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    Re: New darkroom sink options

    "Adapt, improvise, improve." was the motto of the excellent martial arts school based on the philosophy of Musashi and Bruce Lee where I trained. These stores have great ventilation stuff, like huge...
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    Re: New darkroom sink options

    I have to buy 30% hydrogen peroxide with which to treat my well water as I have a lot of ferrous iron. I have been buying the H2O2 in a hydroponics store and have seen excellent plastic sinks,...
  3. Re: Use of plus lenses to shorten bellows draw.

    So the effective focal length of the 300mm lens used in the photo above would be 232mm. Now can we know where the lens was focused when it was decided that a +1 was needed to "increase the size of...
  4. Re: Use of plus lenses to shorten bellows draw.

    I am trying to understand what is going on here and why it rates an "attaboy". The camera was set up and focused to photograph the waterfall and pool but the 300mm lens was too long for the desired...
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    Re: C.P. Goerz Berlin D.R.P. Dogmar Age

    That would be a nice lens to cam up on a TRF Crown Graphic, and it would be a nice focal length for Big Shot use with a nosed-off cam.
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Looks to me as though it was hit with a light leak in the tank, right down the center of the reel. Inspect the light seal in the lid of the tank you used.
  7. Use of plus lenses to shorten bellows draw.

    If you haven't signed up for Kats Ikeda's Pencil of Rays newsletter you are missing some valuable insights into lens design and choice that will surely improve your work.

    I have mentioned my use...
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    Re: Repro Claron Question

    I had a chance to look through the 210/9 Repro-Claron on the 8X10 in bright sunlight conditions. The center does definitely look hot wide open, extreme fall-off on edges and corners, but image...
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    Re: Repro Claron Question

    I just obtained a nice 210/9 Repro Claron #9959440 in Synchro Compur. Just mounted it and will be looking at it on the 8X10 camera later today. Glass is crystal clear. I was surprised to read...
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I think if you research it that you will find true arthritis is quite rare. I learned about this lab from weapons work. The national labs were using them for security checks, and VA has used them...
  11. Re: Is this bellows sag? Trying to identify cause of unexposed portion of image

    Looks like you loaded your holder into the camera from the top. The images projected on the film plane would be upside down. The bellows also sagged down from above and "dodged" the lower part of...
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    Re: Internal Bellows Reflections

    If you both just showed me the negatives and said nothing about bellows, I would say it was "bromide drag" during processing. I've had lots of experience with light leaks and bad bellows and doesn't...
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    Re: Large format aerial photography...anyone?

    I photographed with a Master Technika and 4X5 Crown Graphics many times out of a J-3 Cub with the door down. The camera is not out in the slipstream. I also photographed with these same two cameras...
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    Re: Tmax 400 in D-76 correct dev time

    Try this procedure on the TMax 400. Personally, I tested TMax in HC110 and Kodak TMax developer and much prefer TXP or now HP5+ due to cost and consistancy. I have also standardized on Ilfotec HC...
  15. Re: Problem: Long Rail, Long Bellows... Is There a Solution to Use One Tripod

    I made a long extension mount for my 810G using two 45G rail clamps on a wide base as Drew has described. It bolts securely to my Majestic Chicago pan head and my Hercules Industrial pan head with...
  16. Re: Film Reciprocity Failure Compensation Factors For Films

    Don't apply reciprocity exposure and development corrections for long exposures (1/2 sec. +) based on published data. Test for yourself after you have experimentally determined exposure and...
  17. Re: How to keep film ending up wrong side of dark slide after exposing

    I frequently load the 8X10 camera, a Toyo810M, from below when the sun is high overhead so that I don't fog a film when inserting or pulling out a slide. I will do this in 4X5 too. Even when loading...
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    Re: Gradients on short edge of 4x5 Negs

    Many of these variables could be eliminated by doing tray development in total darkness. I began by developing my 4X5 negatives that way in 1975 and 8X10s in 1985. Never have I felt the need for...
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    Re: Dynalite Infrared Transmitter

    Dynalite two channel IR transmitters were supplied by Wein Products Corp. The switch on the pack should be set to the correct IR position. I used a Wein Pro Sync on channel one with a 1000wi with...
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    Re: Toyo Robos 4x5

    I have the Robos and it is excellent. I was only discontinued because of patent disputes with Sinar. Toyo had plans for 5X7 and 8X10 which were never produced. The original bellows had pinholes even...
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    Re: Bellows from ecbuyonline2008???

