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2-Feb-2013, 20:26
Hi everyone! I do have BTZS tube and develop 8x10 in it using Pyro max developer, and did like the result a lot!! Iam planning to develop my 11x14 in BTZS tube but is not available! Would someone tell me what size pipe do I need for my 11x14 please? I would appreciate your help.


Brian C. Miller
3-Feb-2013, 00:05
4-inch pipe for length-wise (11"), or 4-1/2 or larger for width-wise (14"). (diameter = circumference / 3.14)

I've been told that the BTZS tubes are made from welder's rod guards. Perhaps there is a rod guard in an appropriate size. Otherwise, you'll need to do something to allow the chemicals to reach the back side of the film. I understand that some people use nylon window screen between the film and the pipe.

3-Feb-2013, 03:00
Hmmm... That's interesting! Thank you for the help Brian

3-Feb-2013, 16:07

If you do make your own developing tubes, be sure to use an opaque tube. Schedule 80 PVC, or black ABS should be opaque enough not to cause fogging. From what I have read, schedule 40 PVC (the white tubing), can fog film as it a bit translucent. The difficult part will be, finding a light and leak proof end cap. One cap can be cemented in place with PVC or ABS cement, but you will need a cap that can be screwed on or an expanding plug type cap for loading film and pouring the film developing chemicals.

Try searching industrial plumbing supplier in your area for suitable working materials.

The 8x10 BTZS tubes are very similar to welding electrode rod holders, but I have only found them in an orange color. I already have 8x10 BTZS tubes, so I did not try the welding electrode rod holder, to see if it worked as well as the BTZS tubes. I don't think you will find welding electrode holding tube, that can fit an 11x14 piece of film.

Good luck,