View Full Version : Hening 6x focusing loupe

31-Jan-2013, 10:22
I am looking for a focusing loupe and my eye fell on the Hening 6x focusing loupe.
Anyone uses this loupe on a fresnel or is 6x too much for a fresnel ?

Thanks !

Bob Salomon
31-Jan-2013, 12:02
6x is fine as long as you focus it on the grain of the gg and not on the Fresnel screen.

31-Mar-2013, 09:52
I have bought one some time ago, used it since and I find it a very useful tool for focussing

Tony Evans
31-Mar-2013, 09:58
My standard loupe (HZX 45IIA with Yanke Fresnel Screen) and works fine. Also variable focus helps my poor 3-diopter eyes. Recommend.

31-Mar-2013, 10:12
IMO, between 4 and 6x is pretty much the ideal range for groundglass focussing, but I had a Henning 6x loupe once and I didn't think it had enough "field of view" - i.e. didn't have a big enough hole in the business end - to make me happy. Some people like the longer loupes. like the Henning or Goersi, though, in which case there aren't many choices.

I currently use a Mamiya 4x loupe and Fuji 6x with the viewing area sized large enough for 35mm film, but these are about half the overall length of the Henning. You can't get way up in the corners of the GG with these either, but it sill allows you to see a much larger area of the GG when tweaking focus. YMMV.

If you want to spend $150, Silvestri makes a really nice 6x GG focusing loupe that tilts to allow you to get into the corners. I've not found the need to do that so much I want to spend that kind of money for a loupe.