck looking on the internet. The home page on LFPF has a some great information on modern lenses but fails to...
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    Re: Ilfochrome chemicals

    Thank you.
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    Ilfochrome chemicals

    I was recently given 3 boxes of 16x20 Ilfachrome. Is there any way to process this? Does anyone make chemicals for this or can you manufacture the chemistry needed? I really hate to see this go to...
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    Re: Best enlarging lenses

    Thank you all for the response. Sorry I should have been more specific. 90-95% of my work is B&W. Most printing will be 8x10 to 11x14 but I am planning on doing 16x20 and maybe 20x24
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    Best enlarging lenses

    What are good enlarging lenses to get? Are most major lens makers fairly good or is there a difference? I'd like something for my 35mm and 4x5.

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    Re: Where/how to get rid of an enlarger?

    As many have said if it's a 4x5 or smaller it's impossible to give them away let alone try to sell them. 5x7 and larger you have a better chance of getting someone to buy it. Someone from a photo...
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