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8-Feb-2013, 06:17

i'm presently using a Manfrotto 055C tripod with a 141RC head with a Deardorff 5X7. I'm OK to use it around the house but i'll like to get something more secure to go in the field.

Any suggestions?


William Whitaker
8-Feb-2013, 06:23
Richard K on this forum has a Ries J100 tripod for sale. That's hard to beat for 5x7 in the field. But you'll get more differing replies on this topic than you could ever want.

8-Feb-2013, 08:20
I have a Quickset Hercules that I like a lot..I put a Manfrotto head on it.

you can get them on ebay for like 125 or so with a big ol video head that is overkill for 5x7... get the three stage one, because it folds down to a reasonable package

I've also used a Bolex Tripod with a ball head intead of their movie head

8-Feb-2013, 08:42
I used an old Gitzo 300 series (Studex), but also find that the Reporter Series is also sufficient for 5x7. I am using a Bogan 3-way pan head on the Reporter mostly these days.

If one is using long (450mm+) lenses, then perhaps the Ries J100 would be nice, otherwise it might be more tripod than one needs for 5x7. I use the A100 for my 8x10 and 11x14...very fine tripods, to be sure! The A100 is more than one needs for 8x10, but it is nice knowing the camera is rock-steady.

Walter Calahan
8-Feb-2013, 09:02
I prefer wood tripods for the field. Your hand doesn't freeze to them when it is cold, and the damp vibration faster (in my opinion, but I don't have the engineering specs).

8-Feb-2013, 13:00
I like the Camera Equipment Company movie camera tripods. Wood and metal, not too heavy or expensive (you have to look, not BIN), smooth movements.

Drew Wiley
8-Feb-2013, 13:07
The lighter weight Ries works superbly, provided you get one with enough leg extension.

Roger Hesketh
8-Feb-2013, 16:34
I have a wooden Miller tripod which I use with a Manfrotto 029 head.:The Miller is an Australian made cine tripod. It is pretty heavy. It is transportable rather than portable, at least for me. However I do not carry it, if not used from the car it is transported in a bicycle cargo trailer towed behind either a bicycle or a scooter. One of the best things I ever did was giving up on carrying photographic equipment.