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Mark Jakabcsin
3-Feb-2013, 08:57
Thanks in advance.

I am looking for a paper supplier that won't break my meager bank. The project is printing sales brochures for my new business. The brochures will be full color with many photographs and double sided. 8.5x11 and 11x17 paper.

I have an Epson 3880 printer.

I found a very nice 45lb semi-gloss from Red River paper but hoping to find something that fits my budget a little bit better.

If you have any suggestions for other paper suppliers I should check out please post or email me at: markj@choicemedind.com.

Also what are the dangers of using a paper a paper for a laser printer in my inkjet printer? I found an interesting paper at the paper mill store but it is not listed for inkjet printers. Could it damage my printer? I am thinking of purchasing a sample but would like feedback first.

Take care,

Mark J.

3-Feb-2013, 10:00
Freestyle's own "Arista II" Photograde papers are quite nice and reasonably priced. I prefer the "Lustre" surface, which uses "photo black" inks but is not a very glossy finish. It's very much like a "pearl" RC darkroom photo paper, if that helps. It's probably a bit less glossy than your semi-gloss, but at $10 for 20 sheets of 8.5x11 (same price for the glossy), you could certainly give it a try. You use your printer settings for standard Epson Premium Glossy or Luster papers.