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  1. Re: Chamonix and Ebony's are gorgeous & Old Kodak 2D's are UGLY but they have their p

    I think my old Century looks pretty nice compared to the new cameras out there.
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    Re: DeVere 5108 bulb options

    I usually use f32 for 8x10 enlargements. The lens I use still has a bright spot at f11 (Rodenstock 300mm).
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    Re: Troubleshooting enlarger won’t focus

    Most of the enlargers with which I am familiar that are capable of making reductions usually show or describe how to do it in the user's manual. If it is not in the manual, then it may not be...
  4. Re: LED enlarger head creation -- just a thought

    Ebay usually has many Chromega D heads available and these are designed to replace the condensers of the D2. So the solution has already been thought out without requiring hard-to find-LED and PWM...
  5. Re: Metering question (using a Sekonic L-858)

    On my Sekonic I use the exposure compensation as the Zone with a simple calculation.

    Indicated Exposure Compensation = 5 minus the Zone.

    So if the Exposure Compensation shows "+3" I know that...
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    Re: Why are all of my photos soft?

    I'd just use the Nikon. Is there something about it you don't like?
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    Re: Still life - DOF problem
  8. Thread: Spot meter

    by ic-racer

    Re: Spot meter

    Since the last time I contributed to a light meter thread like this I got a Sekonic meter that allows one to calibrate it via the menus. That is, one does not need to take it apart to find trimmer...
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    Re: I'm curious: HP5 Neg came out in color

    Not only is it in color, it is reversed black to white. If this is a negative then the dark areas should be light. Looks like you used color transparency film.
  10. Re: 38 year old Polaroid pull-apart film advice

    Looks good. Better than a lot of stuff I see on the internet. Of course, you are trying for that effect of washed-out imperfection, yes? Otherwise you would be using fresh film right?
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    Once you get the Omega you will have to do some trial and error to see how low you can have the lens to both focus your smallest print and also have the image clear the 4x5 cutout where the old...
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    5x7 DeVerewood...
  13. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    Potential substitutes for Colamp2000


  14. Re: Durst CLS 1840 Color Enlarger Rewire Question

    Updated information on substitute lamps posted here:...
  15. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    Going back through this thread it really amazes me how time flies. Posts from 2009 seem like yesterday.
    Anyway I did find one of my FTL (CP43) 2000W lamps I got in 2009 and it does indeed fit in...
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    Re: Describe a style for me

    Are those darkroom prints? When I take pictures of my artwork for to show what it might look like in person, it does not look like that.
  17. Re: Help with Durst Ce 1000 Taunobox 450 mixing box

    Good that you found one. I was going to suggest that the tapered 5x5 mixing box plastic piece on the USA made Omega diffusers may be similar and easier to find than an original Durst diffuser.
  18. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    Colamp2000 are about 26mm in diameter and the hole in the reflectors about 32mm. The FTL bulges to about 36mm in the middle (see below). So it is very close, not much glass would need to be removed...
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    In 35 years I have never experienced brown developer altering paper color. Maybe it is because I use acid stop bath.
  20. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    Not that one. It is FTL that will fit the socket as the COLAMP2000. See how the two pins are different sizes:

    I bought one of those FTL lamps about...
  21. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    I was able to use the Dremel diamond bit to bevel some AN glass I cut down from 5x7 for my 4x5 enlarger. I do have a spare reflector and believe I would be able to enlarge the opening with that...
  22. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    This is a clip from the Thorn product book. It shows that even when in production, the HX-27 (Coolamp2000) was 'special order.'
  23. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    Post #202:
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    Re: How to get into ULF?

    What camera do you have now? I'd dry the X ray film and see how it works for you with your existing equipment. Processing it and printing it can be challenging due to its speed, sensitivity (or lack...
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    Re: Best enlarger you have used

    If 4x5 enlarger is what you desire, that should be easy to find. On ebay today I stopped counting after I reached 15 listings for 4x5 enlargers.
  26. Re: Durst L1840 Enlarger 8x10 10x10--Everything you wanted to know...

    What type of light source is on your enlarger?
  27. Re: Controversy over Mural Photo in North Dakota

    What is the controversy? I could not tell from the links provided.
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    Re: VCCE vs Color Head (for B&W)

    They are pretty identical, just the controls for the colors are different. "VCCE" are either electrically or mechanically designed to follow a fixed set of values. Values that one can just as well...
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    Re: Best enlarger you have used

    A little overkill, but you asked for 'top of the list.'
    Here is a L1840 with Larabox 450 mixing box and 210mm lens. This is my 4x5" printing setup.

  30. Re: Can it be a solution for avoiding newton rings

    I used to lift up an edge of the glass and set it down just before the exposure. The Newton rings would move around before settling, and this movement eliminate them from visibility in the print....
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    Re: Lenses for new 5x7 / 6x17 kit

    Since you are new, you will have to figure out for yourself if you can focus and compose comfortably with your camera and f9 lenses. In my years of experience, a lens with focal length equal to the...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    Not sure where Santa Cruz is, but our neighbor's tabby cat got out last week. This incident created quite a stir with the murine and ornithological wildlife in the microenvironmenet between the...
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    Re: advice for a 8x10 setup for portrait

    There have been many threads and posts on using a view camera as an enlarger. Especially since LED light sources can be easily obtained. However, I have not seen many explanations of how people are...
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    Re: I've got a (Horseman) screw loose

    You can't remove the remaining screw and measure it?
  35. Re: Midtone Machines - Automatic Film Processing Machine

    I tested Patterson reels in the mid 1980s with rotary processing and found the plastic spiral comes too close to the image area of 120 film and I got over-development at the very edges. Films and...
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    Re: Alignment workflow (architechture)

    Only one condition need to be satisfied:

    1) Film plane parallel to the building

    Any issue with the camera base being off 'level' can be easily corrected by rotation during printing, so this...
  37. Re: Would a Horseman Super ER 75/5.6 work on a WISTA RF?

    Should work fine with ground glass focusing as I don't think the rangefinder can accept that focal length. With a 6x6cm back you will get ample movement. If using a 6x9 back the movement available is...
  38. Re: Using VC Filters in Super Chromega E Dichroic II

    The filters fit under the mixing box and are unlikely to suffer immediate effects of heat anymore so than the plastic diffusor on the bottom of the mixing box.
    Why would 'small steps of contrast'...
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    Enlarger exposure time can be problematic because many enlarger timers don't go below 1 second. Making a sensitometer is not that hard, but make very sure of two things. 1) The field on which the...
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    Re: Bellows orientation question

    Any way to flip them 90 degrees and see if it sags less?
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