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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    I participated in a workshop put on by John in the spring nearly two years ago at the Little River Canyon and Little River Falls in DeKalb County. It's a beautiful area and I learned from the...
  2. Re: Which lenses fold up into your field camera? Linhof Tecnika, Horseman, etc. quest

    On my Horseman HF, i have a 135 mm on a no. 0 shutter that folds up. A old 90 mm (f 6.8?) Wollensak lens also folds up. Nothing on a #1 shutter will fold up. Only the smallest lenses.
  3. Re: Recommendations for shipping flash equipment

    Just put into a water tight container and toss it into the Mississippi River. It'll eventually make it there. :rolleyes: ;)
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    Re: Canon Pixma Pro-10 -- Repair or replace

    With the print head over 40% of the cost of a new printer, I'd go with the new printer. The Pixma Pro 10 uses pigment ink which I understand is more prone to clogging than dye based inks with...
  5. Thread: Changing bag

    by morecfm

    Re: Changing bag

    I need to remember this! Now I need a bigger bag.
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    Re: AC, Venting, ideas for a Darkroom Shed?

    I've installed a mini-split heat pump system in an upstairs addition that was previously serviced by a window type air conditioner. Most conventional air conditioners cycle on and off at full...
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    Re: Horseman 45HF question

    I have an old Wollensak (optar?) 90mm f/6.8 that folds up nicely in my HF as well as a Steinheil 135mm in a compur shutter which folds up nicely inside.

    For portrait orientation, as mentioned,...
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    Re: how old are we?

    Born anno Domini 1960 which makes me 59 later this year
  9. Re: Is this Fungus? If so: How to disinfect and remove fungus from a filter?

    Typical seller disclaimer: "...should not affect image quality"
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    Re: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

    I had an Ilex 12" in a #4 shutter that had jammed threads. It appeared that I had galling between the lens cell threads and the shutter threads. I'm not sure of the material of the two components,...
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    Re: Tripod for 8x10 newbie

    Just be careful when you release the lock on the vertical shaft and keep your head back from it when doing so. It has enough punch to knock out a heavyweight fighter.
  12. Re: PLEASE HELP ---------- NEWBIE ----- 8x10 coming out Black in tray developing Rodi

    Film is sensitive to red light and you're exposing the film while developing it. It must be developed in total darkness. Safelight is for paper which is not sensitive to red light. At least you...
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    Re: Yet another 3D printed camera

    If Fisher Price made a view camera, this would be it.
  14. Re: What material are non-netallic shutter blades made of?

    This is encouraging. I need a blade for a #4 ilex shutter and you've provided a solution. I'll need to give it a shot.
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    Re: RB Auto Graflex identification question

    can the seller measure the opening where the opening where the film holder goes. That'll give a good idea of the format the camera handles.
  16. Re: Aero Ektar 12 inches f/2.5 with shutter on 8x10

    Yes! This is a great, innovative project.
  17. Re: Where to start? Is it too late to start? Beginner seeking advice.

    I started with 4x5 and now have a lightweight Horseman field camera. I just got an 8x10 that needs some work. My opinion is to start out with 4x5 and when you get comfortable and want to go to 8x10...
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    Re: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

    It appears all the glue joints on the rear base are loose so all previously glued surfaces will be accessible for cleaning.
    I'll be disassembling, cleaning, gluing and reassembling anyway. No...
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    Re: 1940's WWII Navy Darkroom Restoration

    Michael, it's folks like you taking your expertise to these historic sites to accomplish projects like you've involved yourself in. Your efforts will help people see what some aspects of ship's life...
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    Re: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

    Thanks for the info. Well I'm off to order some hide glue granules. What preparation do I need to do on the loose joints to get a solid joint? I kind of assume that additional heated hide glue...
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    Re: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

    This is a great thread concerning hide glue as I need to secure a few joints of an Agfa Ansco 8x10 also. Is there a way the existing glue in the joint to re-secure the joint by heating or by...
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    Re: Hello from smalltown Southern Georgia

    I'm a little ahead of schedule. 8x10 coming soon.
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    Re: What Reference Books do you use?

