View Full Version : CHOROSKOP II Brass Wide angle Meniscus Lens ?

5-Feb-2013, 10:35
Hi, just found this little Meniscus lens.
Can someone tell me the coverage ? Any infos ?

Found only one info on the web.
Scovill 5x7 camera with a similar lens.

Does anyone know if this could cover 8x10?


5-Feb-2013, 10:37

Steven Tribe
10-Feb-2013, 12:27
I have seen a couple of these tiny landscape lenses with built in shutters. I still have one!
Landcaster made a detachable type as well.
If the spring breaks, you always use a rubber band to create the right degree of tension!
The engraved "lightning" schematic suggests the Lightning Brand, which was a name given to some imports into the USA from France (A.Laverne, perhaps?).

10-Feb-2013, 14:46
Goerz Choroskop No. 2 - Periscopic type lens


Steven - this is your scan !


Steven Tribe
10-Feb-2013, 16:47
Yes I know!
I assumed it was a counterfeit use of the tradename as I couldn't believe that Goerz wouldn't have had their name somewhere on the lens and made the nasty trademark line!

HOWEVER, looking at the catalogue again, I can see that this landscape lens was sold (at a very low price!) complete with a wheel stop and a shutter (of sorts).
To make amends, I have included the very poor engraving of the model from the same catalogue as the table above. You can just see the special C loop.

This is a very rare lens - I have never seen one. Quite a few were made, but if they don't have the Goerz identification, it could explain why they have been thrown away.
Covers only 5x7 at small stops.

10-Feb-2013, 23:55
Thank you for the info.
So I will try it on my 4x5 Cham.

Any info on the value ?


Steven Tribe
11-Feb-2013, 01:25
It is very uncommon, but unless there are at least 2 goerz collectors who want every model that CP Goerz ever made, it would have the same value as the very common small Lancaster meniscii. I have sold around 5 of these during the past six months in the F/S section for small amounts. Meniscus lenses are fun.

11-Feb-2013, 04:36
This was one sold for 120 Euro



evan clarke
11-Feb-2013, 07:51
I have one of these sans the shutter. Never used it yet, maybe in the spring..