View Full Version : Value estimate for a Toyo 8x10M - the older "white" model

2-Feb-2013, 20:36
I am looking at a Toyo 810M, in terrific shape. It is the much older model and is in very good condition. I would appreciate some idea of the current value. I've noted that the more modern models seem to trade in the 2000 to 2500 dollar range. How should this compare?



2-Feb-2013, 21:33
Doug, check eBay completed listings; it will give you a good idea of what people are shelling out for gear these days.

2-Feb-2013, 23:20
I already have and there are only two completed listings for the newer model of the Toyo and none for this model. I was hoping to get a feel what this older version would be valued at.

3-Feb-2013, 08:30
kr 10.990,52

3-Feb-2013, 16:02
i sold one on ebay 3yrs ago for $1800 it was in exc shape

Neal Chaves
3-Feb-2013, 18:18
I have an 810M in black in excellent condition that I would value at about $2000. Mine has a replacement "lifetime" Western bellows that cost me about $300 ten years ago. Not looking to sell mine.