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8-Feb-2013, 16:57
I've recently made the switch from 4x5 slide film to a digital back since film and especially E6 development for 4x5 became unavailable in my area. So I'm in need for a nice wideangle lens, a 45mm would suit my needs perfectly. I use an old Sinar P with DB shutter.

Currently there are some "Sinaron Digital" 45mm lenses on what looks like non-recessed Sinar DB lensboards listed for a quiet reasonable price on a big auction site.
So my questions arose: What is their flange back distance/extension for infinity? Their focal length or a bit more like some of the newer Rodenstock Digarons. I think those have about 70mm.
The lenses are explicitly listed as "without shutter", should they have one by default or do they fit my ancient DB shutter?

I looked at the sinar website but didn't find any information about this lens there, they only list "Sinaron digital CEF" and "Sinaron digital CPL" lenses that are both equipped with a shutter, nothing about a plain "Sinaron digital".

Help is greatly appreciated.

Clemens Bauer

8-Feb-2013, 17:27
Someone on this forum may be able to help, but I might guess you will get more responses over on The Luminous Landscape, particularly in the Medium Format / Film / Digital Backs and Large Sensor Photography forum:


LuLa tends to focus on Medium Format Digital

Hope this helps


Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2013, 17:49
Just check the specs of the 75mm Rodenstock digital lenses on the Rodenstock site. It gives the FFL in the download. They have not discontinued any digital lens except the 90mm HR Digaron-W which was just replaced with the 90mm Digaron SW.

You can link to their site through ours.
www.hpmarkletingcorp.com. C;ick on Rodenstock and on that page click on the Rodenstock link. Then go to the digital lenses.

Don Dudenbostel
9-Feb-2013, 03:31
I use a 47xl Schneider, 58xl and 35 Sinaron Digital on my Technikardan 23. I don't have a Sinar P but do have a Norma and had the old copal shutter so I have a relative idea of what you're up against. On my Tak23 I absolutely have to use a recessed board with the 47 and 35 do I'm guessing it will be a problem using a 45 on the DB shutter.

I should add I'm shooting with a digital back on the TK.

9-Feb-2013, 07:56
Thanks for all your answers.

I found the information about flangeback distance on the rodenstock site, exactly what I was looking for. At first I didn't keep in mind that Sinaron lenses are actually selected Sironars sold by Sinar.

The data I found looks bad, really bad for my P. If a technikardan23 needs a recessed board, no chance for the DB shutter. Some quick measurements done on my camera confirm this, no way with the shutter - ok without.
So Ill have to look for a shuttered lens, in a recessed board.

9-Feb-2013, 10:07
If you are primarily working in a studio or indoor environment where electricity is available, you should look into a SinarCam2. This electronic shutter can be used with wide angle lenses, and can also be used in standalone mode.