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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Great to see those images, Barry. I've spent many days on the Errinundra Plateau and surrounding forests. Grant Da Costa and David Tatnall's work in Gippsland in the 80's were one of my major...
  2. Re: Exhibition - Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana

    Thanks for your kinds thoughts everyone.

    Running concurrently with my exhibition is a 5 year retrospective of the “Tarkine in Motion” project, a collaboration of artists focusing on the Tarkine,...
  3. Exhibition - Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana

    ‘Relicts’ is an exhibition focusing on the endemic flora of Tasmania and explores the ecological relationships Tasmania shares with the Australian mainland, New Zealand and South America.

  4. Re: Schneider SA 58mm Xl vs Schneider SA 65mm f5.6

    I've owned both a SA 65 and 58mm XL. The 58 was defintely my preference. The coverage is 170mm and 166mm respectively. I would suggest getting a centre filter too, particularly if you get the 58 XL....
  5. Re: Is Schneider 58mm XL OK with center filter 3c?

    I have used a IIIc with a 47 & 58 SA XL, in my experience it is adequate for both.

    A couple of things you might want to bear in mind too.

    Stacking filters on these ultra-wides runs a really...
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    Re: 4x5 field camera with geared movements

    Have a look at the Arca-Swiss Universalis 4x5.

    The Universalis cameras have geared tilt and rise/fall on the front standard, with friction swing. Geared rise/fall and shift on the rear standard....
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    Re: 8x10 Arca Swiss?

    David Hello,

    I have been using Arca-Swiss cameras for many years and found them to be very well engineered and functional cameras. Before the 8x10 Arca, I had a Horseman L series metal monorail...
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    Re: Buying guide 8 x 10

    Lightweight 8x10 monorail to hike with? Arca-swiss F-Line 8x10

    If you are new to LF and intended to hike with your camera a lot, seriously consider 4x5 rather than 8x10. Imho, unless you plan to...
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    Re: Rating Provia 100

    Michael Hello,
    Based on your experience with Portra, rating Provia at 64 might be a good place to start. In my own case, I've used a Sekonic L - 508 for about twenty years and experience quickly...
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    Re: 4x5 camera for long exposure

    +1 for a metal camera. £1,000 would give you plenty of choices including a used Sinar, Arca-Swiss or Linhof as well as those mentioned. Most metal monorails or flatbeds would fit the definition of...
  11. Re: What is the screw size for the Lee Filters holder?

    Try 2.2 x 0.45 Metric Course.
  12. Re: Justin Lowery, the best landscape photographer of the current times?

    A fascinating discussion, although with a strongly Euro/Amerocentric bent. Drew has hit the nail on the head, finding a truly unique vision is a rare thing.

    Let me throw in a couple names that...
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    Re: Lee 105mm CPL Filter Factor?

    I don't have the particular Lee Polariser you mention but I have Seven5 and 4x4 CPL. With both of these filters I use a factor of two stops. YMMV
  14. Re: What do you do with your LF transparencies???

    You might find this of interest to compare films
  15. Re: Opinions on the Gitzo series 2 systemic tripod (GT2542LS)? Why is it discontinued

    I have no idea why they are discounting this particular model but in the past Gitzo have done that and then released an updated version. It's also possible it's too similar to some of their series 3...
  16. Re: In 2019 where are we at with drum scanners?

    I could be wrong but ICG still have a presence in the market.

    What Bruce says is very true though, what used to be omnipresent in pre-press houses and printers, graphic...
  17. Re: How about something like a Howtek drum scanner

    You’re obviously very enthusiastic about your photography which is great to see. Many of the issues that you are encountering regarding film choices, exposure, scanning etc come down to...
  18. Re: Metering and closure technique for shooting Velvia 50 straight into the sun at su

    It’s actually two standard grads. By varying the amount you cross them you can vary the reverse grad effect. In the scenario you are planning to photograph you could use your reverse grad as you...
  19. Re: Metering and closure technique for shooting Velvia 50 straight into the sun at su
    My description is not the clearest but hopefully the attached photo gives you a better idea.

    Sent from my iPhone...
  20. Re: Metering and closure technique for shooting Velvia 50 straight into the sun at su

    If you need additional density near the horizon you could try inverting a regular ND grad and placing the transition line across the transition of the reverse grad. Opposing standard ND grads is one...
  21. Re: Metering and closure technique for shooting Velvia 50 straight into the sun at su

    A beautiful photograph as always Maris. I've never thought of trying a technique like that in that scenario. My own experiences with double exposure on transparency have generally resulted in soft...
  22. Re: Backpacking with the Arca Swiss 8x10? How to efficiently fit into f64 large back

    I carry mine in a One Planet Ned travel pack. The camera sits on a 15 cm rail which I then slide into a 50cm telescoping rail on the tripod. In the case of the 8x10 Arcas, the telescoping rail is a...
  23. Re: Has anyone done stand or semi-stand development using the SP445?

