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    Re: Horseman 45FA vs. Master Technika

    Before you buy that 135, think, if you really do want a 150. The Schneider 150mm Xenar f5.6 fits inside the FA. It does not have much coverage but is VERY small, VERY sharp. It forms the basic outfit...
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    Re: Horseman 45FA vs. Master Technika

    The Horseman back unclips and you switch it to whatever position you want. It does not rotate like a Linhof. And that is just one of many reasons why it weights half of a Linhof.

    I had a HD...
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    Re: Deardorf --vs-- Kodak 2D

    Brad I have been reading your posts for years, mostly reguarding Speed/Crown Graphic's. We agree on so much I thought you were pretty smart. Until now.

    As Tillman Crane once told me "You can never...
  4. Re: Landscapers — what’s your 2nd most used lens?

    I guess I'm weird because it sometimes depends on which camera, not just format I'm using.
    4x5 Linhof V #1 240 Germinar, #2 150 Symmar S
    4x5 Crown Graphic #1 135 Xenar, #2 203 Ektar
    5x7 Dorff. #1...
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    Re: Moving to DC area

    Hi Tim, I'm just a bit (50 min.)west of you and about five miles north of Front Royal. I've been looking for L/F film shooters around here and all I find are digital clubs. Shoot me a PM when your...
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    Re: Biggest "steal" you ever made...

    Oh yeah, a mint condition Crown Graphic /135 mm Schneider Xenar, case, flash, holders etc. It was so new that the wood shipping block was still in the rangefinder battery box. City Government...
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    Re: Labs in NJ / NYC Area?

    North Jersey is my old hood. I was just up there a few days ago and sorry to see Pro-Set in West Paterson is gone. How about Pro-Lab in Clifton, they were still in the phone book. I used them for...
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    Re: Any shooters on the Delmarva Peninsula?

    Hey Chris, I'm willing to come out there on an overnight. You have to drive through DC at 4AM you know. I have to make a run to Chincoteague for some fishing and shooting soon. Late September?? It's...
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    Re: rodenstock grandagon N 155 mm

    $5,000??? That sounds like dollar signs dancing in someones head. My old B&H Sourcebook has it at $3,299. Brand new, legal import, papers etc. That MPEX price looks about right and buying from Jim is...
  10. Re: Your "standard" lens for 4x5 B&W landscapes

    If I had to live with one lens for 4x5 it would be the 200M. Since I don't, my main kit is a 150 & 240.

    5x7 is a 250 and 8x10 is a 360. I like/see longer.
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    Re: 5 x 7 back for a 5 x 4 camera?

    Since your main interest is portraits I would assume that your working in a "studio" or at least near a car or truck. For less than the cost of a 5x7 extension back you could buy a used 5x7 monorail....
  12. Re: Sanity check, is 8x10 too small? Advanced GAS syndrom?

    I have an 8x10 that I made Azo prints from. Then Kodak screwed that. While waiting for Lodima I started printing Pt/Pd. Now I only use the 8x10 for Pt/Pd and with the cost of film and chemicals not...
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    Re: Horseman 45FA and "c-1 ring"

    I had a 45HD. Like the FA but without back movements. Either is a fine back packing camera. I found I could use up to a 240mm Germinar with the C-1 board. I could focus to around 15 feet. Beyond that...
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    Re: Tele lens on 4x5?

    Seabird, Nope I never used a 300C. I do have a Fuji 105 that is a very nice lens. I don't know if there would be any difference between the C and M.

    I will say that the two best, sharpest lenses...
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    Re: Tele lens on 4x5?

    I've had a Fuji 300T and a Nikon 300M. The Fuji was no where near as sharp as the Nikon and a pain to work with too. If you have the bellows, to me there's no question, buy the normal lens.

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    Re: Info on SYMMAR-S 5,6/210mm on COPAL NO.1

    For 300 mm you might want to consider the Nikon 300M. It's an f/9 but you don't really miss the stops with the longer lenses. It will cover 8x10 and not rip the front standard off a 4x5. The huge...
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    Re: Recommended 135 or 150 for 4x5

    Test, test, test. Interesting statement from Catshaver and Mr. Hughes. I have a 135mm Schneider Xenar from a Crown Graphic. Same thing as the Wolly. This lens is so sharp that it kicked the snot out...
  18. Re: Carrying Large Format Gear on a Motorcycle

    Some other thoughts on motorcycles and L/F. Jwaddison mentioned the heavy loads seen on scoots in Asia and distributing the load. Absolutely. What was left unsaid is some of the reality. The Honda...
  19. Re: Carrying Large Format Gear on a Motorcycle

    A number of years ago I set up a BMW 650 Dakar to carry a 4x5 kit. I used an old Zero Halliburton case. On the bottom of the case is a sheet of 3/8 ensolite foam to help protect the equipment from...
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    Re: Compact metal Field camera

    Well I have the Horseman HD and a Linhof V so I'll address those model's. Of all the camera's you listed the Horseman in the lightest by almost half. But... With the HD you give up back movements....
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    Re: LF or not? Trip advice needed...

