View Full Version : Linhof groundglass for Technikardan 23

Stefaan VB
1-Feb-2013, 12:00
Does anyone knows if a new Linhof groundglass for the Technikardan 23 also fits in the back of a Super Technika 6x9? My old groundglass is severely damaged, so I am looking for an alternative.

Bob Salomon
1-Feb-2013, 13:29
Yes, it fits the Super Technika V 23 and 23b they are the identical size. Also fits the Technika 70 and Press 70.
But the old and new gg may not be the same thickness. If they are different you want a Linhof service technician to install it as they may need to make some adjustments to the back. If they are different thickness and the adjustments are not done correctly your images will be out of focus.

Stefaan VB
2-Feb-2013, 05:04
Thanks for the info, Bob. I will contact a local Linhof dealer to see what's possible.

3-Feb-2013, 08:49
Bob - as long as we're here, is the 679 back mounting plate (also used on the Techno) the same as any other Linhof, say the TK 23 or one of the older smaller Technikas?


Bob Salomon
3-Feb-2013, 09:27
No, it is unique to the Techno and M679 cameras. And the new exceptionally bright viewing screen is also only made for the 679 and Techno as well.

3-Feb-2013, 21:23
Thanks for the information. Great to have.