    It works well for this application Steven.

    I usually shoot pairs of sheets, often one gets developed in replenished XTOL, the other in some sort of pyro using semi-stand. My methods are similar...
  24. Re: current options for backpacks that will carry up to 5x7

    Have you considered a large hiking pack that is front loading? In my experience, the harnesses on a good hiking packs are much more suitable for carrying a decent load than those found on...
  25. Re: Film Holder Weight per Sheet Data - DDS, Grafmatic, Kinematic, others

    The second version of the Mido holders are more like a conventional DDS but with a spacer because they are thinner. More compact but not really much lighter the a typical DDS. They seem to receive...
  26. Re: Film Holder Weight per Sheet Data - DDS, Grafmatic, Kinematic, others

    Current design Toyo DDS - 170 grams

    Just to add something even more obscure

    1 Mido II 4x5 DDS with adapter - 183.5 grams (91.75 grams per sheet)

    5 Mido II 4x5 DDS with adapter - 670.5...
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    Re: Metering with filters

    Sweep hello,

    Just one additional thought regarding not being able to see the transition area of the grad.

    Using grads well (i.e. so their use is not noticeable) does require some experience....
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    Re: Metering with filters

    "I suppose I should then ignore this number and adjust by 1.5stops for the whole scene to take into account the Coral 6. Right?
    If, however, I was also want to use a polariser (let's say that is...
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    Re: Imacon Flextight Precision II worth it?

    Pere, the unit that Matted is looking at has a claimed resolution of 2040 dpi for 4x5.
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    Re: Imacon Flextight Precision II worth it?

    Yes, as far as I know the holders are exactly the same. Most holders I have came from work after they replaced the 949 with a Creo iQsmart3 Scanner and they no longer had use for them.

    As far as...
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    Re: Imacon Flextight Precision II worth it?

    I use a Precision II with the upgrade and have found it to be excellent. I haven't used an X1 but I have used a 949 extensively and doubt I could pick the difference in the quality of the scans...
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    Re: Field or View Camera?

    +1 for monorails.

    If you can afford one, a newer Arca-Swiss, Linhof or Sinar are all great cameras but there are plenty very capable older monorails which can be found at a pretty reasonable...
  33. Re: Hiking with (LF and) ULF camera equipment

    Most of my photography is based in what you call the backcountry in the US (we just call it the bush). Imho the harnesses found on hiking packs are definitely superior to "photo backpacks" when it...
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    Re: Large Format Industryscapes


    Bradmill textiles factory.
    Wista 8x10, Fujinon 300mm C. FP4+ developed in Pyrocat HDC.

    Part of a series of images taken at local industrial sites, quite a contrast to my usual landscape...
  35. Re: Arca Swiss bracket/rail clamp - how to tighten?

    As Emmanuel mentioned, the older Type II rails had two thin strips of tape (5mm) on the inner surface. I had the issue with peeling on one of mine and removed the Teflon tape; the result, the rail no...
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    Re: Chinese Ebay ground glass

    I bought one of the Chinese GG some years ago to replace the one on my Toho when it got smashed on a hiking trip. It is adequately bright even working in misty forest or dusk/dawn conditions.

  37. Re: Tripod questions, chamonix 045N-2, hiking

    Interesting you mention the Markins Q3. I've had one for over ten years, it used to live on my Silk 'pod before the FLM. It now resides on a Gitzo series 2. So far no issues and it works as well...
  38. Re: Tripod questions, chamonix 045N-2, hiking

    Good to see you are still getting out there, Graham.

    For really light weight trips I use an Old Silk Pro 713CF II (centre column removed) that I picked up cheaply years ago. Combined with a FLM...
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    Re: Fujinon T 400 on Intrepid 4x5

    Since no one else has responded regarding the 400T and the Intrepid, I’ll share my experience using the 400T on a Toho 4x5 which is also a very light 4x5. I have not used an Intrepid so take these...
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    Re: Exposing Fuji Provia 100

    Hello Steven,
    How are you metering and establishing your exposures with Provia?

    Experience and testing has taught me that if using a spot read from an 18% grey card or mid-tone area, I give 1...
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