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    Re: Cougars

    I don't think I'll try sneaking up on a mountain lion around here. If I was very lucky the cat would die laughing before it got me...

    I used to work in the Berkeley Hills, and we received regular...
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    It is not just the hardware - does your choice of software run on the OS of the new machine? Can you transfer any licenses? Will you have the old system around for an overlap period? Can you bring...
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    Re: Lens board adapters thread

    Which MPP board type? MPP VII boards are on the thick side, but comparatively small, so it should be simple enough since the MPP boards have a stepped rear.

    I've got a shim that lets me put a...
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    Re: Common Large Format Mistakes

    NOT telling the wife/husband/partner you just bought another large format camera!

    (it's all about risk assessment...)
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    Re: Common Large Format Mistakes

    That's why I would love film to be packaged in an even number of sheets. I write the number of sheets removed on the box after each loading session so I know if I need to set up a new box as well....
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    Re: Common Large Format Mistakes

    All my holders have either odd/even numbers or an A/B side marking - it depends where they came from and who marked them up. I expose them in order. I also flip the darkslide when I remove it so it...
  7. Re: Higher fog in rotary development of fiber-based paper?

    Do you load the drums in the same location as you would tray develop? I just want to rule out different safelight time conditions between post-exposure and developer immersion.
  8. Re: Higher fog in rotary development of fiber-based paper?

    The fog applies equally to print borders and highlights? Are you doing washing in the tank, or in a washer? This information is not in the original post.
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    Re: Just 3D printed a technika board

    With a Fused Deposition Modelling printer you would have to decide whether to print it in two parts, or deal with supports for otherwise unsupported horizontals.

    It would not be too hard to do as...
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    Re: How many film holders?

    5x4 - I rarely use more than 6 holders in a given day, but I may have more with me in the car if I think the light conditions might warrant it. I do find that I cannot always process as fast as I...
  11. Re: Lens storage and carry - stupid but practical question

    Preview switch on the shutter, and my routine involves using that and opening the aperture at the start of the cycle. I don't open the aperture on my MF cameras, so I try to be as consistent across...
  12. Re: Lens storage and carry - stupid but practical question

    I prefer to leave LF lens/shutters where I will need them on next use, so Preview closed, shutter speed where it was last used (it does not matter until I need to cock the shutter, and it is probably...
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    Re: 3D printer for lens stuff

    It all depends on the material used, the thickness of the item, and the percentage of infill. There is always the option of painting ia lens board. There is also the cost of materials and machine...
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    Re: Old Things,Farms,Barns,Buildings, Plus

    Nicely framed - so much more interesting than a symmetrical composition.
  15. Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    About the only 35mm film I use is in a panoramic camera. Otherwise (at various times) 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9, 5x4, 8x5, 4x10, 8x10. The latter three on an 8x10 camera. It's all down to how the...
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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    I registered and maintain some domain names, and currently point them at a basic web space I pay for - but I am not in the commercial photography field. It is just a convenient place to put material...
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    Re: Multiple Print Washers?

    Space and work flow/volume - I don't need anything bigger than 11x14 for 90% of the prints I make, and my Versalab unit is about the right size for my needs and available space. If I take the...
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    Re: Beseler Condenser Settings

    As you expand the upper bellows when using a condenser head the illuminated area gets smaller. Basically you need the smallest area that adequately illuminates the format you are using. I think the...
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    Re: post your trees!

    I especially like the second on with the strong boundary at the bottom - the reverse of a lot of landscapes against the sky.
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    Re: Old Things,Farms,Barns,Buildings, Plus

    When I was a child, physical access to Stonehenge was no trouble. Now the volume of visitors has brought more controls. If only I'd had a large format camera back then!

    The British Isles are...
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    Re: Donald Ross Photography

    {speechless} 8-)
  22. Re: Let's see your landscape lens (with meniscus / achromat lens)




    BDB + 3 closeup lens mounted (tape friction fit) with concave side towards the subject and behind the Copal 0 shutter. The mounting is modified from an old 135mm...
  23. Re: Let's see your landscape lens (with meniscus / achromat lens)

    The nearest I have to this is not vintage (though I think the BDB 40.5mm +3 meniscus lens is over 50 years old now!). The +3 is mounted behind a standard Copal #0 shutter, which gives me around a...
  24. Re: 3D Printing a lens board adapter?

    For things like lens boards or adapters (I have one for using Wista/Technika boards on my MPP VII), OpenSCAD works well. It is usually just a case of describing an object in terms of simple primitive...
  25. Re: How does rear tilt affect front tilt?

    Doremus has it right. Normally the focus plane (ground, for want of a better example), the 'lens plane', and the film plane need to meet on a line for Schleimflug focus. If the back is over-tilted...
  26. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Questions, questions. A little like the Twilight Zone - and not because it may be a night shot!
  27. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    And what happens tomorrow? 8-)

    I like how the glass has a paper-like appearance.
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    Re: DIY top hat lensboard extension

    90mm of extension must make front tilt/swing very sensitive? It looks like a robust solution and a lot more elegant than things I put together from ABS plumbing parts!
  29. Re: Today (April 26, 2020) is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

    We moved into a new house in January, so the garden is still unexplored territory photographically. I put a 6x9 roll film back on the MPP, and used my shutter mounted pinhole. The shutter is only...
  30. Re: Greetings from Marin Country California

    There does not seem to be any shortage of large format users in the Bay Area, but there is always room for another one 8-)

    We just moved from Richmond to Vallejo before all the current...
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    Re: Aircraft

    Looks like a still from The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which would be in period. Those were the days - the only thing keeping people away from the planes was a low wall and manual gate 8-)
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    Re: How Have You Made a Plastic GG

    I have used a single coat of spray window frosting on acrylic with success. You need to practice to get an even coverage, and obviously avoid a propellant that is also a solvent. It worked at 8x10,...
  33. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    If there is anywhere we can't reach with either of our Subarus (Forester, Crosstrek), then we probably should not be going 8-) I did enough backpacking and bicycle camping in an earlier life, so now...
  34. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    It feels like a still from a Buster Keaton movie. The tree is vertical, so I imagine the only thing holding the building up is sheer stubborness!
  35. Re: Square filter holder/lens hood combo?

    If you are using a 'P' size holder, there is always this: from SRB Photographic in the UK. You need a slot for it to mount, but since...
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    Re: The Road

    Sort of symbolic, the older utility pole leaning, while the modern cell tower is ramrod straight.
  37. Re: Simple Q for LF newby: Lens shade (trad 35mm type) vs. Compendium Lens Hood

    I usually use some sort of hand-held shade, like the dark slide.

    I do have some stacking lens hood sections for a Cokin P holder which work well - obviously the length I can use is limited by the...
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    Re: My Latest And Probably Last Darkroom

    I am about to start on a new darkroom in a new house myself. Now I have an impossibly high bar to aim at...
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    As my wife put it when she retired (and I second the motion): 'Now they pay me NOT to work there!'.
  40. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    One can actually feel the stillness.
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