View Full Version : Lens Board Air Fitting/Connector- where to buy

thomas ciulei
6-Feb-2013, 01:29
hi all,

just got a large Dallmeyer 4 1/2 opening pneumatic shutter to install in my 10x12 inch Reisekamera.
since i need to get the tubing out of the lensboard, I was wondering where to get the air fitting from.
Can anybody point me into the right direction?
Brass fitting would be great, but steel would work too.


6-Feb-2013, 06:33
Packard is still very much in business and I think they carry those as they did carry the bulbs and hoses when I last visited their site.

Jim Jones
6-Feb-2013, 09:07
Hardware stores usually stock a variety of brass tubing. A piece epoxied into the camera body or lens board should work, although not as professional looking as the more expensive devices intended for the purpose. Some people just drill a tight-fitting hole in the camera or lens board and thread opaque rubber tubing through it.

thomas ciulei
9-Feb-2013, 08:24
thank you guys,
i wish packard's site was be more userfriendly and post pics of the stuff they sell

9-Feb-2013, 10:24
thank you guys,
i wish packard's site was be more userfriendly and post pics of the stuff they sell

Their site was better once upon a time. The air fitting looks like the below. Its main virtue is that it fastens securely from the inside. (Ignore the electrical wires. Those are for a studio flash.)


thomas ciulei
13-Feb-2013, 02:52
thanks Jac,
very kind to post that pic!

Packard should get in touch with you... :)

Steven Tribe
13-Feb-2013, 03:53
I take it you have a 24x30cm reisekamera, rather than a 10x12"?

I selected a different shutter solution for these tailboard cameras. Iris clamp on a single lens board and a sinar/copal shutter mounted (but removable) between the front standard and the bellows.

Rubber (butyl) tubing is readily available locally at auto parts reserve shops - it is carburettor air/vacuum tubing.
Far better quality than the old real rubber product.

C. D. Keth
13-Feb-2013, 23:04
Here you go (http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-barbed-tube-fittings/=lgx9fc).

When in doubt regarding hardware, McMaster-Carr probably has it.

Tracy Storer
14-Feb-2013, 10:25
The ones Packard sells work great as they're made for exactly this purpose, the current offering (last time I bought one) is aluminum.
Also not at all hard to make if you have a lathe, just chuck a short piece of threaded rod and drill it through.