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7-Feb-2013, 15:50
My Grandpa gave me his Linhof Technika many years ago. I used it myself back in the mid 70s. It is getting dusty and stiff and Im wondering if It is worth restoring or if I should just keep it as a remembrance of him. It has the number 35529 on the mounting bracket on the base top. Also around the back of the base it has the letters DBP Germany and A.P.a. Can anyone tell me anything about this camera?

7-Feb-2013, 16:43
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Bob Salomon
7-Feb-2013, 17:19
It is a Technika III from 1954.

8-Feb-2013, 21:13
DBP = Deutsche Bunde Patent. That's what replaced DRP (Deutsche Reich Patent) in the early 1950s.