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Kirk Gittings
1-May-2004, 12:51
In 1988 I wrote the photography manual for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 5 years later I decide it needed a revision and I contacted them. They got back to me two weeks ago, 10 years later. It was a good thing I was still alive I guess. The old manual is not available online so I cannot make it available to you.

This new text will be aimed at novices to historic architectural photography and or experienced people who want specific information about requirements when shooting for the National Trust, HABS or HAER.

The question is, if you fit one of these target groups do you have any specific questions in mind that I might need to address in the new text? I am interested in your feedback as this group is well targeted for a text on arch. photography. Thanks

Mark Vaughan
1-May-2004, 14:18
Sounds wonderful. I'm new to LF, and as an architect, one of my primary interests is in the documentation of existing buildings. I am particularly concerned about many wonderful "modern" buildings (built in the 50's & 60's) that are currently dissapearing at an alarming rate. I would like to learn more about how to properly document these, and so I thought a good place to start would be with your first (1988) edition. I've found it listed at the National Trust's website ($6.00), and I'll be sure to get back to you after I've had a chance to read it for feedback. Thanks for the post!

Kirk Gittings
1-May-2004, 17:48

I share your interest in early modernist buildings. Last year I worked with the SHPO on a project "Historic Moderism" and a book that has spun off of it about moderism in New Mexico with Elmo Baca. Let me know what you think of the old one. I am hoping to convince them of a much grander production.

1-May-2004, 20:02

will your publication include the guidelines already published by the park service for written documentation, measured drawings and photography? or are you publishing something all encompasing?

i know the habs office is pretty particular about how film and prints are processed ( w/o hardener &C). maybe you can address their specs for "archival" submissions.

good luck!

Raymond Bleesz
2-May-2004, 08:03

A subject I have been photographing over the years are silo's------usually very small farm/ranching ones which were a major component to our ranching/agrarian heritage in the West. Typically, the remaining silo's are still on working family ranches/farms. Perhaps a paragraph in your text specifically directed to families who might still have a "historic" type building on their property, might be of value to photographers & property owners, as an example.

Richard Wasserman
2-May-2004, 08:13
Kirk, I have recently begun a project to document the town I live in that is going through a period of rapid change. Many of the older buildings that date from 1870-1950 are being replaced with poorly designed behemoths. The character of the town is changing and not for the better. I too have ordered your old book (which I was unaware of, unfortunately) and will certainly let you know what issues I think should be addressed in your new edition. I am looking forward to reading your book as I could use some guidance in this project. If anyone would like to give me some pointers, I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks

Kirk Gittings
2-May-2004, 10:30
The text will deal with specific HABS photo requirements but not measured drawings etc. I have no expertise or interest in such.