    Took one of those dream trips out west a few years ago. It was so windy I only shot 6 negs of 8x10 in three weeks. Everything else was slides with a F5. I was really sorry I did not bring my TLR...
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    Re: optar 203mm

    Ed, your absolutely right. One of the neat things about this museum is all the equipment on display. I don't mean just the camera's and lenses. It includes the flash generators that he invented to...
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    Linhof V with lenses

    Can anyone tell me if a Nikkor 200M will fit into a closed up #V? Also interested in a 240 Germinar fitting inside.

    Any listing of what fits?

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    Re: optar 203mm

    If you ever get down to Roanoke, VA stop in the O. Winston Link museum and see an entire freight train station filled with his train photographs.

    Then pay close attention to the equipment he used....
  25. Re: NikKor 270 vs Nikkor 300 for Horseman vhr

    The list that Oren refered you to will give a number for a special lens board for the 300 Ronar/Nikkor M etc. I have not been able to find one. Still looking in case anyone wants to sell one. A Fuji...
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    Re: Cooke lenses reissued

    Damn this is not a good time to be reading this. As soon as the DOW goes up another 5,000 points I'll be ready.
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    Re: Anyone been attacked by an elephant seal?

    John, I have read and responded to a number of your posts over the years. Most times it would involve backcountry skiing with a metal 5x7 in a pack, then later complaints of chronic back pain and...
  28. Re: Best Used 4X5 Field Camera body for $1,000?

    Your lenses will cover 5x7 so you may want to consider a 5x7 with a extra 4x5 back. But that may be pushing the cash limits. You can get a real nice Zone VI plus a bag bellows for under a G. I like...
  29. Re: Pristine used field cameras... are they hangar queens?

    I have two Deardorff's and while not closet queens I will admit that when I go out to photograph on my Dakar (dual sport motorcycle made for boonie bashing) I take my Crown Graphic. If I crash my...
  30. Re: Forgot to reverse a darkslide after shooting

    Van Camper has it nailed. Blowing $2.50 is nothing in L/F. I work with up to 40 4x5 holders. As I shoot they are placed into an "exposed" bag. It helps, sometimes.

    Come back after you tilted your...
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    Re: Ries wooden tripod vs Manfrotto aluminum

    I would keep the Ries. Many photographers don't know how to use a wood tripod. You keep the legs loose and kick or drag them to set the camera level and at the right height. Then you set the spikes....
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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Bump. For those that are interested the APUG group is having a Virginia workshop in May. Check Apug under workshops. I'll be there as Photobum. Looks like a lot of L/F and some ULF cameras will show...
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    Re: Padded bag to hold tripod on backpack?

    Years ago I became fed up with high price filter pockets that leach plastic chemicals on to good glass filters. I started to make my own filter holders with canvas outside, flannel inside with light...
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    Re: "The ideal Focus Cloth"

    Lot's of good advice here that's all over the map. Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee both use and teach the advantages of a large cloth. Of course they use 8x10 and 8x20 cameras so that might have...
  35. Re: Searching for filter sizes - Red Dot, Velostigmat

    In my studio tool cabinet I have a drawer full of old cheap filters, adapters and other odds and ends. When I find a lens that I want a standard filter ring for, I start digging. A old Wollensak...
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    Re: Lensboards for Hosrseman Fieldcamera

    Anything that says 34 or 35 is a Copal 0 mount. Some are drilled a touch large to allow for the "shaft" part of the retaining ring to enter the mount. The "shoulder holds the ring firm and centered...
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    Re: Suggestions for lightweight 8x10

    Bruce, by any chance are you going to be with Richard at Peter's Valley?
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    Re: photographic sites in Charleston, SC

    For formal gardens, Magnolia Plantation is the place. The Live Oaks and canon on the Battery is cool. The stone work on Fort Sumter is wonderful.
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    Re: Suggestions for lightweight 8x10

    Old, heavy, (13lbs.) not so ridgid but the most instinctive and wonderful 8x10 you can find, a V-8 Deardorff.
  40. Thread: new to lf

    by Jim Rhoades

    Re: new to lf

    Venchka has a good point. You can buy a good Calumet 400 series for well under $100 Same for a working Graphic. That gets you started in L/F and you will learn what you want.

    Then buy a old 5x7...
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