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5-Feb-2013, 23:07
Does anyone know of any photographers that use a screenprinting method to print their fine art colour work? It would be easy enough to do at home with the help of a few digital products. I haven't put much thought into it but it seems like with a bit tinkering you could be printing in a similar fashion to dye transfer - and with good inks I assume you could get similar results?

Kirk Gittings
5-Feb-2013, 23:10
I used to make my living screenprinting. I don't think you could come close to the detail of die transfer.

6-Feb-2013, 00:22
I don't think you could come close to the detail of die transfer.

What causes the low detail? is it constrained by the thread count of the screen itself?

Kirk Gittings
6-Feb-2013, 09:17
Yes and as you go finer problems like screen clogging increase dramatically. Screen printing is more useful for very graphic art like block printing.

bob carnie
6-Feb-2013, 12:57
Basically Ultra Stable process, uses a stochastic screen, some of the nicest colour prints I have seen were done this way.

google. Todd Gangler, John Bentley

Kirk Gittings
6-Feb-2013, 13:12
Granted its been a few decades since I did screenprinting and things certainly could have and probably have changed but ......

All I can find on Ganger is on color carbon transfer which is not screen printing AFAIK and couldn't find the Bentley you were talking about.

Andrew O'Neill
6-Feb-2013, 15:42
I used to colour screen print a lot ( and still teach it to my graphic design students) and I could never get it to look anything more than what it is... a colour screened print... if you know what I mean.
You would be better off learning colour carbon transfer printing.