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  1. Re: Fungus on antique Lens: Can it be fixed?

    Make sure there is nothing flammable in the path of infinity focus (as the sun transits the sky).
  2. Re: Elsa Dorfman passed away this morning

    There's a portrait of my wife and I from 1989 (before we were married) in the "couples" section.
    Elsa and I were very close for several years, I helped her a lot in the studio, she let me print in...
  3. Elsa Dorfman passed away this morning

    I worked with her a lot during my Boston days, she was generous, and funny, and loved her subjects like they were family.
    RIP Dear Elsa.
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    Re: ULF - 11x14 - Focal Length Lineup

    Think about lens focal lengths as they relate to the long and short sides, (and the diagonals) of the formats in question. 14" lens on 11x14 will be like to a 10" lens on 8x10, or a 5" lens on 4x5....
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    Re: Ilford ULF annual film order

    11"x14" FP4 and HP5 were both listed as ULF order sizes by PhotoWarehouses 2019 listings, the pages are still up. Whether some dealers (B&H, Samys, etc) periodically do their own orders of 11"x14" ...
  6. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    No. It went back to Polaroid, 100%. He stole the Fuji 1200mm lens though.
  7. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Right. As mentioned elsewhere, Ron built an aftermarket cassette (which took a 150' roll of Polaroid negative) and separate processor that were compatible with the 20x24 "field" cameras he was...
  8. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Ancient history. I believe it was only there for a couple months or less anyway and went back to Polaroid.

    I got involved with the cameras as a student in 1983/4 and "retired" from 20x24 in 2017...
  9. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Vaughan, I added a couple notes to your photo:
    1. Steve Simmons
    2. Jan Pietrzak
    3. Patrick Alts restored 18"x22" Empire State
  10. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Read a brief history here:
  11. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    Yeah, that was me, with the Wisner system John Reuter had just taken delivery of at the Santa Fe Workshops. The reason for the light leaks was design shortcomings. The original cameras had the...
  12. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    One like it. I worked with Elsa a lot when I lived in Boston.
  13. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    The cameras were originally built with a processor for the film built in, it's the large wooden box you can see behind the bellows on my homepage here:

    A little over 20...
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    Re: 11x14 Deardorff Studio Camera

    I recently had Custom Bellows make 2 new sections of bellows for a friends S11, they cost 200 pounds per section, not including shipping. The quality is superb, as always.
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    Re: How to get into ULF? THE RIGHT WAY.

    I would suggest finding an inexpensive 8"x10" set up and working with it for a few months(shoot, process your own film, make prints) before considering ULF. Smaller than 8"x10" won't, in my opinion,...
  16. Re: To what model does this Deardorff back belong?

    Also worth noting, that the 8x10 part is from a sliding carriage back, and may NOT fit a V8.
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    Re: Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera

    That camera went back to Polaroid before Steve was busted, though he did steal the Fuji 1200mm lens.
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    Re: Gears for DIY extension rail

    OK, update.

    I have a 12x20 F&S here in the shop and the gear rack is 32 pitch, 20 degree pressure angle.

    I also have a Korona 8x10 Home Portrait here, and the rack looks like 45 pitch? I don't...
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    Re: Gears for DIY extension rail

    Pretty sure KHK only has metric gears (and racks, which is what you want) for thise vintage cameras you need imperial (english) gearing.
    Mcmaster Carr is a better bet. You’ll be looking at small...
  20. Re: 8X10 Wood Eastman Kodak Filmholder Size?

    The 8"x10 ROC Carlton I used to own did not take modern holders, the proprietary holders were a good bit wider. I opted to made myself a new back for it that took standard / modern holders. (not a...
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    Re: long exposure light leak?

    is it possible there is something shiny INSIDE the camera ? I have seen this more than once where there's a problem surface, and it'll show only with the back oriented one way.

    You could tell us...
  22. Re: Lens Advice / Opinion: Consistent Look (or thatís not real)

    Back in the days of only film, pros shooting chrome, and lots of labs, it was common for pros doing tabletop or architecture to standardize on one brand of lenses for consistency in coatings for...
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    Re: Indexing Outstanding Forum Threads

    Perhaps a separately hosted, read only, archive of "outstanding threads"? I can imagine the great old threads you refer to becoming immediately polluted by the increasing number of newbies who never...
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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera

    They took VERY common 4"x4" wooden lensboards. Since Zone VI offered the cameras in a couple different woods over the years (mostly Mahogany, but sometimes Cherry , and maybe even Walnut) the ZVI...
  25. Re: Depth to Septem on YOUR 14X17" film holders

    I have two separate types of 14"x17" holders.

    Measurements are only SO accurate, since the septums do flex. With that in mind, I took my measurements around the edges where the septums are let...
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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera

    Plus 1. It is a Zone VI Ultralight. I worked for Calumet in the late '90's early '00's and sold many of these and the standard models with brass hardware. I always felt the brass hardware ran...
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    Re: Lens board too thin

    "+1" on "you're missing the spacer ring".
  28. Re: HC110 1:63 mushy flat negatives dilution H

    Lots of (not Kodak official) info on HC-110 here.
  29. Re: HC110 1:63 mushy flat negatives dilution H

    It would also be good to know whether you're in a tank, trays, or what, how many sheets at once and what the total volume of developer is. You may not have enough concentrate to get the job done with...
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    Re: Ideas For Temp. Lensboards?

    They were made by several manufacturers in a range of sizes historically, and most folks buy them second (3rd, 4th, 10th) hand. Chamonix View Camera does offer a new one which may or may not fit the...
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    Re: HC110 B with HP5+ @ 100

    For "too short" development times with Dil B, I make up Dil E. (which is the weakest solution that is replenishable if you happen to still have a stock of the long discontinued replenisher.)
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    Re: 8x10 Macro Photography lens Question

    I've done a lot of medium - high magnification with reversed enlarging lenses. (Apo-Rodagon 50mm and 80mm on the Polaroid 20"x24", as well as lots of assorted other longer lenses for less mag.)
  33. Re: Need A Decent Lab Scale For A Decent Price

    I use an Ohaus triple beam I bought new at a local "head shop", they had many many scales to choose from.
  34. Re: A Center for Creative Photography in Oakland, California

    I’ll be there.
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    Re: Is this a leak in the film holder?

    Also look for anything shiny inside the bellows that might be bouncing light into the image area.
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    Re: Shipping Container Camera

    Jo Babcock maybe? He did a van / pinhole camera back in the day.

    As for "interesting work", I like a lot of the portrait and figure work Richard Learoyd has done in his camera obscura project....
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    Re: Shipping Container Camera

    Not using Polaroid film at all, just BW paper negatives. Watch to the end and see that Ilford is one of the "partners". Quite neat project.
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    Re: Availability of ABS pipe

    No shortage here in CA, it is very commonly stocked in smaller sizes, but I haven't eyeballed the 4" diameter offerings. (I suspect it also, is readily available)
  39. Re: Behind the Film - Inside the ILFORD factory

    Cracking Video, Grommit !!!
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    Re: Xenotar 150 2.8 Projector Lenses

    I have one of these Rollei 150 2.8 AV Xenotars, there is a long tube on the back (for focusing it in the projector body) which will vignette on formats larger than medium format, but it can be cut...
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