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    Re: 8x10 film holder case

    I have one of these from ebay. I don't like the yellow lettering and it is a tight fit but works well.

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    Re: Gitzo GT4553S Tripod -- Thoughts?

    I have one, it’s awesome. Since I use multiple tripod heads I can change between them without tools and take the head off to make it shorter when putting it in a carry on. Obviously being a Gitzo...
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    Re: External HDD

    The new iMacs have Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. The connector looks like USB-C but is faster. If you get an external hard drive that is Thunderbolt 3 compliant (and a true Thunderbolt 3 cable) it will...
  4. Re: Jobo Expert Sheet Drum OR Mod54 Large Format Film Processor?

    I’ve used Jobo processors for as long as I can remember. It makes temperature control and processing in general painfully simple. Especially for sheet film. It also uses very little chemistry. I...
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    Re: Canon pro 1000 for digital negatives

    A friend of mine is a real master of digital negatives. His general opinion on digital negatives is as long as the printer has a true photo black and the profile is good you should be able to. There...
  6. Re: SINAR Architectural Photography Creative Large Format

    Thanks Daniel, I'll check it out.

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    Re: "More Finely Focused" is Available!

    If anyone has a copy of these I would be interested. I would like to share them with my students. PM me if you are willing to sell me a copy.

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    Re: Best large tent?

    Very expensive but check out (Don't let the colors scare you, they offer a coyote color as well) and their wall tents ...
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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera

    Thanks for the insight Tracy!

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    Re: Info request on Zone VI camera


    Which lens boards did the late production Zone VI cameras take? Was it Linhof Technika style or were they proprietary to that camera? The reason I ask is I have a pile of wooden lens boards...
  11. Re: How Large Can I Print a 4x5 Drum-Scanned Negative Before The Resolution Degrades?

    Thank you for the comparison to Höfer, that's a huge compliment.

    For most of the work on my website I used a multiple row, high dynamic range focused stacked process shot on a full frame DSLR with...
  12. Re: How Large Can I Print a 4x5 Drum-Scanned Negative Before The Resolution Degrades?

    This is not that easy to answer as it involves a lot of variables that that depend both on the original 4x5 and the scanner/operator. “Resolution Degrading” is subjective as well, what you consider...
  13. Re: YUP. Here it is...another backpack question. Bear with me...

    So let me say from the start that I own a LOT of bags/backpacks. Lowepro, ThinkTank, Mindshift, Domke, Tamarac and a bunch of others. Even a custom made one. Between large format, digital and the...
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    Re: Printing on Epson Hot Press Bright

    Optical brighteners will eventually fade, it depends on the manufacturer as to how fast. Even the ones that fade the quickest would take years to degrade. It is a point of contention in the industry...
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    Re: Serious Digital Printing DPI


    First off contradulations on finishing your Graduate degree! I finished mine last year and a huge part of my thesis revolved around my digital printing. Digital printing has a lot...
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    Re: Canon Ink Supply

    Freestyle Photo in Los Angeles CA. They usually have the in ink stock.

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    Re: Printing with an inkjet


    Sorry for chiming in so late, I have been crazy busy and not checking the forum much as of late. If you want to get serious about printing without spending thousands to learn things the...
  18. Re: Favorite Inkjet paper that emulates ilford FB classic glossy

    Try Canson Platine Fibre Rag. As with any paper the printer and profile you are using make a huge difference in your results.

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    Re: Photobook mock up production

    I think you need to approach this from a perspective of finding a good paper first and then making it work in a book. Also look for different binding options, like Swiss binding in order to stress...
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    Re: 4x5 with 4x10 camera?

    It would be expensive (even used) but K.B. Canham makes 4x10 cameras. You could probably get a kit based on his 4x5 and 5x7 platform that would shoot both 4x5 and 4x10. Like I said, it would be a lot...
  21. Re: Spacers of Sinaron W 90/4.5 DB mount, for the same lens in Copal#1 ?

    Not that it is necessarily concrete proof of whether spacers were used or not in the Sinaron W 90mm f/4.5 (I bought this lens used) but I just checked mine and it has no spacers installed in it.
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    Re: Ilford Price Increase

    Check it out! Ilford 8x10 is back down to $114.95!

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    Re: Super Large Files to print


    I have the IPF 9400 as well. You should download the Canon interface that you run from Photoshop. It gives you a lot more options to bring out the full capabilities of your printer. I...
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    Re: Super Large Files to print

    I print on my 60" Canon printer files above 6GB using the Canon interface via Photoshop. It just depends on the printer and the interface. When I used to print on an 44" Epson 9800 series I would...
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    Re: LED lighting for wet plate collodion

    It’s been a few years since I shot wet plate (I miss it) however when I first set up to do portraits in wet plate I bought two large LED lights and it was a pretty miserable experience. They simply...
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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

    I have a Schneider 210mm Super Angulon f/8. The lens has amazing performance in every way to include an image circle of 500mm. It's a favorite when I shoot 8x10. The only real downside is its size...
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    Re: How screwed am I with this lens board?

    I use this Gepe adapter on all of my recessed lens boards.

  28. Re: Short Film "Sharing the Light" featuring Bob Kolbrener

    Thanks for this!

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    Re: Schneider Super Angulon XL 47mm f5.6


    While true Schneider did make the Super Angulon XL 38mm. It has an image circle listed by Schneider of 137mm at f/22. While that does not cover the 4x5 format I have always found Schneider's...
  30. Re: Large-ish Format w/ Digital Back and Stitching


    I am currently experimenting with this as was well. What back are you using?

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    Re: Photogravure in Torun, Poland

    Congats Hendrik!

  32. Re: What to get: PS, Affinity, GIMP, ON1, other?


    You bring up a good point, "...I highly doubt that over time, CC-produced files will continue to be editable by CS6"

    Last year Adobe updated Lightroom Cc and if you wanted to open...
  33. Re: What to get: PS, Affinity, GIMP, ON1, other?


    I understand why many people don't like Photoshop and Adobe. The important thing for any photographer is to find what toolset works for them. After that the photograph should speak for...
  34. Re: What to get: PS, Affinity, GIMP, ON1, other?

    The reason is that as you grow and expand as a photographer you never know the things you are usually trying to accomplish. You can't always predict what you will be doing as an artist a few years...
  35. Re: What to get: PS, Affinity, GIMP, ON1, other?

    Personally I would go with Photoshop. I understand that most people don't like the subscription model but for what you are paying verses what you get I don't think you'll find a better investment....
  36. Re: Art Festivals vs. Craft Fairs, resources and markets

    My bad. I updated my profile but here is a link.

  37. Re: Art Festivals vs. Craft Fairs, resources and markets


    When I mentioned the cost of $1000 for the event that was just to pay for the entry fee, pay for the space and then and rent a tent for the space. It doesn't include any of my costs for...
  38. Re: Art Festivals vs. Craft Fairs, resources and markets


    Thanks for starting this subject. I have never exhibited in an arts festival before but I am considering entering the Bethesda Row Arts Festival in the Washington D.C. area. It’s seems...
  39. Re: can you recommend a good digital print shop in the US?

    Where (in general) are you located? As long as you are comfortable with mailing work then you can use anyone but if you could tell us where you are it might help narrow things down. I'm in the...
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    Re: Look for Tripod + head for Sinar F2

    As a Sinar user I completely agree that you should try and get a Sinar head. That said I understand they can be hard to find and are pricey for a used tripod head. Whatever tripod/head combination...
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