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Tin Can
4-Feb-2013, 15:36
I just bought this Pre War Linhof 5X7 # 13760. Very nice shape. I have 3 questions.

1 How do I remove the rotating back? I have newer Linhofs and I know how they work. This is different.88693

2 One of the 4 pin locking knobs does not lock the pin/shaft on the back. How do I remove the knob and locking threaded rod? Obviously I want to fix it.

3 Does anyone know how to snug up the front standard on the focus rails? The ways are in good shape but it is a little loose.

This camera is usable the way it is, but I like to tinker.

My spell check suggested Holiness for Linhofs. That can't be right, can it?

Oops, 4 questions. Sorry!

Roger Hesketh
4-Feb-2013, 19:49
I have a similar camera No. 22124. Mine has had the 5x7 back replaced by a 4x5 Graflok. I have tried to get the back off too. I took the GraflocK off to see if that might give me some clues how to get it off .But no joy. It seems to have tabs in the corners to remove the back as on later models but it just seems to be impossible to get access to them. if you should have success I would be grateful if you could post a follow up . Not really sure why I want to know as I am now happy with the current arrangement but it has been bugging me that I failed to do it. It is comforting to me to know that you have so far been unable to do it as well. I am not alone.

The knobs to loosen the back have locking screws on their sides if you loosen the screw with a small ascrewdriver the knob will unscrew from the shaft. It is possible that the locking screw is loose already and that is why it is not locking the pin as you are turning it.

Just to the right of the focusing knob which is located in the right hand corner of the bed as you look at it from behind the camera is a little lever. You can use that to adjust the amount of play the front standard has on the track. On the other side of the track are two small silver coloured tabs .You press those to release the double and triple extension tracks I mention it because it was several months after got the camera before I realised that it had got a triple extension track.

It is a fabulous camera and such a joy to use. I do wish though that it was just a couple of ounces lighter.

Tin Can
4-Feb-2013, 20:30
Thanks for the advice. It does not appear obvious how to remove the rotating back. I hesitate to screw it up. I wanted to see if I could somehow use the back off this camera on a 5x7 Linhof Color for which I have with no back. Double duty as it were. The lock screw is tight on the pin locking knob, but I will take that off and see what happens. It already does not work. As for the loose ways, they only adjustment I see is the focus drag-locking lever next to the focus knob. It works fine to lock focus, but does not tighten the standard in the ways. Strange that a country of machinists would not provide adjustable ways. They are common on any mill or lathe. Perhaps a shim in the right place...

I do realize it is triple extension and the little bellow tabs are very nice how they attach to the front frame.

BTW, there is one for sale right now on the auction site. It is a little older than mine and the negative holder holder (?) is slightly different. Mine will take a modern double holder.

I already like this camera way more than my heavier and larger old wood 5x7.

I swore I would not get into Linhof, but I am down the path and really like their sturdy construction. Mine are all old, unpopular ones, all the cheaper for me. Late last night I looked at new ones. Not a good idea, I am very susceptible.

I will post any progress here.

Roger Hesketh
4-Feb-2013, 21:26
The back will not fit the old Linhof Color Kardan I assume you are talking about the old heavily built one from the fifties/ early sixties .I tried to do it the other way round . Mine has been converted to 4x5 so I was looking to see if the back from my Kardan Color would fit it. but it became clear that even if I were to be able to get the back off . The back from the Color Kardan would not fit anyway .Apart from anything else it is about 2 inches wider than the body of our camera.
You can get some of the older ones very cheap. I paid 32 for my Technika . 34 for my 5x7 Color Kardan which came without a back as yours did and then I was fortunate to get an 8x10 one for 40 which had a reducing 5x7 back and a 5x7 back as well. Sometimes it is better not to be a dedicated follower of fashion

Tin Can
5-Feb-2013, 11:54
Thanks for the letting me know the backs won't fit. I will leave it alone. I could have checked that myself if I had dug out my Linhof Color 8x10 to 5x7 to 4x5 GG reducing back. I dislike shooting 4x5 with a bigger box than necessary, unless I am shooting an Instant for exposure checking. I am still looking for a 5x7 Linhof Color back.

You must have much more old Linhof in Europe than we have in USA as I have not found very cheap old Linhof. I have found good condition working Linhof for prices that compare to any working camera of a comparable age. I am becoming a fan of 5X7 as I find it still possible to carry one more than 50 feet from my van.

I also have 1960 Linhof Color 6x9 monorail, which I like. It is not big and fits in the same case I use for a Horseman VHR, it even weighs less...

I am resisting The Linhof folders due to high prices, my stripped 2x3 Graflex Crown Graphic is so much lighter. Last night I took it out of the cabinet to remind me NOT to buy a Linhof folder. Glad I did.

I do remember the song.

Tin Can
5-Feb-2013, 14:23
That reminds me. I need a ladder and a platform for my van. It's a 1999, it is time to mess it up. I want a tripod locked down on the platform, something I can hang onto. I have plenty of heavy duty tripods to sacrifice. Or maybe a hinge...

Roger Hesketh
5-Feb-2013, 14:29
Sorry I misread your earlier post. The Linhof Kardan color 5x7 back is to wide for the 5x7 Technika it overhangs the edges of the camera but I suppose it is just possible the original back could possibly work on the Color Kardan.

Roger Hesketh
5-Feb-2013, 14:31
The 4x5 back could possibly fit I did not try that.. My camera already had a 4x5 Graflock fitted which I prefer to the Linhof one anyway I wanted to fit the 5x7 back to the camera and when it became clear the 5x7 would not fit I did not follow up. I do have a 4x5 back which fits via a 5x7 to 4x5 reducer on the Color Kardan but can not get at it now to check it's size as it is stored in a suitcase under my 4 years old's bed and he is asleep. Tis a bone of contention with SWMBO I must find somewhere else to put it.

I feel the same way about shooting 4x5 with a bigger box than necessary as well hence my wish to return it to use as a 5x7. I prefer the aspect of it to. Not used the 10x8 yet I was short of a suitable support for it.I got a Fatif studio stand to use with it and then we moved and the stand is to high for our ceilings now. It is 9ft high.
Plan to use it later in the year mounted to a camera platform on the roof of a Land rover during a tour of the Highlands

Tin Can
5-Feb-2013, 15:15
Well, I bit the bullet and bought another Kardon Color 5X7 early this morning from England. You can find it if you look. It was not cheap, but also not crazy if that's what one wants. I hope it crosses the pond in good attire. I will stop fooling with this very nice Technika 5X7 and be done with Linhof collecting for a while. My Technika 5X7 came with an unusual copy stand accessory. It is a geared focus platform with two 3/8X16 bolts to fasten to the two mounts on the drop front. I call it a copy stand attachment since it seems to be good for holding the camera in that position.

I am attaching an image with the Linhof parts and a stripped 2X3 Speed Graphic that is stylistically it's little sister. They look real nice in the cabinet.8876388763