    I'm sure some people use Mac Book for reference.
  24. Re: 5x7 Printing Options (Contact Print? Scan and electronically print?)

    Thanks for all of the replies and opinions on options and pros/cons. I do have an Epson 4990 that I got preowned for 4x5 work so the scanning was always an option should I decide to further invest...
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    Re: Source of hot water

    Do you need a continuous flow of water or just a few liters or gallons every now and then. If you need a few finite draws of water, there are small 2.5 gallon water heaters that plug into 110 volt...
  26. 5x7 Printing Options (Contact Print? Scan and electronically print?)

    Does anyone have any experience in perhaps contact printing 5x7? I scan 4x5 and smaller and have the capability of enlarging B&W 4x5 and smaller in a "temporary bathroom darkroom" but 5x7 eludes me...
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    Re: Hello from smalltown Southern Georgia

    Well I guess I'm heading in that direction! Saw a lens I wanted that was attached to a 5x7 B&J Grover in Michigan when I was there on business.

    Decisions, decisions...get a few film holders and...
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    Re: Opinions on large size SLRs

    I've used my 4x5 Graflex RB series B on a couple of occasions. It's kind of fun to play with. Uses a 7 1/2 inch (190mm) lens. Shorter lens won't retract far enough for infinity focus and longer...
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    Re: Now What Have I Done?---Mystery Lens on Ilex Dial Set Shutter

    Ok, now what have I done? Before remembering the difference in shutter thickness between the dial-set and rim-set shutters, I procured a rim-set #4 Ilex shutter for the Rapid Rectilinear lens that I...
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    Re: Crown graphic for wet plate?

    Crown graphics do not have focal plane shutters. The Speed Graphics are the models with the focal plane shutters.
  31. Re: What is the lightest 4x5 field camera with a rotating back?

    I have a Horseman HF without a rotating back but the newer FA and HD, I think, have backs that can be removed and reinserted in either orientation. My HF has tripod mounts on the "side" of the case...
  32. Re: Kodak 2D 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 sighted today at a shop

    Thanks all of you for the feedback. Though quite enticing, I'm going to pass on this camera and lens to concentrate on and improve with what I already have without distractions. 4x5 provides plenty...
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    Re: 150mm vs 135mm Images for comparison

    135 will give you a little more room for environmental portraits in constrained spaces like indoors, but this focal length is only about 10% shorter than 150. Of all other things being equal, 150...
  34. Re: Kodak 2D 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 sighted today at a shop

    Thanks all of you that replied. Once Kent mentioned full plate, that opened up a lot of information as far as internet searches go. The replies here are have a lot of information and ideas to look...
  35. Kodak 2D 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 sighted today at a shop

    I saw a Kodak 2D today that caught my eye. Unfortunately it was a 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 with lens but without any holders. Of course searches with the term "6 1/2 X 8 1/2" return nothing relevant. So, it...
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    Re: What to use Syncro Compur #00 for?

    That was my other thought.
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    What to use Syncro Compur #00 for?

    Greetings. I took a chance at a shutter and it turns out to be a Syncro Compur #00 shutter rather than the #0 I thought. It looks great and all speeds work without hanging up. Are there any barrel...
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    Re: Mystery Lens on Ilex Dial Set Shutter

    Would G-Claron 150 barrel lens elements fit in a size 0 shutter without any fancy work like shimming, etc? This would look like a small lens that would allow movements in a light weight package and...
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    Re: My camera caught fire.

    No wonder TSA wants us to unload cameras from bags from now on. :D
  40. Re: 135mm or 150mm (4x5) for a first time LF shooter?

    50 grams is less than two ounces, perhaps about the weight of a snack bar or two. Not significant in my mind. However, I'd also be thinking like the previous replies to go with the wider option for...
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