View Full Version : Odd Petzval (around f9)

5-Feb-2013, 07:52
I picked up a petzval a couple of weeks ago. from the size, I was expecting a typical 6" or so magic lantern lens. This one turns out to have a focal length around 14" so based on its 1 1/2 diameter, around f9. Also odd is the rear glass doesn't have a spacer between the pieces of glass. I started thinking maybe this was kludged together, but, it acts like a petzval. Front meniscus has a FL around twice the lens, back doesn't form an image. It doesn't swirl but I don't think I'd expect it to at this f stop. It covers 8x10 and nice and sharp at the center. Has anyone ever seen one like this?


5-Feb-2013, 09:05
Yeah, I've had a few, here's a couple:

Petzvals can be very fast, or even pretty slow. The latter were magic lantern lenses. Your lens is probably just missing the spacer.

6-Feb-2013, 10:46
Thanks. I have a projection Gundlach at f2, a few projection lense in the f3-4 range, but this is the first one at f9 I'd seen. Glad it's what it seems to be. Should be fun to play with.