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Rob Hale
3-May-2004, 21:30
Compund Shutter Cam - help

I am inquiring from New Zealand as to whether anyone can help me ? I have acquired a Linhof Schneider Kreuznach Tele Xenar 5,5 / 360 S/N 3611932 mounted in a Compound shutter. The shutter has a number on the side just below the cocking lever 760217. The one second time was out. After careful adjustment of timing screw I found that the position of the time wheel at one second is very sensitive. Further timing checks revel that all the timing is earlier than the markings on the timing wheel. So I removed the timing wheel and examined the timing cam. It would appear to have been modified. File marks and not a particularly attractive shape or finish suggest it may have been made by a previous owner ? My question is can anyone supply me an out line of a cam, scan, photcopy or tracing of an original shape cam so that I might make a replacement. Some detail measurements, which may help, identify this shutter : -

Out side diameter of the drum :- 82 mm 3.228 inches or just over 3 7/32 inches.

Drum depth excluding the iris ring :- 12 mm .472 inches or just over 15/32 inch

Front lens element mount out side diameter : - 57 mm 2.244 inches or just under 2 1/4 inches.

Back lens element mount out side diameter : - 58 mm 2.283 inches or just under 2 9/32 inches.

There is sync. Plug above the cocking lever.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

My email is rhale@hale.co.nz I also have fax available. Rob Hale

george verbryck
3-May-2004, 22:40
My cam looks about the same I finally got the time right on mine by cleaning the air piston and making fine adjustment in the mark where the 1 second lines up hope this helps. Cheers George

4-May-2004, 11:08
Forget having the correct speeds as marked. Just measure what you've actually got and make sure it is repeatable. ALways allow 30 seconds after cocking before firing.