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    Re: orthochromatic film?

    The Wratten #44 is a "minus-red" filter. When used with pan film in daylight, it will give you a tonal rendition like an ortho film. A blue filter, like a #47, will give more extreme effects.
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    I've used a 300/9 Nikkor-M for landscapes for almost 30 years. Perhaps my favorite lens. It's worked well on featherweight Japanese folders, a Zone Vi 4x5, and a Sinar Norma. I plan to use it for as...
  3. Re: A few, limited observations on traditional portrait perspective for the newcomer

    Let's go back 40 years or so, to when I was a portrait photographer. I worked for a large studio, and my assignments were high school senior portraits. I and my colleagues used 70mm long-roll...
  4. Re: Focal Lengths with movements for Tachihara 4x5

    I had a 4x5 Tachihara for ten years. I successfully used 90mm lenses (wide angle) and a 300/9 Nikkor-M (long). Mr. Noel's advice above is good.
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    Re: Brett Weston Books

    I well recall the "Out of the Shadow" show at the Phillips Collection- it was spectacular. The book is a worthy companion to the show and the reproductions are good. The Lodima Press books have the...
  6. Re: No dumb questions here...What have I purchased?

    Thanks Oren, that's the one. When I got hired at Kodak in 1984 the English version of that brochure (along with a bunch of other ephemera) was in the desk they gave me. I still have some of those...
  7. Re: Matthew Genitempo: Jasper - Film Stock?

    It would be very difficult to tell just by looking at his (beautiful) images as jpegs on a monitor. If the photographer has a website or contact info, why not ask him?
  8. Re: No dumb questions here...What have I purchased?

    The first Schneider Symmars were f/6.8 designs; similar to a Dagor, I believe. Those were replaced by the "convertible" Symmars (as seen here) in the mid-1950s. I've used several of those lenses over...
  9. Re: Citric acid equivalent for acetic acid bath.

    Acetic acid (in whatever form) is stinky. I recently started using a citric acid stop bath; my dilutions are approximate, but it's worked fine so far. In addition to that, for several years I've used...
  10. Re: No dumb questions here...What have I purchased?

    Mr. Shiu is correct- you remove the front group of the 150mm Symmar to make it a 265mm lens. Opinions vary on the optical quality of the rear element alone, but you'll soon find out for yourself....
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    Re: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 cameras?

    I admire the format and would enjoy making whole-plate contact prints. Perhaps someday when the right subject matter appears, I'll give it a try.
  12. Re: Equivalent of Massive Dev Chart for Paper Developers ?

    B/W photo paper generally develops to completion- camera films do not. That's why paper development times are relatively simple and standardized, while film development is not. True, you can alter...
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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Well, let's just say that each branch of Saguaro NP has its own photographic opportunities and challenges. If you visit Tucson, be sure to visit both... and then take the drive up Mt. Lemmon. No...
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?

    Well, I'm drifting into retirement after 40+ years in the business... I haven't used an LF camera on assignment since around 2010 (architecture was the last stand for LF in the professional world). ...
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    Re: Wide angle lens hood?

    If you mean the commonly available folding rubber lens hoods, yes. They're cheap and compact.
    I often use the dark slide to shade the lens when photographing outside, but I have quite a few...
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    Re: Shooting expired B&W film

    It's always a gamble. I've been using 4x5 TMX-100 that expired in 2005, kept frozen since new. It's performed well, with no fog issues. I had, from the same source, some TMY-400 that was too fogged...
  17. Re: Any Suggestions/Recommendations For A Lighter Field 4X5 Camera?

    It's hard to be spontaneous with any view camera. I've shot a great deal of architecture (professionally and personally) and I've used several different 4x5s, from a featherweight Tachihara to a...
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    Re: Recent Work

    I like #s 3 and 5 especially.
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    Re: Shut away in an attic...

    Mark Osterman, now retired from the George Eastman Museum, is consulting on this (per his posts on FB). So it's safe to say that a truly knowledgable person is on the case.
  20. Re: On the quality of 19th century lenses.

