View Full Version : Calumet C1 lensboard Availability / Compatibility

Jeff Dyck
30-Apr-2004, 12:04

I am looking for some lensboards for a Calumet C1. The widely available "Cambo / Calumet" boards seem to be too big for the C1. Is anyone still making compatible boards? Are "standard" 6"x6" boards (i.e. Deardorff compatible) usable?

Scott Atkinson
30-Apr-2004, 12:46
Try Calumet directly (1-800-CALUMET). I bought three new ones from them a couple years ago.

Gem Singer
30-Apr-2004, 13:05
Hi Jeff,

Check with K.E.H., in Atlanta, GA. (www.keh.com). They have several used Calumet boards listed, with various sized shutter openings. Perhaps you can find the board you are seeking.

Jeff Dyck
30-Apr-2004, 14:50
Calumet still has them! Thanks.


neil poulsen
1-May-2004, 01:50
Try EBay. These boards come up occassionally. For example, try the recessed reduction lensboard that takes 4x4 Calumet lensboards. These 4x4 lensboards are easily obtained, they're large enough for most lenses, and they're smaller.

I have a Deardorff reduction lensboard from 8x10 to 4x4 Deardorff lensboards that fits in the C1 rather nicely. (At least on the C1 that I just sold.) The 4x4 Deardorff boards are reletively easy to make yourself.