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  1. Re: HMI or strobe for wetplate/paper negs/low iso

    I suppose the best point of reference would be to cast back to the work done in the 1860's to 90's Where they was no strobe and slow film, the solution daylight, plenty of it, using blinds to shape...
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    Michael A Smith, Legendary photographer has passed away.

    On Michael and Paula’s website it has been announced that Michael has passed away. I had the great pleasure of attending one of his workshops, it was an inspiration, as were both Paula and Michael,...
  3. Re: Sinar P2 8x10 600-1200mm realistic for outdoor photography?

    I have a 10x8 Sinar P2 and I would suggest that taking it on location is something to be avoided, its heavy and cumbersome, and when you add the additional weight of the large tripod needed to use...
  4. Re: How to calculate required bellows extension?

    As ever there is always an app
  5. Re: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

    I have found that the best way to copy artwork is using a phase one P45 with a hasselblad and the 100mm lens,I am told it was designed to be distortion free and that seems to be the case. I then...
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    Re: Best tutorial for color negative scanning

    I came across this very simple action and it works for me,

    I scan as a positive open the file and use...
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    Re: Window vs Art Object

    I have also been looking at alternative print options , the Argyrotype Process is something that might be worth looking at,

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    Re: Film for learning

    Good point I thought we were talking about 10x8, thought the jobo expert tanks are a far better product, just not in any way cheap.
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    Re: Film for learning

    I would use what ever is the most cost effective, at the moment that appears to be forma, what you need is the freedom to develop your work without worrying about the cost. When you produce your...
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    Re: Howtek D4000 F719 Lamp Help Needed

    If you are based in the UK the best solution is to give Pete Slynn a ring, he is a Howtek,Crossfield engineer with a very large bag of parts and various other things to make them work, his number is ...
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    Re: Studio and Still Life Question

    [QUOTE=IanBarber;1366897]I am trying to get my head around using a flash head for still life.

    The head I have is a 200w/second with variable output.

    The modeling bulb is designed to give an...
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    Re: Sinar Norma 8x10 bellows

    These are the people to ask
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    Re: Sinar Expolux Shutter

    If I remember rightly you can get an English version from Sinar mine was bought via though I presume any Sinar dealership should be able to get hold of one for you
  14. Re: Sinar Expolux Shutter with Aero Ektar lens.

    All you have to do is to set your f stop manually , assuming the lens sits in the expound shutter aperture it should work perfectly.
  15. Re: Gandolfi 8x10 Precision Folding Instruction and Date Questions...

    Mine has exactly the same plate in the same place, and it also has brass front panel fittings, so the camera for sale is roughly in the 1970's date range ( or so I have been told)
  16. Re: Mounting Wratten Filters To lens Question

    Just use one of these on the back of the lens
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    Re: Indoor Still Life Question

    Might you be better served using the flash rather than the modeling bulb, the effect you have with the continuous light can be replicated with the flash, the word modeling bulb is a bit of a clue....
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    Re: Street Hassle

    I completely agree , being polite and taking time to show people what you are doing is part of the world of large format photography, and you might well find that the this approach reduces any...
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    Re: Wondering why I still shoot film

    Having worked only with 10x8 E6 film commercially until the advent of the phase one P45, I am somewhat surprised to be told that 10x8 is a little bit rubbish, this has come as a surprise not only to...
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    Re: Sinar Shutter on Field Camera

    Not according to Sinar, the F stands for field, though it could be argued that the experience of using an F in the field is slightly less that perfect.
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    Re: Still Life Lighting

    While I agree that for commerce a constant result is preferable
    daylight worked fairly well for Irvin Penn amounts others.
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    Re: Still Life Lighting

    to return to your original question, essentially still life is remarkably simple. Keep your initial set up to one light for the foreground,and if you feel you need it a second light for the back....
  23. Re: Any experience re-silvering the mirror inside a reflex viewer

    In London the place to go would be

    Though searching for vacuum coatings in your area should bring results
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    Re: Buying 8x10 film in Brussels?

    Process supplies in London

    Will, i suspect have everything you need,

    Processing in Belgium might also prove challenging you might well need to get on the train to...
  25. Re: Explaining Yaw free, distortionless & Yaw free/distortionless operation of a came

    I am curious as to who, of all the posters on this subject has actually used a 10x8 camera using all the movements needed to produce an outcome that satisfies a client . As someone who has worked as...
  26. Re: Explaining Yaw free, distortionless & Yaw free/distortionless operation of a came

    I do not understand that:

    My reasoning is next:

    > We have an initial circular "circle of image" (say distortion free) projected on a "large" negative. (no movements)
  27. Re: Large Format Folding Darkroom? Help me remember...

    I am not too sure the Fuji dark box would work , I use them all the time and for film they are perfect, but for wet plate I am not convinced you will have the height to get the plate out of the...
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    Re: Howtek utilities question

    I have also had all your scanner problems and more, jagged edges were a particular delight, the problems I found were generally caused by the lamp, alignment of the said product, and the belt. The...
  29. Re: F11 magazine, Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee featured

    Just a quick endorsement of Michael and Paula's paper and workshops, in my opinion any one who goes out on a limb in defence of their artistic beliefs is to be admired, particularly when both paper...
  30. Re: What makes a photographer when everyone is taking pictures?

    We were always told that the amateur market subsidised the pros, yes we may well have used shed loads of largeformat 10x8 but the profit was to be had in 35mm, though interestlngly enough both Kodak...
  31. Re: Will Extreme Stretching of Bellows Effect Sharpness?

    I had made the mistake of assuming the image was focused,and the sharpness of the image was the problem and not an issue of compedence, It is good to realise that despite working as an advertising...
  32. Re: Will Extreme Stretching of Bellows Effect Sharpness?

    You might well find that reversing the lens will help, the length of the bellows extension has no relevance to sharpness. if you are using flash then use the open shutter technique ,that should sort...
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    Re: Help With E6 film??

    To be honest the only way to go with E6 is to self process, it is no more difficult than B&W you just need to invest in a expert tank and processor. The problem labs have is having the amount of...
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    Re: International delivery of prints

    Certainly do
    My preference is Chau digital, but they all are of the highest quality
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    Re: Workflow fo 1800's studios.

    The photograph of Fox Talbot's studio in Reading gives a fairly good overview
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    Re: Lazy photographers

    I suspect the lack of entry has more to do with insecurity of the work and less to do with lazyness. To submit runs the risk of disapproval, and yet without overcoming insecurity you will never...
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    Re: LF Still Life Photographers

    Just a few to be getting on with
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    Re: Jobo 3005 questions

    I used the jobo 3005 with the jobo manual roller and it worked perfectly, just a little tedious hand rolling the drum, pouring the chemicals was fairly straight forward I just used the standard jobo...
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    Re: Richard Avedon

    I have read most of the comments regarding Avedon and his white background portraits and feel just a tad depressed by the tone and direction of some of the rather unfortunate comments. I do not know...
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    Re: Is an 8x10 camera right for me?

    Large format photography is not in any way easy, if you are interested in moving on from digital then a step into film via medium format might be the best bet, that way you will get to know the...
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