    Well, once the aliens finished building the Pyramids, they needed a new challenge, yes?
  21. Re: An old friend offered us his D-2 he no longer uses.

    The big difference between the earlier D-II and the later D-2 is the crank for the column on the 2 vs. the 'push-pull' manual lift on the II. Most of the parts will be cross-compatible.
  22. Thread: Cougars

    by Mark Sampson

    Re: Cougars

    "If called by a panther,
    don't anther"
    -Ogden Nash
  23. Re: Light tripod and head for lightweight 4x5 and short lenses

    A Tiltall (Marchioni or Leitz versions) will do the job- but you probably already have one.
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    Martin- never heard of that, and my experience with old Volvos goes back to the late '70s (when the ones I and my cohort drove were cheap, rusty beaters). This car was sold new in San Diego,...
  25. Re: It starts with a late night impulse buy

    Welcome aboard! You'll find a great deal of useful information on the front page of this site- and members here are always willing to help. Good luck, and post some pictures the you have them!
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    Peter, thanks for the kind words. Leszek, thanks for the link. My car will never be as nice as the ones shown, or be worth the fortunes people are willing to pay for them. I plan to drive mine when...
  27. Re: What kind of lens bends an image without distortion?

    One thinks of the "Circo-Mirro-Tach" (or something) sold by Spiratone back in the 1960s-70s. Just a mirror set at a 45-degree angle, attached to the filter ring of your telephoto lens. Given the...
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    I'll guess that a majority of the tens of thousands of enlargements that I've made were timed with an Omega Chromegatrol, the power supply/timer commonly attached to an Omega D5 Super-Chromega. That...
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    Re: Ansel Adams' portrait of tragedy

    What I find interesting is that Adams, at age 65, was still taking on major commercial assignments.
    I see that as proof that a) he was a workaholic and b) that at the time, the art market for...
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    Re: Sinar Norma 8x10 Telephoto Field 1

    The late Reinhart Wolf would be proud. He used a very similar setup (but with two tripods) to make the photographs in his books "Castles in Spain" and "New York". I believe that he used lenses up to...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    'Via' carries her original Volvo B-18 4-cyl; rated at 115hp in 1966. The previous owner replaced the original twin SU carbs with a 2-choke downdraft Weber, which probably won't make any difference in...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    213338It snows once every couple of winters in Tucson, so it's a happy event when it does happen. Last month the snow melted within an hour in town, but stayed for a few days up on the peaks of the...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    Tucker on the dock, 2011. He's still going strong ten years later. So is the 105mm lens I used, but the Nikon D2X is long gone.
  34. Re: Elmar 135mm: Will it cover 4x5? LSM to Copal adapter?

    I had one of these 90/4 Elmars decades ago. It had terrible flare in any kind of backlight. IDK if that was because of the scratch on the front element; I blamed the satin-chrome nameplate ring......
  35. Re: B/W film & B/W chems - What's in your darkroom?

    No need to "venture out" unless there's something you don't like about your pictures. Knowing how your materials will respond can give you great confidence in your work. Better to chase new and...
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    Re: D 23 Users

    Jim, I would never argue with your experience. In fact it is fascinating to hear!
    I'll just add that, from my own experience, any replenished process system, color or B&W, depends upon large volume...
  37. Re: Has anyone made a large split back contact frame?

    A general search for "graphic arts equipment" might be a start. Photographer's Formulary in the USA has large spring-back contact frames for sale, as well. But I've never used one larger than 11x14"...
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    Hmmm. Given the undoubted effort and cost of shooting 20x24, one would hope for a higher percentage of successful photographs than when using smaller formats.
    I admire anyone willing to tackle ULF,...
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    Re: Fujinon T 400mm F/8

    I used a Tachi for ten years- I imagine that the weight, and balance point, of the Fuji 400T would overpower the front standard. My 'long' lens on that camera was a Nikkor-M 300/9. Not the same, I...
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    Re: Strange accessories.

    You'll find odd things that way. Last year I bought a box of mostly darkroom ventilation stuff at a swap meet. Buried under the fans & ductwork (which have turned out to be quite useful) there was an...
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