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    Meridian View Camera

    See this review: . The Meridian seems to have quite a following.

  2. Best 2x3 view camera for travel/field use?

    The Busch cameras are nice; I have a 4x5 D and a 2x3. To my knowledge, they wer e all spring back. Difficult to use roll film. The Century Graphic is a very n ice camera, but movements are limited...
  3. Information on Busch Precision Camera Corp.

    I don't have any info, although I own a 4x5 Model D and a 2x3. I have seen this question come up regularly, and I have never seen an answer. You can get info on all sorts of obscure cameras, but...
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    South Florida LF Users Group

    In the Announcements section of this Forum, you'll find:

    A group of about twelve large format photographers in the Tampa Bay area has rec ently formed. No dues or fees. We meet once a month for...
  5. difference between Horseman 970/980/985

    I have a 980 and a 985. The differences are minimal. The 960 was introduced in 1 960. The 970 in '63. The 760 in '65 w/o rangefinder. The 980 was intro'ed in '68. My book stops with the 980, but...
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