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  1. Re: Uneven Development -- 5X7's in Stearman Press 8X10 Tray

    I'm curious if the issue has been with both sheets or if it's been with the sheet near the fill/pour end or the "back" end and if that that's been consistent.
    I never panned for gold but I would...
  2. Re: Uneven Development -- 5X7's in Stearman Press 8X10 Tray

    I've had good results w/ 5x7s. How are you agitating?
    I agitate by tilting, alternating side-to-side and front-to-back and I'm barely lifting, less than an inch.
    I'm guessing you might be a little...
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    Re: Blocked from responding?

    "The more you know!"

    Thanks, I got it now.
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    Blocked from responding?

    It seems to happen randomly, I try to comment on a post and get this. This was on a random For Sale post.
    Yes, I'm a member. yes I'm logged in.209260
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    Re: (possibly) taking the large jump

    Not the first to say, won't be the last; contact printing 5x7 and up is a viable alternative to enlarging.

    For me, contacts of 4x5s were just that much too small and an enlarger-equipped darkroom...
  6. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    I freelanced several AMA road races (motorcycle) a year for American Road Racing Magazine in the '90s; didn't make a lot from it but I ride so I was in heaven.
    I was working the Daytona 200, first...
  7. Re: 12" Goerz Apo Artar Red Dot filter size?

    I'm just wondering if a 43.5 fit is a happy co-incidence.
  8. 12" Goerz Apo Artar Red Dot filter size?

    I love this lens, need to get it set up for ND and b&w contrast filters.
    I.D. on my gauge tells me it's pretty damn close to 43.5mm. Can anyone confirm this, please?
    I'd really rather not have to...
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    Re: Lens Shutter Test?

    I have to agree with lassethomas; I tried to make sense of the audio-only and could not get nearly satisfactory results, even with shutters that were "quiet" enough to not introduce additional noise....
  10. Re: Please share your darkroom prints from B&W slides

    We used Pan-X and a process that included re-exposing the film and then redeveloping in a paper developer. I have the formulas somewhere...
    I can highly recommend dr5, a lab now located in Iowa that...
  11. Re: Please share your darkroom prints from B&W slides

    I have 40 yr old B&W 35mm slides from a direct-positive process we used in school that I've thought about enlarging onto Ilford/Harman direct-positive paper but I'm currently only contact printing...
  12. Re: Can anyone recommend any backpacks/suitcases to transport my LF camera/lenses/gea

    I bid on an "open box" Nanuk 935 for short money and got a non-OEM padded interior for it; it weighs 10lbs and fills my need for exact dimension for airline carry-on.
    It holds 5x7 Kodak 2D, 3...
  13. Re: Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?

    I owned a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 in the mid-'70s. Poor grade steel meant most have returned to the elements from whence they came but there are survivors and restorations out there for $25K+.
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    Re: 5x7 Eastman View No.2 Back Curiosity

    Yup, I'm with Two23. I've had times where I had to estimate just the spot where something was cropped out.
    I kind of like the air of mystery and surprise.
    Look at it this way, you're carrying...
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    Re: How do you set up your tripod?

    Having used a TLR for many years as well as LF, I've grown accustomed to seeing at around waist height as well as at my normal 6'4" eye-level perspective.
    Sadly, at 61 yrs of joint wear and body...
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    Re: Dealing with dust

    I have a variety of 5x7 holders and I've found the older wooden ones to be static-free, which is logical I suppose.
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    Re: Hole Saw For Commercial Ektar Lens

    I've used laser vision but I get best results through sheer force of will.
  18. Re: Chamonix and Ebony's are gorgeous & Old Kodak 2D's are UGLY but they have their p

    My late teacher's daughter bequeathed me HIS late teacher's 5x7 2D a few months back, along with 3 lenses including a 36cm Nicola Perscheid.
    It meets two important requirements; it holds a lens in...
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    Re: Changing bags and dust

    Highly recommend NOT using Gorilla™ brand black tape. The adhesive would guaranteed peel off paint, and probably the door frame itself!
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    Re: I don't understand Rodinol...

    Seems to me the only potential effect on VC paper would be if the color was a variation of magenta.
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    Re: Contact printing light source?

    Bingo. What combination of ND filters gives you approx 30secs?
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    Re: Contact printing light source?

    Oh so true. I'm walling off a small corner of an oddly sized room in my house, 3 trays in a metal slop sink and wash them in the bathroom or kitchen.
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    Re: Contact printing light source?

    Bullet safelight converted is an intriguing idea, thanks.
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    Re: Contact printing light source?

    Thanks, all. An old 35mm enlarger is a possibility but space is a consideration. I've been thinking more along the lines of boxing in a low wattage bulb or LED or (..?) with a slot for 6x6 VC...
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    Re: Contact printing light source?

    Primarily VC (especially while getting back up to speed, it's been awhile), graded on occasion. Planning on using 6"x 6" multigrade filters under a boxed-in light source.
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    Contact printing light source?

    I've lost access to, and room for, an enlarger to use as light source to contact print 5x7. More than willing to use Weston's 15w bare bulb but I figure there might be additional options after 70-80...
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    Re: Kodak 2D Light Leaks

    ALWAYS straight in!
  28. Re: Harman Direct Positive Paper Question

    Yes, you'd get a negative.

    I'm only in the last few weeks converting from 4x5 to 5x7, expressly for contact printing DPP, as I have no way of setting up a full darkroom with enlarger.

  29. Re: Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question

    I think this site really needs a "LIKE" button.
  30. Re: Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question

    That object that came around in the future right now is a Nicola Perscheid 36cm that is kindling Pictorialist sensibilities in my brain... where at 61 yrs there's only room for so much...
  31. Re: Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question

    I am going test it out to see what it looks like but it won't be a keeper; I've bumped up from 4x5 to 5x7 and I'm not looking back...
  32. Re: Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question

    So... not for an old f64-school guy?
    Guess I'll hook up the man bun, brew up some Ethiopian coffee and find some digital sites to flog this puppy.
  33. Bausch & Lomb EF Anistigmat 3" f2 question

    Took in 3- 5x7 lenses for CLA at my local (hour away) repair guy awhile back, he gave me a tote with 5 or 6 odd/old lenses, elements and shutters that I was digging around in today.
    One lens is a...
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    Re: Giving up the view camera---am I nuts?

    I like that this thread has been revived.
    New to this site but not to LF, bought a Crown Graphic in 1979 for $99 with a 127mm Ektar and a Voitlander Apo-Lanthar 15cm (and no, not a thief, just...
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