View Full Version : pros & cons of Chamonix 4x5 camera

31-Jan-2013, 11:34
is thinking about buying Chamonix 4x5 camera.
any unhappy/happy experience with Chamonix products?

31-Jan-2013, 11:45
There are many opinions about that camera on this site. Have you tried a google site search? Try reading a few of these. (https://www.google.com/#hl=en&tbo=d&sclient=psy-ab&q=site:largeformatphotography.info+chamonix&oq=site:largeformatphotography.info+chamonix&gs_l=serp.3...19419.19419.0.21860.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=c6e6b6f4a1d8d16a&biw=1153&bih=854) I love mine, it is a camera suited to carrying long distances. Good luck with your information search.