View Full Version : deseperatly looking for KONICA INSTANT PRESS to buy

nicolas reynard
3-May-2004, 06:41
I am a professional photographer. I have been using for a personal project on tribes around the world a Konica Instant Press. That camera was stolen from me. I am looking desperatly for another to buy to continue my work.

Jim Galli
3-May-2004, 07:53
Sorry that I cannot help and hope you have some luck, but must admit that I am curious about why these little cameras command such a high price on Ebay? What will they do that a Polaroid 600SE by Mamiya will not?

Scott Rosenberg
4-May-2004, 07:09
not sure if he still has it for sale, but this gentleman was listing one:

Tony Sansone Phone or Fax: 850-863-2972 Email: gmhsint@cox.net

Good luck!

4-May-2004, 11:09
What's the focal length on this?

16-Aug-2007, 18:46
I am listing one on ebay right now. Please email me for the link. treasurehunta@aol.com

10-Oct-2007, 11:42
You probably already found one but if not I am selling one... you can email me through this website acarbone@paradisofilmspr.com