View Full Version : Bellows: Experience with the replacement bellows on eBay for their 8x10 Kodak 2D?

Jay Decker
9-Feb-2013, 22:24
Have a 8x10 Kodak 2D that could stand to have the bellows replaced. Noticed that are replacement bellows on eBay (link to an example (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Hand-Made-Bellows-For-Eastman-Kodak-2D-8x10-Large-Format-Camera-/271028537877)). Has anyone tried them, if so, how did they work out?

9-Feb-2013, 23:11

10-Feb-2013, 21:34
For some reason, Vinny's link doesn't work.
In short, yes, I have bought several bellows from Rudy at ecbuyonline; bellows are of very good quality and manufacture, and customer service is top-notch.

Jeff Dexheimer
10-Feb-2013, 21:48
I bought bellows from him. They were for a tachihara 4x5. They came well packaged. I simply had to undo the ties that kept the bellows compressed during shipment. After that, I aligned the bellows on the front standard and used rubber cement to attach then. Same thing for the rear standard. It was easy to do and they worked great. I never tested with IR film, but I never had problems with the other film I used, slide, neg and black&white.

The bellows were quality and quickly shipped. I recommend.

6-Jul-2015, 08:14
Im looking at ordering myself. I have a KMV and it has a frame with crew holes that the bellows attach to. Do you use rubber cement to attach the bellows to this frame? custombellows asks that you send the frame in but they have a 3 week turn around once you get them and i cant wait that long.

6-Jul-2015, 09:45
Fitted a Technika bellows. Not as supple as the factory original, but works fine and $300 less expensive.

David Karp
6-Jul-2015, 13:29
Rudy made a bellows for a 5x7 ARCA type C rear format frame to 171 F Line front format frame. I sent him the frames and received a nice red bellows in return. It seems quite well made to my eye. Western Bellows made a new bellows for my whole plate camera years ago and the quality of the workmanship is similar. I agree with Bill, the material is stiffer than the material Western Bellows used. It works fine for my application. If I needed lots of flexibility, the material that Custom Bellows uses for Canham cameras is the way to go.

As Ari mentioned, the customer service is great. Rudy kept me posted when he received the frames, and when the bellows were completed. We had several Emails discussing my needs, and he was prompt and very easy to deal with.

Here is photo that my 12 year old took of me when I was using the camera last week. You can see most of the bellows in the photo. :-)


Michael Clark
6-Jul-2015, 18:42
Hi Jay, had Rudy make a bellows for my Kodak D2 a couple of years ago and it fitts and works fine. Rudy is easy to communicate with, also had a bellows for the B&J press camera, which turned out fine also. Geuss old Shaky Jake will be next.


7-Jul-2015, 04:19
I've used bellows for Ansco, B&J, and Sinar 8x10. All perfect.