View Full Version : Sean MacKenna (Dallmeyer "Guardian") has died

Steven Tribe
10-Feb-2013, 04:07
I think it is very appropriate to mention this here, as apart from his general early photography interests, wet plate activities and reenactment participation, he was the pre-1900 Dallmeyer expert.

I had a very instructive ocassional correspondence with him the last 4 years and he was full of information about Dallmeyer's lenses, flanges, Waterhouse stop marking and all things Dallmeyer.

As many checking in this category will know, he had access to the original Dallmeyer production and sales ledgers - and could produce exact details of sales date, type (very important with the early unmarked Dallmeyers) based on serial numbers. In the case of Stereo sets, he could even give the serial number of the "missing" lens of the pair!

In replying to my last enquiry, his widow, Jen, mentioned that she hoped that someone would continue and finish the digitalisation of the Dallmeyer ledgers. I do not know as yet whether she had any idea of how this might be done - but will post information here when I get a new reply.

10-Feb-2013, 04:42
What a lost!

10-Feb-2013, 05:27
Steven, I was working with Sean a couple years ago to help him finish publishing the ledger. He got busy and didn't finish his scanning, but I was going to compile, prepare, and publish afterwards. You're PM is full, can you delete some messages so I can PM you more info? I need Jen's email.


10-Feb-2013, 05:27
What a lost!



alex from holland
10-Feb-2013, 05:29
Steven, i had contact with Jen already a few months ago.
She told me somebody is helping her on the Dallmeyer archive.
But first she needed some time for herself.

Indeed a lost for the community as Sean was an extremely kind and helpful person.

Steven Tribe
10-Feb-2013, 05:40
Mail box is now cleaned up.
My email (through lfpf) doesn't get the same sort of problems!

I posted here, because I thought it was likely that someone had had more contact with Sean about his Dallmeyer archive work. My impression of the message from Jen is that she would be glad of assistance in getting the completion on track again.

The reply from Jen came from his old Gmail address which I will send now together with the note from Jen.
The date of his death was in October last year - I did a quick search to check whether it had noted elsewhere.

My personal view is that this, apart from the Dallmeyer records, is a good time to think about a Dallmeyer book covering the time up to 1900.

20-Feb-2013, 00:54
Sean MacKenna was a great guy. I bought a few lens from him over the years. I bought a 4D from him right before he passed. I cant look at it without thinking of him.