    I rebuilt and resold a number of Toyo 45G and 810G cameras and fitted them with bellows from ecbuyonline. The quality was very good, but the ecbuyonline bellows are considerably thicker than the...
  22. Re: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

    William S. McIntosh 1928-2021

    It was my pleasure to assist Bill McIntosh on a number of assignments here in Virginia Beach, and to make some exhibition prints from his original 1950s negatives. He...
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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    I have been using the Tricflash and app with my iphone since it came out about two years ago. Works very well, but zooming is not supported, full frame with the normal lens only.
  24. Re: Experience with HP5+ shot/developed at ISO 100 in D76

    HP5+ can be very nice at EI 100. I've posted my findings here a number of times and no one seems to disagree, or no one has done their own tests.

    Years ago I learned an excellent method to find...
  25. Re: Interesting Alternative to a Tripod, Especially for Rough Ground

    I have been interested in 10" 2K spot/Fresnel lights, De Sisti and Strand Quartz Color Castors. Some of these I have converted to electronic flash and also adapted some to use 2 contact bayonet...
  26. Re: Will a Fujinon 150mm f/5.6 fold into a Crown Graphic?

    No problem with either of those Fujis. When coupled to a carefully-cut cam, that lens could deliver astounding hand-held results.
  27. Re: Stumped on cause of evident light "leak"

    You have to discover light leaks before they find your film. Unless you are very sure of the condition of your bellows, it should be checked frequently for leaks in the corners, especially the...
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    Re: View camera as extinction light meter

    I like the Minolta Flash IV s available at very reasonable prices. You a
    can have spot/reflective, flash, incident and enlarging all for a fraction of new instruments.
  29. Re: Definitive LED / Incandescent enlarger light bulb replacement thread

    This light and associated technology could mean big changes in the industry if it works as claimed. Public demonstration on Nov. 25th. It may go open source.
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    If you have an X86 machine, the type that usually runs Windows, try downloading the new Linux distro Ubuntu Studio. You can burn a boot CD or create a boot flash drive. Boot from it without...
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    Re: Lens board adapters thread

    In the years before I divested of all things Linhof, I made my own adapter board for my Deardorff 8X10 to take Technika lens boards. Some other photographers and dealers thought this was insane ...
  32. Re: Determine developing time for any film

    Many people new to exposure and development testing don't have a good idea of what an excellent negative looks like. One way to approach this is to use Diafine for one's first development trials. ...
  33. Re: Chamonix 810V Back Orientation Mistake?

    You might well have a light leak on those holders. However, it's good to have a back that can be oriented to load from below in situations where the sun is directly overhead and light can get in...
  34. Re: How difficult is it to drill holes in a Carbon Fiber lens board?

    I have suggested for some time that the Crown Graphic lensboard is the best choice for most LF lenses. I always have a TRF Crown Graphic so it make extra good sense for me. All my lenses, except...
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    Re: Consistent black lines on negatives

    Are you sure the line is on the negative and not an artifact from scanning? Who did the scan, you or the lab?
  36. Re: Will I Get Vignetting: Toyo 810G - 1200mm Bellows - Xenar 480mm f/4.5

    I have an 810M with a Western Bellows made to the same dimensions as the original Toyo. I use the 450M Nikkor with no probems. The same bellows fits 810G, which I have also used with the same...
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Years ago I learned an excellent method to find the correct developing time and EI for any film. The source was an article by William Mortensen. Mortensen wrote some excellent books and articles...
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    Re: Toyo 810M Resource/Fan Page

    Bellows and front frames for 8X10M and 8X10MII are not identical. When the Robos and the G2 cameras appeared the front frames of the bellows were changed (enlarged slightly). The front standards of...
  39. Re: What is the current trend on using dark cloth?

    I stopped using a darkcloth early on in my view camera practice. I started using the Linhof monocular focusing bag bellows and now I use a monocular viewer on Toyo 4X5s, and for the 810M, I made a...
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    Re: Dodging & Burning 8x10 Contact Prints

    "Morley Baer made 1:1 enlargements with 8x10 rather than contact print. This made dodge and burn easier."

    Once I had an 8X10 enlarger capable of making a 1:1 print, I seldom made contacts again. ...
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